34646445.jpgWoman Thought Lohan Was A Piggy Bank Carjacker: Tracie Rice, who was in the car that Lindsay Lohan chased like a crazy person in July is, of course, suing the embattled actress, saying the incident cost her $7,000 in therapy bills and her $60,000 a year job. What’s the matter, Tracie? Couldn’t find a tabloid to buy your story?

34614592-08161823.jpgNew Look Is No Joke: We kinda like the new look of the Web site’s Entertainment home page. Still hard to find updated stories that we want to read, though. Would it kill ‘em to add time stamps?

bigwadofcash.jpegNBC May Lose $10 Million Over Golden Globes Mess: Quoting the Wall Street Journal, the LAT blog says the financial loss of a scaled-back telecast “could top $10 million.” We’re guessing this gives writers very little comfort.