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  Kathryn Hawkins
Professional/Personal Overview
  I'm a Maine-based writer specializing in articles about entrepreneurship, small businesses, and non-profits, and the co-owner of Eucalypt Media, a small agency that provides custom content marketing and strategy consulting. I'm passionate about online media and the dynamic possibilities that it offers. As the owner and editor-in-chief of Gimundo.com, a website with up to 400,000 unique monthly readers, I know how to create content that gets traffic, and can offer proven first-hand advice on the best ways to bring readers in through social media and content marketing. Check out my agency's website at http://eucalyptmedia.com for more info.

I offer my services as a freelance journalist and custom content provider (for clients including The Atlantic, CBS Interactive/BNET, Intuit, GOOD Magazine, Inc., and many more); a content marketing consultant for e-books, whitepapers and other marketing collateral; a ghostwriter, and an editorial and social media consultant.
Work Info
Editor 8 Years
Writer 12 Years
Copywriter 12 Years
Finance 10 Years
Technology 10 Years
Business (general) 11 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
11 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
BNET.com (11+), Gimundo.com (11+), EcoSalon.com (11+), Inc. (11+), InsuranceQuotes.com (11+), The Atlantic (11+), Interest.com (6-10), BELLA Magazine (6-10), Chow.com (3-5), Dygest (3-5), Restaurant Business Magazine (3-5), NextAvenue (PBS) (1-2), OPEN Forum (1-2), Pizza Today (1-2), Portfolio.com (1-2), MyMidwest (1-2), Inside Arts Magazine (1-2), E: The Environmental Magazine (1-2), Beckett Media (1-2), Away.com (1-2), Forbes Travel Guide (1-2), Family Business Magazine (1-2), GOOD Magazine (1-2), HGTV (FrontDoor.com) (1-2), HouseLogic.com (1-2), Wildlife Conservation (1-2), US Airways (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Bizo (11+), G3 Communications (11+), Goldman Sachs (11+), HotFrog (11+), Husson University (11+), IAAP (OfficePro Magazine) (11+), Instore (11+), Intuit (11+), Razoo.com (full-time, editor/writer/marketing) (11+), St. Joseph's College (6-10), State Farm Goodneighbor Magazine (6-10), Noomii (6-10), Porsche (6-10), Loft Resumes (6-10), Harvard Business Services (6-10), GEICO (6-10), Experian (6-10), American Express (GetCurrency.com) (6-10), Bates College (6-10), Saint Joseph's College (6-10), University of Pittsburgh (6-10), YarcData (6-10), Wells Fargo (3-5), Acquia (3-5), Charles Schwab (3-5), Coach (3-5), Federated Media (3-5), Mercedes-Benz (3-5), Lending Club (3-5), Quartz (3-5), Ramshyam (3-5), TD Ameritrade (1-2), PerkStreet.com (1-2), National Education Association (1-2), NewRetirement.com (1-2), Intel (1-2), Merrill Lynch (1-2), Innotas (1-2), iCrowdFund (1-2), ClassesUSA (1-2), Enkata (1-2), Hewitt Associates (1-2), Colby College (1-2), Creative Mobile (1-2), ALDO (1-2), Ameriprise (1-2), BB&T (1-2), Bangor Savings Bank (1-2), Bank of the West (SmartMoney Custom Publishing) (1-2), Scharffen Berger (1-2), Sears (1-2), GoToManage (Citrix) (1-2), U.S. Bank (1-2), Verizon (1-2)
Other Work History
My business, Eucalypt Media LLC, purchased the website Gimundo.com from my previous employer in April 2009. Since that time, we have grown the site to between 150,000 and 400,000 unique viewers a month, with a daily newsletter going out to nearly 12,000 subscribers. My husband and I are solely responsible for design, development, content, marketing, business development, and monetization strategies. My experience with Gimundo gives me insight into what clients and their target audiences are looking for in a content-based website, and I offer both consulting and management for editorial projects of any size.
Computer Skills
Through my agency, Eucalypt Media LLC, we offer website design and development in ExpressionEngine, Joomla, and other platforms.
Technical Skills
My agency offers photography, photo manipulation, web production, web development, graphic design, social media consulting, and website development consulting services.
MacBook laptop, digital camera, digital videocamera.
Available on request.
Best Thesis Award, MFA in Poetry, Chatham University 2006
Content and social media marketer: I am experienced in conceptualizing and writing viral articles optimized for social media, and have extremely active profiles on Digg (in the top 100 users, with more than 2,000 fans) and StumbleUpon (more than 500 fans). I have also created content partnerships and collaborations with numerous high-profile sites, including Huffington Post, Divine Caroline, and Intent. I am the owner and editor-in-chief of Gimundo.com, a high-traffic site that has been mentioned in the Washington Post and other mainstream media outlets.

