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  Marisa Jackson
Professional/Personal Overview
  SKILLED, DEPENDABLE BOOK DESIGNER with on-staff experience. 13 years total print publishing. Clients return to me because they trust me to give them personal attention, keep them involved as much as possible, and never miss deadlines. Designs are topnotch; files are reliably clean and ready for press without scrutiny. I maintain a certain flexibility in pricing, scheduling, and workflow that large agencies can't afford!

My style is classic and sophisticated. I have a knack for photo research, finding images that are gorgeous AND editorially appropriate. I keep up with current market trends and have years of experience working with special treatments (foil, embossing, spot colors/UV, die-cuts, flocking, gatefolds, color inserts, etc).


Work Info
Graphic Designer 13 Years
Designer 13 Years
No specialties specified
Total Media Industry Experience
13 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Ideals Publications (11+), Misc. Authors and Self-Publishers (11+), Sheaf House Publishers (11+), Guideposts (11+), Health Administration Press (6-10), Central Recovery Press (1-2), TLC Graphics (1-2)
Other Work History
SR. BOOK DESIGNER, Ideals Publications (7 years)
GRAPHIC DESIGNER, Tennessee Performing Arts Center (1 year)
ADVERTISING DESIGNER, Middle Tennessee State University (4 years)
Computer Skills
I work fluently in both Quark 8 and InDesign CS6 and upgrade on a regular basis, keeping in mind forward and backward compatibility with my clients.
Technical Skills
jacket design, full-color interior layout, typesetting, art direction, photo research, photo editing, catalogs, print marketing collateral
"We hired Marisa to design a book cover for TLC Graphics with stellar results. The designs were beautiful and perfect for the book's audience and genre. Her follow-through and attitude make working with her a pleasure and I completely trust to take care of our clients. We look forward to working with Marisa again."
Tami Dever, owner TLC Graphics

"Marisa is an extremely talented and creative designer who works effectively across a variety of genres and formats. She is equally knowledgeable about prepress and printing, and she's able to solve almost any computer problem that crops up."
Peggy Schaefer, Publisher, Ideals

"Marisa was a tremendous designer while at Ideals. She is not only creative but could handle a substantial workload. When there was a critical need to get a job done creatively and with a tight deadline we could always count on Marisa. . . . You can count on Marisa to provide you with great work."
Jonathan Merkh, VP, Book Publishing, Guideposts, 2008

Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Nashville, TN. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Sheaf House Publishing Group)
Two old Vietnam-era war buddies set out on a suspenseful quest to redeem their friends before the end of the world. Photo research; designed cover and interior.
(Sheaf House Publishing Group)
Heartwarming tale about love, loss, and second chances. Created series logo; extensive photo-edits and montage of client's commissioned photography; designed cover and interior.
(Sheaf House Publishing Group)
Brief meditations focused on birds illustrates a profound truth about how we are sheltered and loved by God.
(Ideals Publications)
Nuggets of wisdom from over 50 years of Norman Vincent Peale's sermons. Matte paperback cover with spot gloss and french flaps. Photo research; designed cover and interior.
Story Collection  
A collection of heart-warming stories that celebrates life's blessings. Designed cover throughout paperback series.
Humorous and inspiring stories, quotes & quibs. Designed cover and interior.
(Ideals Publications)
Direct mail hardcover book with 160 full-color pages celebrating family and the traditions of Christmas. Designed cover and interior.
Kathryn Slattery shares her struggle of caring for her aging mother and lays to rest the family secrets that tore them apart. Three-piece case with jacket, metallic fifth color. Photo research; designed jacket and interior.
(Ideals Publications)
Series of six small books showing appreciation for loved ones through collected stories, quotes, and poems. Casebound with color foil, spot gloss; four-color interior. Collaborated with editor on photo research for entire book; designed covers and interiors.
Packaging/Boxed Sets  
(Ideals Publications)
Boxed set of 52 inspirational cards with built-in display frame. Engineered box; designed packaging, cards, and instruction sheet.
Lifestyle/Christian Living  
A professional design expert shows readers how to create a faith-driven approach to home, wedding, and holiday. Paperback with french flaps, spot gloss plus fifth color, and 16pg color insert. Collaborated on photo research; designed covers and interiors throughout series.
(SMU Press)
Collection of short fiction in California by Ernest Finney. Characters are moved by chance events of time and place, forced to make immediate decisions. Casebound with gloss jacket. Designed jacket and interior.
Textbook (Healthcare)  
(Health Administration Press, American College of Healthcare Executives)
The healthcare policymaking process is brought to life through excerpts from congressional testimony, news stories, executive orders, legislation, and other documents related to real-world policy issues. Photo research; designed full cover.
(Ideals Publications)
56 pages, plus covers. Client provided list of titles. I was responsible for creating a pagination. All cover images had to be pulled from numerous sources, matched up with correct ISBN/text information, and layed out on the page. I chose the illustration for the cover and did extensive Photoshop wo
(Ideals Publications)
Brings hope and empowerment to today's teens through the message of faith and positive thinking. Photo research; designed full cover and interior
Children's Books  
(Ideals Publications)
Climb aboard the ark, and take off on an exciting, and talkative, forty days and forty nights. Worked with existing artwork; designed printed case, jacket and interior.
Contact Info
  Marisa Jackson
Spring Hill, TN 

Tel: 615-390-1544  
E-Mail: marisa.jackson@comcast.net
Website: http://www.behance.net/marisajackson