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  Robert McGarvey
Professional/Personal Overview

I sell words - words backed by ideas.

A busy freelance writer for 30 years, I have written over 1500 articles for many leading publications, from the NY Times to Harvard Business Review. I also have written 10 books, and am an expert on the Internet (author of HOW TO DOTCOM, 2001) and on mobile computing.

I blog frequently, on real estate, travel and consumer technology for Mainstreet.com.

I contributed to corporate histories of Oppenheimer Funds and Continental Airlines (75th anniversary).

I wrote the "Mile High Tech Blog" for Continental Airlines via Wired Magazine in 2010.

I also have created custom content for the New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fortune, The Economist Group, BBC and others.

I have frequently written about credit unions (primarily covering mobile technologies) and cooperatives.
Work Info
Book Author 25 Years
Writer 30 Years
Advertorial, Special Sections Writing, Custom Content 12 Years
Business (general) 25 Years
Technology 20 Years
Travel 25 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
30 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Porthole Cruise Magazine (11+), MainStreet.com (11+), InternetEvolution.com (11+), Credit Union Times (11+), Better Bank Systems (11+), CioUpdate.com (11+), American Express Executive Travel (6-10), New York Times (advertorial) (3-5), Selling Power Magazine (3-5), Wired Magazine (advertorial) (1-2), ProjectManagerPlanet.com (1-2), New York University's "News & Views" (1-2), Los Angeles Times (advertorials) (1-2), American Way (American Airlines) (1-2), Celebrated Living (American Airlines) (1-2), Economist Group (1-2), Fortune Magazine (advertorial) (1-2), Harvard Business Review (advertorials) (1-2), Continental Airlines Magazine (1-2), Corporate Secretary Magazine (1-2), Crains New York Business (advertorial) (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
10Gen (3-5), Cabot Creamery (3-5), 1010Data (1-2), Benchmark Hospitality (1-2), CoChel Communications (Advisory Board member) (1-2), Learning Streams (Advisory Board member) (1-2), Rutgers Univ. Philosophy Dept. (pro bono) (1-2)
Other Work History
Columnist, Porthole Cruise Magazine; Author, How to DotCom (Entrepreneur Press); co-author, The Complete Spy (Perigee Books)..
Computer Skills
Word, PowerPoint, also social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, etc)
Digital recorder, laptop, digital camera
Work Permits & Visas
US Passport, Irish Passport
Gail Harrington, Editorial Director, Pohly.
Allen Bernard, editor, CIOUpdate.com.
Nancy Branka, managing editor, American Express' Executive Travel Magazine
Others -- many -- upon request.
T. Sanford Doolittle Essay Prize, Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Phi Beta Kappa, Lane Cooper Scholar
Authors Guild
I was a presenter at the Faulkner Society's Words & Music conference in New Orleans in 2008, and again in 2009. Focus of talks is: freelance writing success. Speech texts available upon request.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Phoenix, AZ. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Mainstreet, 5/5/2015)
(Mainstreet, 5/4/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/30/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/22/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/21/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/15/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/14/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/8/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/8/2015)
(Mainstreet, 4/7/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/31/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/27/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/26/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/25/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/19/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/18/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/17/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/16/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/13/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/13/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/12/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/12/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/12/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/10/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/9/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/6/2015)
(TheStreet, 3/6/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/5/2015)
(TheStreet, 3/3/2015)
(Mainstreet, 3/2/2015)
(TheStreet, 2/25/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/24/2015)
(TheStreet, 2/24/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/23/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/23/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/20/2015)
(TheStreet, 2/19/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/17/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/13/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/9/2015)
(TheStreet, 2/6/2015)
(Mainstreet, 2/5/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/29/2015)
(TheStreet, 1/29/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/27/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/26/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/26/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/21/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/21/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/20/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/16/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/15/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/14/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/9/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/7/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/7/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/5/2015)
(BBC, 1/1/2015)
Custom content. I served as the writer.
(Mainstreet, 1/1/2015)
(Mainstreet, 1/1/2015)
(Mainstreet, 12/23/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/23/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/19/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/15/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/1/2014)
(Credit Union Times, 12/1/2014)
I filed stories several times a week, sometimes several times a day, for four years, typically about mobile banking and technology. Click here for this archive of many hundreds of articles
(The Street, 11/26/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/25/2014)
(The Street, 11/20/2014)
(The Street, 11/17/2014)
(The Street, 11/14/2014)
(MainMain, 11/12/2014)
(The Street, 11/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/7/2014)
(The Street, 11/7/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/6/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 11/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/31/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/31/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/30/2014)
(The Street, 10/30/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/28/2014)
(The Street, 10/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/21/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/20/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/13/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/9/2014)
(Mainstreet, 10/7/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/30/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/19/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/19/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/16/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/16/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/2/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/2/2014)
(Mainstreet, 9/2/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/27/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/26/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/26/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/25/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/21/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/6/2014)
(Mainstreet, 8/5/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/31/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/30/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/25/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/23/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/8/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/8/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 7/2/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/30/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/19/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/18/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/13/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/11/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/5/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/4/2014)
