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  Clay Williams
Professional/Personal Overview
  I photograph food, in context.

Long before a meal has made it to the table, it's been in the kitchen, in a market, a butcher shop, a farm. It's been cured or braised or sauteed or roasted. With my photography, I try to document the parts of the process that a diner doesn't get to see.

In the several years since I began shooting professionally, my photos of restaurants and kitchens and markets and butchers and farmers have appeared in Edible Brooklyn, Travel + Leisure and the New York Times, among other print and digital publications.
Work Info
Photographer 8 Years
Writer 10 Years
Social Media 7 Years
Travel 4 Years
Entertainment 6 Years
Food 9 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
10 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Edible Brooklyn/Manhattan (11+), Gothamist (11+), Zagat (11+), Serious Eats (6-10), Midtown Lunch (6-10), Edible Jersey (3-5), Travel + Leisure (3-5), Wine Spectator (1-2), New York Times (1-2), Everyday with Rachel Ray (1-2), Bon Appetit (1-2), MacLean's (1-2), Food Republic (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Delaney Barbecue (11+), James Beard Foundation (11+), ScoutMob (11+), Digital Dumbo (6-10), Brooklyn Academy of Music (3-5), Brooklyn Bowl (3-5), LinkedIn (3-5), FareTrade (3-5), First Press PR (3-5), Google+ Local (3-5), StarChefs (3-5), Street Vendor Project - Vendy Awards (3-5), New York Tech Meetup (1-2), Cookbook Create (1-2), Brooklyn Botanic Gardens (1-2)
Computer Skills
Photo Mechanic, Mac OS X, Aperture,
Macbook Pro, Canon 5D Mark II, EF 24-70 f/2.8, EF 50mm f/1.2, EF 100mm Macro f/2.8, Speedlite 580EX II
Foreign Language Skills
Moderate Spanish
Work Permits & Visas
US Citizen
Available upon request.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere.
Work Samples
(New York Times, 11/6/2014)
Photographed food truck in Mill Basin, Brooklyn for the Hungry City column for the New York Times.
Published Photos  
(Zagat, 2/7/2014)
(Edible Manhattan, 2/7/2014)
Photographed students from a Harlem grade school being taught about local and sustainable food at Sweetgreens salad bar.
(Zagat, 2/7/2014)
A first look at The River Cafe after it reopened post-Sandy.
(Serious Eats, 2/6/2014)
Documenting the action in the kitchen at Cafe China, a new Shanghai-style restaurant in Tribeca.
(Zagat, 1/16/2014)
(Zagat, 1/14/2014)
(Food Republic, 1/13/2014)
(Serious Eats, 1/13/2014)
(Food Republic, 1/8/2014)
(Edible Brooklyn, 12/27/2013)
(Edible Brooklyn, 12/23/2013)
(Serious Eats, 12/23/2013)
(Zagat, 12/13/2013)
(New York Daily News, 12/11/2013)
(Food Republic, 12/11/2013)
(Edible Brooklyn, 11/25/2013)
Photos of John & Anthony Belliveau-Flores of Rowan Imports.
(Zagat, 11/19/2013)
(Serious Eats, 11/18/2013)
(MacLean's, 10/31/2013)
(Zagat, 10/30/2013)
(Serious Eats, 10/23/2013)
(Zagat, 10/22/2013)
Round up of burgers around New York City.
(Edible Jersey, 10/1/2013)
(Serious Eats, 9/27/2013)
(Serious Eats, 9/9/2013)
(New York Daily News, 9/8/2013)
(Everyday with Rachel Ray, 9/2/2013)
Photos of EDWRR Editor in Chief, Lauren Purcell at the Philadelphia Vendy Awards.
(Edible Manhattan, 8/27/2013)
(Edible Manhattan, 8/27/2013)
(Zagat, 8/14/2013)
(Edible Jersey, 7/1/2013)
(Serious Eats, 6/10/2013)
(Zagat, 5/10/2013)
(New York a la Cart, 4/2/2013)
(Edible Brooklyn, 3/20/2013)
Photos essay of a Persian New Year celebration in Brooklyn.
(Zagat, 3/4/2013)
(Edible Manhattan, 11/6/2012)
Photos at a private dinner party cooked by a chef found via Kitchensurfing.
(Edible Manhattan, 9/27/2012)
(Guitar Aficionado, 8/29/2012)
(Edible Brooklyn, 6/15/2012)
A feature spread inspired in part by my personal photo project, Food/Work in which I've been photographing the behind the scenes work that goes into our food.
(Travel + Leisure, 5/1/2012)
(ScoutMob, 4/10/2012)
(New York Times, 1/17/2012)
Photo of Soup dumplings with black truffles at RedFarm.
(Bon Appetit, 8/18/2011)
I photographed Michelin-starred chef, David Kinch demonstrating how to make the savory beignets he serves at Manresa.
(Edible Brooklyn, 7/28/2011)
Photos from Edible Brooklyn's Good Beer event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Photo Writing  
(Foodspotting, 7/6/2011)
A collection of tips and tricks for amateur food photographers to make better photographs of their food in restaurants.
Event Photography  
(James Beard Foundation, 1/17/2014)
Photographed the team from Portuguese-American restaurant Louro at the James Beard House.
(EatWith, 1/7/2014)
(Woks & Lox, 12/28/2013)
(Digital Dumbo, 12/11/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 11/4/2013)
(Edible Brooklyn, 10/30/2013)
(Edible Manhattan, 10/29/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 10/25/2013)
Photographed teachers, students and graduates from Apicius International School of Hospitality at Florence University of the Arts in Florence, Italy prepared a lunch at the James Beard House.
(Digital Dumbo, 10/9/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 9/27/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 8/8/2013)
In the kitchen at a collaborative feast using pork from Woodlands Pork and Fossil Farms. Chefs from 6 states prepared courses for this 7 course meal.
(James Beard Foundation, 7/30/2013)
In the kitchen with Manuel Berganza of Andanada.
(Google Local New York, 7/30/2013)
(The Dizzy Fizz, 7/13/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 6/10/2013)
In the kitchen at the James Beard House with Allen Routt of The Painted Lady from Newberg, Oregon.
(EatWith, 6/4/2013)
(Google Local New York, 5/19/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 5/15/2013)
In the kitchen with Stephen Barber and the staff of Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch.
(Kitchensurfing, 5/14/2013)
(James Beard Foundation, 4/2/2013)
In the kitchen with Jason Weiner and the team from L&W Oyster Co. and Almond.
(James Beard Foundation, 4/2/2013)
(Digital Dumbo, 3/28/2013)
(Edible Manhattan, 3/21/2013)
(The Dizzy Fizz, 2/7/2013)
(Midnight Brunch, 1/27/2013)
Event photos from pop up supper club, Midnight Brunch.