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Calling It | Flushing The Art | Nice Book

FishbowlDC: Tucker Carlson calls PoliticoThe rich kids camp in Meatballs” and says the Daily Caller will “crush them in the hot dog eating contest.” Now — no matter what you’ve done recently — didn’t reading that make you feel mature?

UnBeige: The best thing about the Morgan Library & Museum? The toilets, of course.

AppNewser: Yes, Breaking Bad has an interactive eBook. No, it doesn’t teach you how to make meth.

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This Is What Tucker Carlson Does For Fun in Manhattan

Some of us enjoy the museums and cafés and theater. Others? The clubs and endless late-night options. Tucker Carlson? He fly-fishes.

The Daily Caller founder and new “Fox & Friends” co-host was caught casting his line in a Central Park pond on a recent afternoon. “Joey Boots,” a citizen journalist and self-described “media terrorist,” got the right-wing media entrepreneur in his viewfinder and began asking him about his strange, albeit legal (as Carlson informs us), hobby.

The well-spoken, side-parted Carlson contrasts sharply with Boots, who has a thick Long Island accent. But the two have a friendly exchange, talk cable TV news, then part ways.

It’s only later that the bespectacled cameraman realizes to whom he was talking, which makes it hilarious that Boots touts CNN and Current TV as his cable channels of choice.

Watch the full video after the jump:

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Matt Blank, Dennis Basso and the Story Behind Meghan McCain’s Latest TV Project


Last week,  it was all about authors and agents, and today it was television titans’ turn in the rotating cast of characters that is Wednesdays at Michael’s. Tonight when Liz Smith hosts her annual kick-off for her Literacy Partners’ initiative, the joint will be jumping with social types like Diane von Furstenberg (who, we hear, recently broke her shoulder skiing and is, no doubt, sporting a fashionable sling) and her Vespa loving hubby Barry Diller, Cynthia McFadden, Cornelia Guest, Calvin TrillinNan Talese and Gay Talese. We won’t be there to trade air kisses with the glitterati, because we’ll be chatting up our favorite Bravolebrities at their upfront party across town (Giggy, that means you!).

Today I was joined by Evan Shapiro, president of pivot (yes, with a lower case ‘p’) the new cable network targeting the all-important millennial audience  launched by Participant Media, the production company responsible for an impressive slate of projects, including An Inconvenient Truth, The Help and Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln. Participant chairman and founder Jeff Skoll and CEO Jim Berk tapped Evan to spearhead the company’s expansion into television in May of last year. Prior to that, he had served as president of IFC and Sundance Channel where we was responsible for award-winning program, like the buzzed about Portlandia.

I could barely keep up with Evan, whose passion for his latest gig was evident from the moment he sat down. The incredibly youthful 45-year-old father of two teenage girls told me running pivot is his “dream job,” because he’s doing more than creating what he considers groundbreaking television. “Ten years ago I would have said my dream job would have been at NBC or CBS.  Today, it’s this job because we’re doing something that’s going to have an impact on the world.” Evan dismisses the notion of millennials as spoiled and entitled and instead compares them to ‘the greatest generation’ saying, “Like ‘the greatest generation,’ they have been handed a series of events not of their own making, and, post 9/11 and the Great Recession, they have a real sense of their place in the world and want to make a difference.”

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James Rainey, Brian Stelter Get the Bill O’Reilly Treatment

The Daily Caller‘s Tucker Carlson went on The O’Reilly Factor to talk about his latest “investigative” scoop. That would be his story on how various left-leaning columnists across America receive and report, without attribution, “propaganda” directly from the liberal media criticism site Media Matters. Among those with a propaganda inbox are LA Times media critic James Rainey and New York Times media writer Brian Stelter. Interestingly, Carlson’s story doesn’t cite a single example of either writer using Media Matters content. Instead, Carlson’s anonymous “insider” sources tell him they do.

Quite the scoop.

We reached out to Rainey to ask about his Media Matters-propaganda-using-ways, but haven’t heard back yet.

Did Someone Pay for the Leaked Sarah Palin Twitter Story?

A big story broke on the Daily Caller today with a series of leaked Twitter direct messages from top Sarah Palin aide Rebecca Mansour mocking major political figures like Mitt Romney and even Palin’s own daughter Bristol Palin. Mansour sent private messages calling Romney’s fans “wacky as hell,” and said conservative blogger Erick Erickson of Red State was “a total douchebag.” She also said about Bristol: “She will hold her at arm’s length. Even Thatcher was never able to disown her screw up son Mark. It’s a Mom thing,”

But an intriguing part to this story is how the direct messages were leaked in the first place. Politico’s Ben Smith wrote that he has been waiting for this story to break for a few months, as somebody tried to sell him the same emails last fall.  “Does Politico pay for exclusives?  Cause I’m looking to sell. I have 122 direct messages from Sarah Palin staffer Rebecca Mansour,” the person “Toki de la Vega” emailed.

When Smith responded with a counter-offer of “lunch and ‘undying gratitude,’” he received this response:

“Sorry, Ben, but it’s going to take more than a happy meal and a hand shake to get me to betray someone’s confidence. Only freshly printed 100 dollar bills help me get over feelings of guilt,” wrote the emailer, who continued, “Would it violate some fake journalistic ethics and standards to get me in contact someone who does pay? I know that the thought of blogging about this is making your panties wet. The topics range from Chuck Hagel to Ricky Hollywood and everything else in between. It’s a f***ing blogger’s gold mine.”

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Tucker Explains It All | A Perfect Match | A More Perfect Match

  • TVNewser: In the latest Media Beat, Tucker Carlson says he never cheers for anyone to get fired, only executed. Wait! That’s if you’re Michael Vick – otherwise you’re good.
  • GalleyCat: Tom Cruise might star in an adaptation of the novel At The Mountains of Madness. We have nothing further to add.
  • SportsNewser: Snooki is going to be on next Monday night’s WWE Raw show. This actually makes perfect sense.

Nightmare | Art Show | Tune In If You Can

The Foiled Attack on Danish Newspapers

American blowhards want to see Julian Assange assassinated. Tucker Carlson wants to see Michael Vick executed. All denounce terrorism. They condemn “extremists” and jihadists, but like to use the same rhetoric as the terrorists.

Case in point for the NYT:

The police in Sweden and Denmark arrested five men on Wednesday suspected of plotting an “imminent” attack against at least one Danish newspaper that published cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in 2005, according to security officials in those countries.

We asked newspaper cartoonist Rob Tornoe what he thinks of a plot to blowup a newspaper for publishing something offensive. “It’s sad that we continue to live in a world where freedom of expression itself can be such a dangerous thing, ” Tornoe tells FBLA. “I think reasonable people could argue about the judgment and motifs of the Danish artists who decided to draw the prophet Muhammad back in 2005 for Jyllands-Posten. However, people who are willing to assassinate cartoonists or blow up newspapers for expressing their views seems to validate the criticisms in the first place.”

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Tucker Carlson Needs Some Press: Goes After Michael Vick

Alright, all of us like dogs. They’re great. And Michael Vick deserved to go to jail: which he did. But execution? Really, Tucker Carlson? We know you like animals, but this stinks of desperation and attention-seeking hyperbole.

Mediabistro Blogger Ties for Worst Person in the World

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Our sister site FishbowlDC’s editor Betsy Rothstein tied with Tucker Carlson for Countdown’s Worst Person in the World on Friday over the publishing of David Weigel‘s “private” emails. The result was the resignation of Weigel from WaPo, which is ridiculous. Contempt is hardly a firing offense. It should be a requirement.