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Boston Phoenix: The 100 Unsexiest Men of 2010


The Boston Phoenix out did themselves this year. They nailed the top ten. Curiously, Jon Gosselin and Tucker Max have been moved to the mid-50′s, which seems wrong. But they did have some pretty stiff competition.

Whole list is here.

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Tucker Max: America’s Douche

Tucker Max‘s much anticipated (cough) movie is coming out this week.

First off, as we have suggested in the past – Tucker Max was your former FBLA editor, Mayrav Saar‘s drag king name for many many years. And this tool bag blogger totally ripped her off. Her new one? Blazen Wand. Shh. Don’t tell her we dished.

Anyway, LAist gave the movie I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell a pretty stellar review. Of course Max sued their sister blog Bostonist for libel. We emailed the editor for comment. We’re waiting to hear back.

The picture above, taken and sent to us by Evan Meyer on 3rd Street in LA, is of an anti-Tucker Max – we mean anti-rape product known as Rape-aXe. It’s a little like the reported Va Fan Culo in New York. But it’s LA, so the campaign is not just denouncing something – it’s advertising something else.

We did watch the two-minute trailer and it brings to mind the quote from Keith Olbermann minutes after Sarah Palin was unleashed onto the world,”People who like this type of thing are going to find that this is the type of thing they like.”

Also check out our sister blog AgencySpy for the ads for the movie that were too harsh to make the cut.

Previously on FBLA:

  • The Tucker Max Movie Script

  • Tucker Max On The Set

    Gawker has a funny exclusive about Tucker Max, the blogger turned author turned screenwriter (who as we have mentioned before stole Mayrav’s drag king name). The tipsters are from the crew of the movie based on his book,”I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell.”

  • “Tucker truly is an asshole. i have been in the movie business for many years and worked with a lot of super-assholes, and aside from a few (fuck Scott Rudin) Tuckers the worst.” Why? Our tipster says Tucker is lazy, appearing on the set only about half the time. Which, he clarifies, is not unusual for producers, except Tucker is “not really a producer he’s just a

  • “Tucker baby talks his dog. not kidding at all, he uses a baby talk voice when talking to it even in front of other people. wtf?”
  • Although Tucker would be expected to hit on all the women on set, per his books, he is in fact “standoffish” towards them most of time, supposedly.
  • Of course he baby talks his dog. The dog didn’t read his book. Path of least resistance.

    The Tucker Max Movie Script

    Max_Tucker_07.jpg Top douche bag blogger Tucker Max (who totally ripped off Mayrav’s drag king name) script for the movie based on his book is making the rounds on the internet. We have not read the who thing. We did read a couple of pages on Gawker just now…

    We don’t know what all the fuss it about. Everyone is saying how horrible is it. Uhm – ever seen Californication? It’s like that if David Duchovny was replaced by the flesh eating virus.

    Bloggers Won’t Have Any ‘Beer in Hell’ Script

    A film blogging site launched earlier this year at the end of the writers’ strike is now up against it with the studios, the guilds and even the bloggers. To wit:

    “Hollywood Script Editors Film blog erupts a storm of controversy over
    Tucker Max‘s new movie ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’ staring Jesse
    The anonymous script reader, whose blog is hosted with blog community, was handed the script for the $6M movie
    outside of her role as a professional script reader. The blog has hit
    a sore spot for Tucker lovers, Tucker haters and some of the crew who
    have chimed in on what is really going on during the shooting of this
    movie (with over 100 comments since it was published a few days ago).
    Here is what started the heated debate over the state of Hollywood and
    the movies it produces:
    “A friend at an agency slipped me a copy of the script for the
    currently-in-production Tucker Max movie, ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in
    Hell’, written by Tucker Max and some dude named Nils Parker. I am
    very excited to talk about this script, especially since I didn’t read
    it for my job so I feel I can get into a bit more detail than usual.
    My primary goal won’t be to expose how sexist or otherwise offensive
    the script is because that’s obvious and easy and not the most
    interesting thing to talk about here. Here’s what is: Holy crap, it’s
    terrible. I’m talking God-awful. Even with the offensive factor set
    aside, it’s in my top 10 worst comedy scripts ever read (out of
    probably over a thousand).

    From: Richard Janes
    Date: Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 10:58 PM
    Subject: Script Editors blog erupts a storm of controversy over Tucker
    Max’s new movie…

    Click here to read more…

    Read more