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LA Times Announces Hero Complex Film Festival Schedule

The LA Times’ Hero Complex Film Festival just announced the schedule for its third annual iteration at the Downtown Regal Cinemas at L.A. LIVE. The festivities kick off May 18 with a screening of Dawn of the Dead. Director Zack Snyder will be there for a zombietastic night with Walking Dead writer/creator Robert Kirkman.

The festival will close May 21 with a night with comic book legend Stan Lee. Other highlights include a screening of A Clockwork Orange followed by a discussion with Malcolm McDowell. There will also be Robocop.

Full schedule after the jump.

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With or Without Superman, Vancouver Flying High

We’ve written before about how Los Angeles is now essentially a TV production town and no longer a studio movie making metropolis. This is certainly borne out by a report today in the Vancouver Sun, a newspaper of record in the nearest runaway production hub.

British Columbia Film Commission staffer Susan Croome has just in fact returned from a business trip to LA. Though she can’t confirm reports that Zack Snyder‘s reboot of Superman will be shot there in 2011, like the filmmaker’s previous films Watchmen and Sucker Punch, it doesn’t really seem to matter.

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Watchmen Dispute: Alan Moore’s Work is Jinxed

175px-Watchmencharacters.jpgWatchmen was the only thing anyone was talking about at Comic Con this year. Kevin Smith told the director of the film Zack Snyder at a standing room only panel,”The whole reason we ever had a Comic Con was that someone would make a Watchmen movie. I feel like after I see it I can die!”

It’s due to be released in March (3/6/09 to be exact…snort). Now, 20th Century Fox says it owns the rights but Warner Bros is the one making the film. A federal judge Gary A. Feess ruled that Fox may have a case. Let the litigation begin.

As we reported from Comic Con, writer Alan Moore has taken his name off Watchmen project. He’s had a series of bad experiences in Hollywood with his other graphic novels being made into lukewarm films (i.e. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V for Vendetta). Now he’ll have another seedy dark tale of epic proportions. Ahem.

Now the NYTimes reports:

According to Fox’s lawsuit, however, Warner, in acquiring rights through the producer Lawrence Gordon, failed to acquire certain rights already owned by Fox, including the right to distribute any picture made by Mr. Gordon’s company.

The case, originally filed in February, echoes an earlier court fight that was resolved in 2005 when Warner agreed to pay the producer Robert B. Clark at least $17.5 million to settle claims that it had infringed his rights by making the “The Dukes of Hazzard” film with Johnny Knoxville.

The settlement came after Judge Feess, who presided in that case as well, issued a preliminary injunction that would have blocked the film’s release.

Not to negate the nail-biter that surely was the Dukes of Hazzard release but if Watchmen is delayed…expect a riot. A nerd riot. A sweaty swarm of nerds billowing toward you…like Comic Con with an attention span.

The Visionary Filmmakers’ Panel

comiccon01.gif We were able to get into Entertainment Weekly‘s panel featuring Kevin Smith, Judd Apatow, Zack Snyder and Frank Miller. We noted that all four directors were wearing black shirts…we think anyway…we were very far away.

When asked how he made comedies, Apatow responded,”It’s not always about getting laughs. Sometimes it’s like how much penis you can show and not clear out a room.”

To this Smith nodded thoughtfully.

Smith was the one to really dominate the panel. Answering some of this critics he said,”[They say] his stuff is all masterbatory, he only does it for himself. Well, fuck yeah!” The crowd applauded. Smith continued,”Or it’s like ‘He’s catering to the fan base.’ Why not? They’re the ones that go see the movies.” More applause.

Then all four panelists admitted to checking their google alerts. Except for Miller, who let Smith riff and stayed taciturn.

Then to Snyder, Smith said,”The whole reason we ever had a Comic Con was that someone would make a Watchmen movie. I feel like after I see that I can die!” Which drew more huge applause.

Either riffing or pandering Smith continued to draw applause from the nerd herd. “Geek culture is here to stay.” He declared.

The Watchmen Panel

comiccon01.gif We had former LA Weekly employee Tim Heiderich taking notes for us at the panel because it was impossible otherwise to get in. It has to be said that the panel started at five minutes until noon. Just like the Doomsday Clock. Even the release date 3/6/09 are the numbers on a clock face. Cool huh? So cool, there were fans that had been in line for this panel for two days. They had gotten there Wednesday. Watchmen_poster.jpg

Director Zack Snyder (300) was there. He explained that the movie stayed true to the original vision of the creator. “The comic book is the film’s bible.” He also offered,”Comic books are already story boards and a script.”

Alan Moore, the writer of the original series has kept his name off and wants no part of the movie. After Moore’s experience with his work V for Vendetta and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen being made into lukewarm films, he’s now put off by Hollywood.

In fact, the movie credits are most likely to read “based on a comic illistrated by Dave Gibbons“. Snyder said,”I wish Alan could experience the same joy and excitement [as we have] about the film.”

Nerdy tidbits:

  • Judo Master was a character that was cut from the comic books and in the film there is a martial arts studio called “Judo Master”.
  • According to fans of the series the trailer that was shown at the panel – longer and more gory than the one released on the internet – the trailer was all “iconic scenes” and “profoundly faithful”.
  • Nixon was in the trailer.
  • Twins, dressed identically (not in costume) asked a two part question. It was,”Was there anything omitted in the film and was there anything added. Snyder replied,”Yes and yes.”
  • In The Trades: Playas, Games, Stars


    ABC believes in the power of celebrity and cash to do good, having signed Ice Cube for Good in the Hood, a reality pilot, in which a reformed gang member, drug dealer or robber agrees to help someone in similar circumstances (a relative, friend or even a stranger) turn their lives around. Expect some not-quite-reformed folks to slip through casting.

    ESPN will broadcast the USA Rock Paper Scissors League championship. Cuz it’s a sport, not a game.

    CBS plans a summer of love for children, with Why Listen, an hourlong special in which six well-known entertainers visit disadvantaged children in China, India, Africa and other locales. However, the kids won’t be coming home with any stars. There’s also a 2 hour awareness and funds raiser, the Listen Charity Campaign.


    The success of 300 heartens those who’d make a movie from Who Watches the Watchmen, a 1986 miniseries based on a graphic novel. Zack Snyder has been developing the film, and a test image was snuck into a DVD trailer for 300.

    Marti Noxon has been promoted to Executive Producer at Grey’s Anatomy.

    ABC is supposed to be thisclose to picking up a new sitcom from Darren Star. Literary Superstar gives us Jenna Elfman as a book publicist who works tirelessly for her authors. Hi-jinks ensue.