With my husband Jeff, I run an agency that provides full-service custom content marketing and web development solutions for individuals, non-profits, and businesses. View our website at: http://eucalyptmedia.com
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Boston, MA. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(TheAtlantic.com/Goldman Sachs, 10/16/2012)
In this series on businesses that are driving economic progress, I traveled to Pittsburgh to visit a startup incubator that's helping to steer Pittsburgh's new entrepreneurial vision.
(Portfolio.com, 7/14/2011)
A profile of DefySupply, an American company that plans to sell furniture to a Chinese consumer base.
(BNET.com, 8/12/2010)
An "as-told-to" story about a food company that failed because it expanded too quickly.
(BNET.com, 8/2/2010)
In an as-told-to piece, Certify.com's CEO explains how he used mobile apps to expand his company's reach.
(BNET.com, 7/21/2010)
An as-told-to-story for the CBS-owned business website, BNET.com, about a salon owner's problems managing Generation Y. To date, the article has generated more than 70 comments.
(Office Pro Magazine (IAAP), 7/1/2010)
An article explaining legal rights in the workplace.
(Office Pro Magazine (IAAP), 5/1/1999)
A cover story for Office Pro magazine about managing a company's social media presence.
(RiseUp Magazine, 6/1/2008)
A travel essay exploring the Jewish culture of Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood.
(Bankrate.com, 6/9/2012)
A slideshow about the hard data that shows which graduate degrees are less likely to lead to lucrative careers.
(PerkStreet.com, 8/8/2010)
Can you improve your finances by making everything from scratch? It depends. Find out when it makes sense to do it yourself, and when it’s smarter to go shopping.
(Gimundo.com, 7/20/2010)
Stocking up for the school year? Here are some ways to save money on school supplies.
(Experian/Mint.com, 8/5/2009)
From avoiding fees to scoring free hotel stays, here are 10 secret or little-known perks that you may be able to score from your credit card provider.
(DRAFT Magazine, 7/1/2011)
A travel guide to the best beers, breweries, and restaurants in Portland, Maine.
(Chow.com, 10/6/2008)
A fun, viral list about unique dishes featuring bacon for Chow.com.
(Chow.com, 8/13/2007)
A "The Ten" list featuring 10 unique dishes that incorporate french fries.
(Chow.com, 6/7/2007)
Though modern astronauts still can't take a sandwich from their favorite deli on a space mission, NASA and other space programs have vastly improved upon the "cubes and tubes" cuisine forced on the earliest space pioneers.
(NEAMB, 11/15/2009)
At a time when so many people are struggling, it's a great idea to rein in the excess, or spend thoughtfully and appropriately, to bring things back to basics. Here are 5 tips for creating a holiday filled with more meaning and less stuff.
(GOOD Magazine, 8/1/2008)
Drink Coke. Chew gum. Wear a condom. To Kate Roberts, the British-born mastermind behind the AIDS-awareness organization YouthAIDS, there should be no difference in the way these messages are presented. If consumer products can be sold to the masses, why can't social responsibility?
(Gimundo.com, 6/2/2008)
In our exclusive interview with Counting Crows singer Adam Duritz, we discuss details of the band's long-standing community outreach program and their new charity organization, The GreyBird Foundation.
(Gimundo, 2/27/2008)
Even if you're not in Donald Trump territory, you can still donate to a variety of great causes every day without spending a single penny. All you need is an Internet connection, and you're good to go. Here are a few of our favorite free ways to give.
(HGTV (FrontDoor.com), 6/7/2008)
If you're thinking of buying a home in a rural area, there are all sorts of scenarios to consider that urban dwellers may not be familiar with. Here are ten questions to ask before you buy that big block of land out in the country.
(Wildlife Conservation, 12/1/2007)
A story about the Environmental Justice Fund, which makes poachers pay for conservation measures.
(E: The Environmental Magazine, 9/1/2007)
A brief story about Reverb, a non-profit organization that works to green musical acts' tours and spread an environmental message to their fans.
(St. Joseph's College, 7/1/2010)
A double lung transplant creates a new life filled with possibilities for a cystic fibrosis patient.
(YarcData, 11/1/2013)
This solution brief spotlights the capabilities of YarcData's graph analytics appliance in identifying complex cybersecurity threats.
(Acquia white paper, 1/1/2012)
I wrote this B2B technology-focused white paper for the Drupal enterprise solutions firm Acquia, on behalf of G3 Communications.
Case Studies  
(multiple, 12/5/2013)
Please view our website to see detailed case studies on behalf of multiple B2B, university, agency, and startup clients, including Razoo, The Atlantic, Ogilvy & Mather, and many others.