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  Silvia Donati
Professional/Personal Overview
  I am an Italian journalist dividing my time between Bologna, Italy and Los Angeles, USA. When I am in Bologna, I write about Italy travel, food, culture and lifestyle for British and American publications. In Los Angeles, I write about the entertainment industry for Italian publications. I also have a website about my hometown of Bologna and the surrounding region of Emilia-Romagna, www.bolognauncovered.com.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 2 Years
Photographer 1 Year
Reporter 3 Years
Entertainment 1 Year
Travel 2 Years
Current news 3 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
3 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Kika Press (11+), Italy Magazine (6-10), Bellabologna (3-5), Forbes Travel Guide (3-5), L'Italo-Americano (1-2), Menu Magazine (1-2), Mete d'Italia e del Mondo (1-2), Nerve.com (1-2)
Other Work History
I covered the 2012-2013 Hollywood awards season in Los Angeles for an Italian press agency, Kika Press & Media. I attended press junkets for upcoming movies and tv shows and wrote about them for Italian newspapers (Il Secolo XIX, Il Mattino, Il Messaggero) and for Kika’s website. I also wrote entertainment news daily and select accompanying photos for the agency’s website. I covered the Golden Globes live for ANSA.
I have previously worked for a Los Angeles-based wire service, City News Service, covering news in the Los Angeles area. I was responsible for writing the Weekly Budget, a calendar listing all major news events scheduled to take place in the Los Angeles area each upcoming week. I also wrote local hard news and feature stories.
I have written for Italian magazines and newspapers and for British and American websites, including Italy Magazine, L'Italo-Americano and Forbes Travel Guide, on a range of topics, from travel and cuisine to human-interest stories and current news.
Technical Skills
Adobe Photoshop; Wordpress.
SLR digital camera (Nikon D3100) with Nikon ViewNX2 photo editing program, digital audio recorder (Philips), laptop (PC). Photoshop CS5. Windows MovieMaker.
Foreign Language Skills
Italian mother tongue.
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Work Permits & Visas
Journalist visa for USA. Can work anywhere within the European Union.
Society of Professional Journalists
Mediabistro's AvantGuild member
Bachelor's Degree from the University of Bologna, Italy, in Foreign Languages and Literatures.
Certificate Program in Print and Broadcast Journalism, UCLA Extension.
Some creative writing classes.
Certificate Program in Digital Journalism (mediabistro).
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Italy Magazine, 8/16/2013)
A feature on the Gelato Museum Carpigiani, the first-ever museum dedicated to the history, culture and technology of gelato, located in Anzola dell'Emilia, near Bologna.
(Italy Magazine, 8/2/2013)
A festival dedicated to the music and culture of 1950s America, taking place on Italy's Adriatic coast.
(Italy Magazine, 7/12/2013)
Italian cinema has produced a number of amazing actresses known both for their beauty and acting talent. The article features a top ten of the Italian Divas who have represented Italian talent around the world.
(L'Italo-Americano, 7/4/2013)
A round-up of Bologna's top dishes with some fun anecdotes: tortellini, mortadella, tagliatelle and ragu'. Where you can taste and buy them in Bologna.
(Italy Magazine, 6/6/2013)
The new partnership between the worldwide king of the fast food chains, McDonald's, and the famous Italian pasta brand Barilla: McDonald's restaurants in Italy will start serving pasta salads using Barilla products.
(Italy Magazine, 6/3/2013)
The all-Italian mouse puppet who came to international prominence in the 1960s and is still famous all over the world will be the subject of a movie. His story, and words from his creator.
(L'Italo-Americano, 5/23/2013)
An article about the first-ever "Gelato Olympics", which began in Rome in May and will touch eight cities around the world until the Rimini finals in the fall of 2014. The article also talks about the Gelato University and artisan gelato's qualities.
(Italy Magazine, 5/21/2013)
A story exploring the typical food products of Bologna: tortellini, mortadella, tagliatelle and ragu', while wandering the streets of the old medieval market with suggestions on where to savor them.
(Italy Magazine, 5/20/2013)
An article about the history and craftsmanship of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, one year after the earthquakes that damaged large quantities of its production. Tips on how to best savor it.
(Italy Magazine, 5/17/2013)
A story about the Torre Prendiparte in Bologna, a medieval tower now used as a bed & breakfast. Interview with the owner who used to live in the tower.
(Italy Magazine , 3/20/2013)
A story about an Italian artist who performs a unique form of Land Art: he uses a tractor to portray faces and images related to current world events on a large agricultural field near Verona. This time he drew a flying dove after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
(Italy Magazine, 10/15/2012)
A report on a study that revealed that one third of Italians live at home and two real-life examples of why this is the case.
