“I don’t take pictures of my genitals and send them to teenagers. I like to fight the media. That’s my fetish.” That’s the dick joke Andrew Breitbart, still high on Weinergate, told a room full of Republican Jews on Sunday night.

Well, not exactly full. Breitbart was the last on a list of speakers at the annual summer event hosted by the L.A. chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and by the time the conservative blogger took the microphone, the crowd had thinned.

Breitbart was happy to take credit for the absence of the media. “I see the press left. They’re afraid of me.”

In truth, most of the press had left following Newt Gingrich‘s speech an hour earlier. But the few that remained got an off the cuff lecture from Breitbart’s school of media manipulation. The conservative blogger compared “neutrality and objectivity” in mainstream journalism with “the moral relativism that they teach in the humanities departments. You cannot be objective when it comes to right and wrong.” Israel, he made sure to add, “is in the right.”

Breitbart also spoke about his goal of creating a “Big Jerusalem” website, an idea he first floated in 2009. “I’m willing to live half of my year in Israel to draw attention to the fact that if Israel goes, so will America. I want to create this Big Jerusalem, and I’m going to need your help. This is citizen journalism. I don’t have J-school types working for me.”

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