(Mainstreet, 6/4/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/29/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/21/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/20/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/19/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/15/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/13/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/9/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/8/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/7/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/6/2014)
(Mainstreet, 5/6/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/29/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/29/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/23/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/21/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/17/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/16/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/15/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/3/2014)
(Mainstreet, 4/2/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/26/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/25/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/18/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/13/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/12/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/6/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/4/2014)
(Mainstreet, 3/4/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/28/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/20/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/18/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/18/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/7/2014)
(Mainstreet, 2/4/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/29/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/29/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/27/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/24/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/22/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/21/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/16/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/14/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 1/10/2014)
(Mainstreet, 12/19/2013)
(Mainstreet, 12/18/2013)
(Mainstreet, 12/3/2013)
(Mainstreet, 12/3/2013)
(American Express Executive Travel, 12/1/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/26/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/25/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/24/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/24/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/21/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/20/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/13/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/7/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/6/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/6/2013)
(Mainstreet, 11/1/2013)
(Mainstreet, 10/24/2013)
(Mainstreet, 10/24/2013)
(Mainstreet, 10/24/2013)
(Mainstreet, 10/15/2013)
(MainStreet, 10/3/2013)
(MainStreet, 10/3/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/27/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/23/2013)
(DatacenterAcceleration, 9/19/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/17/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/17/2013)
(SaaS in the Enterprise, 9/13/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/9/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/9/2013)
(MainStreet, 9/3/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/30/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/23/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/15/2013)
(SaaS in the Enterprise, 8/12/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/8/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/8/2013)
(MainStreet, 8/2/2013)
(McGarvey's Blog, 8/1/2013)
A blog about Financial Institution insecurities and cyber crime
(DatacenterAcceleration, 7/26/2013)
(MainStreet, 7/24/2013)
(MainStreet, 7/22/2013)
(MainStreet, 7/17/2013)
(MainStreet, 7/15/2013)
(MainStreet, 7/9/2013)
(SaaS in the Enterprise, 7/3/2013)
(Executive Travel, 7/1/2013)
Case studies of Cisco, Target, Loews Hotels
(MainStreet, 6/25/2013)
(MainStreet, 6/24/2013)
(MainStreet, 6/21/2013)
(MainStreet, 6/12/2013)
(MainStreet, 6/5/2013)
(MainStreet, 5/20/2013)
(MainStreet, 5/2/2013)
(MainStreet, 4/26/2013)
(MainStreet, 4/17/2013)
(DataCenterAcceleration.com, 4/9/2013)
(MainStreet, 4/8/2013)
(DataCenterAcceleration.com, 3/28/2013)
(MainStreet, 3/25/2013)
(MainStreet, 3/21/2013)
(MainStreet, 3/19/2013)
(The Mobility Hub, 2/14/2013)
(The Mobility Hub, 1/31/2013)
(Digital Draw, 1/15/2013)
(The Mobility Hub, 1/14/2013)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/3/2013)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 12/27/2012)
(The Mobility Hub, 12/26/2012)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 12/6/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/29/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/27/2012)
(The Mobility Hub, 11/27/2012)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 11/21/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/14/2012)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 11/7/2012)
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 11/1/2012)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 10/31/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/22/2012)
(Digital Canvas Retail, 10/21/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/18/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/17/2012)
(The Mobility Hub, 10/16/2012)
(The Mobility Hub, 10/9/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/18/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/14/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/12/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/7/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/3/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/20/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/9/2012)
(The Mobility Hub, 8/6/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/2/2012)
(Tje IT Services Site, 8/2/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 7/24/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 7/18/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 6/29/2012)
(IT Services Site, 6/27/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/22/2012)
(IT Services Site, 6/15/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 6/12/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/6/2012)
(Digital Draw, 6/1/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 5/31/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/30/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 5/24/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/22/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/18/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 5/17/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 5/15/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/15/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 5/8/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/7/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 5/3/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 4/30/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 4/29/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 4/24/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 4/23/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 4/18/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 4/16/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 4/11/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 4/5/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 3/22/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 3/21/2012)
(BetterBankSystems, 3/13/2012)
(BetterBankSystems, 3/9/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 3/6/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 3/1/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/27/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 2/17/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/15/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/9/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/7/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 2/6/2012)
(Better Bank Systems, 2/1/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/31/2012)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 1/25/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/23/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/18/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/12/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/6/2012)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/22/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/19/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/19/2011)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 12/13/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/13/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/9/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/6/2011)