(Italy Magazine, 9/12/2012)
A report from the Sherbeth Festival, an international festival about artisan gelato, held annually in Cefalu', Sicily.
(Italy Magazine, 8/20/2012)
An article about the "Gelato University" located near Bologna, where students from all over the world learn how to make artisan gelato and how to start a gelato business. Plus, the difference between gelato and ice-cream, and all the good qualities of gelato!
(Forbes Travel Guide, 8/20/2012)
General overview and specific destination questions (what to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, etc.) for Sicily.
(Forbes Travel Guide, 8/17/2012)
General overview and specific destination questions (what to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, etc.) for Milan.
(Forbes Travel Guide, 7/20/2012)
General overview and specific destination questions (what to see and do, where to stay, where to eat, etc.) for the Italian Riviera.
(Nerve.com, 7/9/2012)
Second installment with three interviews for the Talking to Strangers section of the online magazine Nerve. I have interviewed people who live in Bologna about their stories on dating and relationships. The photographs are also mine.
(Nerve.com, 7/2/2012)
First installment with three interviews for the Talking to Strangers section of the online magazine Nerve. I have interviewed people who live in Bologna about their stories on dating and relationships. The photographs are also mine.
This is a website I created. It is about Bologna, my native town, and the surrounding Emilia-Romagna region. It covers travel, food, history, culture and lifestyle.
(University of California Education Abroad Program Newsletter)
A story about how University of California students studying in Bologna and local residents experienced the night of the 2008 U.S. presidential elections in Bologna, Italy.
(City News Service)
Examples of news stories written while working for the Los Angeles-based wire service I worked for in 2007-2008.
(City News Service)
Collection of stories related to the world of Hollywood entertainment written for the Los Angeles-based wire service I worked for in 2007-2008.
(La Gente)
A story on the femicides in Ciudad Juarez, written for a UCLA magazine while in journalism school.
(Leiweb.it, 7/25/2013)
Intervista a Bryan Cranston sul set di Breaking Bad ad Albuquerque, New Mexico, in occasione degli ultimi episodi della serie culto.
(Leiweb.it, 7/18/2013)
Intervista a Emma Stone. Interview with Emma Stone.
(Leiweb.it, 7/4/2013)
Intervista a Paul Rudd e Leslie Mann per la commedia Questi sono i 40 (This is 40), diretta da Judd Apatow.
(Best Movie, 4/1/2013)
Interview with Al Pacino for his movie Stand Up Guys. He talks about friendship, loyalty and why he's not retiring.
(kikapress.com, 3/25/2013)
Articolo su Questi sono i 40, l'ultimo film del regista e produttore Judd Apatow, condiderato il nuovo re della commedia americana. Il film affronta in chiave comica temi quali il matrimonio, la famiglia e il passare degli anni.
(kikapress.com, 3/21/2013)
Intervista ad Al Pacino in occasione del suo ultimo film, Stand Up Guys. Interview with Al Pacino for his latest movie, Stand Up Guys.
(kikapress.com, 3/19/2013)
Intervista a Benedict Cumberbatch per Star Trek - Into Darkness. Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch for Star Trek - Into Darkness.
(kikapress.com, 3/11/2013)
Intervista a Jeremy Irons. Interview with Jeremy Irons.
(kikapress.com, 3/5/2013)
Articolo sulla serie tv Breaking Bad con battute degli attori intervistati ad Albuquerque in occasione della presentazione dell'ultima stagione. An article about the Breaking Bad tv series with quotes from the cast interviewed during the presentation in Albuquerque of the last season.
(Il Secolo XIX, 2/28/2013)
Interview with Jennifer Lawrence after winning the Oscar for best actress. Intervista a Jennifer Lawrence dopo la vittoria agli Oscar 2013.
(kikapress.com, 2/22/2013)
Le feste piu' celebri della notte piu' importante a Hollywood.
(ANSA pubblicato su Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno, 2/22/2013)
In attesa degli Oscar, uno sguardo ai film candidati e ai temi che affrontano.
(kikapress.com, 2/21/2013)
Chi e' Seth MacFarlane, il conduttore della cerimonia degli Oscar 2013.
(kikapress.com, 2/21/2013)
Rassegna dei film candidati agli Oscar 2013 in attesa della cerimonia.
(kikapress.com, 2/19/2013)
Intervista a Josh Brolin in occasione dell'uscita del suo ultimo film, Gangster Squad. L'attore parla di come si e' relazionato al suo personaggio, del lavoro sul set con altri attori famosi, della fama raggiunta dopo molti anni di gavetta.
(kikapress.com, 2/18/2013)
Intervista a Emma Stone in occasione dell'uscita del suo ultimo film, Gangster Squad. L'attrice parla di anni '40, ruoli femminili, Hollywood, moda e tempo libero.
