Vice Magazine, also known as the Hipster Bible (we know because a hipster told us so) is now in bed with, uhm,

Tyler Gray at Fast Company reports:

The Furs are featured in the segment “Indie Asia: On tour with Handsome Furs.” Right now, the VBS.TV on microsite is offering “The Vice Guide to Liberia.” The new “VBS.TV on” will hold a prominent spot on CNN’s newly redesigned site and will show up on the CNN app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A new report airs each Wednesday.

The best quote of the piece goes to senior vice president of KC Estenson:

“I think of it through the lens of authenticity,” Estenson said. “CNN’s roots are in rebellion. Doing 24-hour news is rebellion.”

Uh, nope. It’s not. We just looked it up and…nope.

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