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  Elizabeth Haddad
Professional/Personal Overview
  I am a blogger and creator of The Coffee Experiment (thecoffeeexperiment.com), a travel blog exploring culture through coffee. I love to write about food, hotels, art and design pertaining to travel. I also dabble in photography and amateur photo editing. I am a romantic at heart and find all cultures of the world beautiful and exciting, but I seek to convey absolute truth in my writing. My goal is to help myself, and my readers, better understand the human experience.
Work Info
Programming (television) Entry Level
TV Reporter Entry Level
Writer 2 Years
Arts & Humanities 2 Years
Travel 2 Years
All specialties are in reference to blogging. 2 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
1 Year
Computer Skills
Foreign Language Skills
Freelancer Availability
Not currently, but interested in pursuing it. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license.
Work Samples
Writing Samples  
(The Coffee Experiment, 10/29/2012)
Travel post on coffee in Paris.
(The Coffee Experiment, 10/4/2012)
Travel post on Telescope Cafe, Paris.
(The Coffee Experiment, 6/9/2011)
A write-up of historical Caffe Gambrinus in Naples, Italy.
(The Coffee Experiment, 3/15/2011)
A write-up of the life of a coffee farmer in the mountains of Costa Rica.
(The Coffee Experiment, 6/11/2012)
Photography/write-up of Cumberland Island, Georgia