(kikapress.com, 2/13/2013)
Panoramica della quinta stagione della serie tv 90210 con nuovi personaggi e famose guest star.
(kikapress.com, 2/12/2013)
Un articolo sulla sitcom New Girl che riscuote grande successo negli Stati Uniti.
(kikapress.com, 2/7/2013)
Articolo sul film Operazione Zero Dark Thirty, ricostruzione della caccia condotta da un gruppo di agenti della CIA contro Osama bin Laden, diretto da Kathryn Bigelow e candidato agli Oscar 2013.
(kikapress.com, 1/28/2013)
Intervista a Arnold Schwarzenegger in occasione dell'uscita del suo ultimo film, The Last Stand. Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger for his latest movie, The Last Stand.
(Il Mattino, 1/27/2013)
I progetti professionali di Al Pacino e battute dall'intervista all'attore in occasione dell'uscita di Stand Up Guys.
(kikapress.com, 1/24/2013)
Breve notizia sull'annuncio del rinnovo per la terza stagione della serie tv di grande successo Girls, trasmessa da HBO.
(Il Secolo XIX, 1/24/2013)
Intervista a Arnold Schwarzenegger in occasione del suo ritorno al cinema con The Last Stand dopo gli anni in politica come governatore della California.
(kikapress.com, 1/18/2013)
Breve articolo sul discorso di apertura dell'attore Robert Redford al festival di cinema indipendente da lui fondato, il Sundance Festival.
(Secolo XIX, 1/17/2013)
Intervista esclusiva one-on-one a Leonardo DiCaprio per il film Django Unchained.
(ANSA pubblicato su Secolo XIX, 1/16/2013)
Articolo basato sull'intervista esclusiva a Leonardo DiCaprio per il film Django Unchained.
(kikapress.com, 1/8/2013)
Articolo sul film Gangster Squad, con protagonisti Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling ed Emma Stone.
(kikapress.com, 12/18/2012)
Angelina Jolie in trattativa con Universal Pictures per dirigere Unbroken, film ambientato durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale.
(ANSA pubblicato su Huffington Post, 12/15/2012)
Come la critica straniera ha recensito Django Unchained, l'ultimo di film di Quentin Tarantino.
(kikapress.com, 12/3/2012)
Intervista a People, Brad Pitt parla di famiglia, lavoro, eta' che avanza.
(Il Secolo XIX, 10/5/2012)
Interview to director Tim Burton for his new movie Frankenweenie - where he got his inspiration, what it was like growing up in Burbank, his fondness for monsters.
(Il Mattino, 10/3/2012)
Article about director Tim Burton's new movie Frankenweenie with quotes from his interview.
(Il Secolo XIX, 9/21/2012)
An article about the movie The Campaign, with quotes from actors and director from the movie press conference in Los Angeles.
(Il Messaggero, 9/20/2012)
Interview to Jeremy Irons about his latest movie, The Words, his career, and what makes him happy.
(Il Messaggero online, 9/14/2012)
An article about the anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly and the movie about her starring Nicole Kidman which starts filming in September.
(kikapress.com, 2/13/2013)
Grande caccia all'uomo nella contea di Los Angeles, l'ex-poliziotto Chris Dorner, e l'uomo che per giorni e' stato braccato dalla polizia per alcuni e' diventato un eroe.
(kikapress.com, 2/4/2013)
Notizia di aggiornamento sulle condizioni di salute di Malala Yousafzai, la quindicenne pakistana aggredita e gravemente ferita dai talebani a causa del suo attivismo per il diritto allo studio delle donne.
(kikapress.com, 1/22/2013)
Notizia sulla cerimonia d'insediamento del presidente Barack Obama per il suo secondo mandato.
(Vero, 7/19/2012)
An article about the "Gelato University" located near Bologna where students from all over the world learn how to make artisanal ice-cream and how to start a gelato business. The article also features some of the students' stories. The photographs are mine.
(Nuovo, 5/10/2012)
A light-hearted story about the differences between Italian men and American men; interviews to five American women who live in Italy and are married or in a relationship with an Italian man.
(Mete d'Italia e del Mondo, 3/1/2012)
An article about a restaurant in Ferrara that uses only the top ingredients of the region, from Parmesan cheese to mortadella and prosciutto, everything is produced in the region of Emilia-Romagna.
(Menu Magazine, 1/1/2012)
An article about Japanese cuisine.
This story is about the killings of women taking place in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, the impunity surrounding them and the reality of the U.S.-Mexico border.
Henry Winkler, famous for his role in the TV series Happy Days, presents his latest book from the Hank Zipzer series and talks about dyslexia at the UCLA Festival of Books.
Contact Info
  Silvia Donati

E-Mail: pulitzer77@gmail.com
Website: http://http://www.mediabistro.com/SilviaDonati