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 12/1/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 12/1/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/17/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 11/15/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/9/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/7/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet, 11/2/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/1/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/31/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/24/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 10/21/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 10/19/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 10/16/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/4/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 10/3/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/30/2011)
on the Internet Governance Forum
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 9/26/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/25/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/7/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 9/2/2011)
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 9/1/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 8/22/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/22/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 8/15/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 7/21/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 7/21/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 7/19/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 7/6/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 7/2/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/27/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet.com, 6/24/2011)
(HSH.com, 6/15/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/13/2011)
(Sherman Place Press, 6/8/2011)
An ebook
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/8/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/1/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 5/27/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/23/2011)
(eSecurityPlanet, 5/17/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/12/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 5/6/2011)
re PlayBook
(InternetEvolution, 4/22/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 4/20/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 4/19/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 4/14/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 4/12/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 4/12/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 4/11/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/31/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/28/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/22/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/21/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/17/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 3/15/2011)
(InternetEvolution, 3/11/2011)
(Executive Travel Magazine, 3/1/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/28/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/24/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/17/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 2/15/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/11/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/8/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/7/2011)
Handicapping the tablet wars
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/27/2011)
(Enterprise Networking Planet, 1/25/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/25/2011)
(CIOUpdate.com, 1/19/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/19/2011)
re ITA acquisition
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/12/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/10/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/5/2011)
(InternetEvolution.com, 12/23/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/21/2010)
(Wired Magazine, 12/15/2010)
Advertorial for #Continental Airlines. Continuing coverage of tech conferences. CTIA, Interop, MobiSys, more TK Weekly updates
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/1/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/30/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/23/2010)
Rupert Murdoch's "The Daily"
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/16/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 11/16/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/11/2010)
Threats to online travel booking sites in an age of mobility
Credit Unions Ramp Up
(New York Times, 10/21/2010)
Advertorial. Print only. PDF available on request.
(CIOUpdate.com, 10/19/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/19/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 10/4/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/28/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 9/22/2010)
From iPad to iPhone and what IT needs to know about them
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/16/2010)
Can TripAdvisor, Yelp be trusted? Are your friends more reliable?
Co-Op Vermont
(Ski Vermont Magazine 2011, 9/15/2010)
Not online (PDF on request). Story explores the importance of cooperatives to Vermont's economy, way of life.
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/8/2010)
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 9/1/2010)
Why face to face matters in diplomacy
(InternetEvolution.com, 9/1/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/30/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/26/2010)
(CioUpdate.com, 8/17/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/11/2010)
IT drives conservation. New technologies make goals realistic.
(InternetEvolution.com, 8/2/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 7/20/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 7/20/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/28/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 6/16/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 6/7/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 6/3/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/31/2010)
(CioUpdate.com, 5/19/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/19/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 5/10/2010)
Google's e-books initiative may change all the rules of book buying.
(Case Western Reserve's THINK Magazine, 5/1/2010)
Social Media are Changing Our Sense of What's Acceptable—and What's Not This article explores our shifting mores re disclosure
Michael Gould's New York
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 5/1/2010)
Bloomingdale's CEO tells what he loves about New York City Not online. Ask me for a PDF
(CIOUpdate.com, 4/20/2010)
Kenya, Northern Ireland, Egypt and more
Savor the Flavor
(Holland America's COMPASS, 4/1/2010)
See my story "Savor the Flavor," re Barcelona tapas bars, in Holland America's COMPASS, on board magazine for cruisers. (Not online.)
Berlin Reinvented
(Seabourn Club Herald, 4/1/2010)
In-cabin magazine for cruise line passengers. Not online, print only. (PDF on request.)
Chewing the Bone at New York's Best Steakhouse
(Crain's New York, 3/30/2010)
Print only, not online. Advertorial for Wolfgang's Steakhouse, NYC
Back to Basics
(New York Times, 3/22/2010)
Advertorial re credit unions, in NYTimes' business section, print only (not online). PDF available on request.
(InternetEvolution.com, 3/18/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 3/16/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 3/8/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 2/16/2010)
(Celebrated Living Magazine, 2/15/2010)
This is American Airlines 1st class pub
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/11/2010)
About the Chinese search giant
(CIOUpdate.com, 2/9/2010)
(InternetEvolution.com, 2/8/2010)
What If: Man Overboard
(Porthole Cruise Magazine, 2/1/2010)
Regular column in Porthole; this one looks at what happens when a person goes overboard from a cruise ship. NOT ONLINE. Pdf available upon request
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/27/2010)
(Internet Evolution, 1/13/2010)
Impacts of film piracy explored
(CIOUpdate.com, 1/7/2010)
Using mobile data for substantial business purposes
(InternetEvolution.com, 1/5/2010)
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/30/2009)
Betting on Insider Information
(Crain's New York, 12/21/2009)
An advertorial for Wolfgang's Steakhouse (#2 in a series). Not online, print only. Copies available upon request.
Powering Up the Nation
(Fortune Magazine, 12/21/2009)
Advertorial re alternative energy. Not online, print only and only in California editions. (PDF available upon request.)
"What If"
(Porthole Cruise Magazine, 12/1/2009)
My regular service column (stretching back 12 years, under different titles), for Porthole. In print only, not online. PDF available upon request. December column addresses: what if a fire breaks out on board your ship?
(CIOUpdate.com, 11/30/2009)
Business gets serious about social media
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/18/2009)
(New York Times, 11/12/2009)
See my special advertising section text "Brazil Rising."
(InternetEvolution.com, 11/5/2009)
A blog on cloud computing
"Where the Steak Secrets Start"
(Crain's New York, 11/2/2009)
An advertorial about Wolfgang's Steakhouse. Not online. PDF available upon request.
"Service Before Profits"
(New York Times, 11/2/2009)
Advertorial about credit unions. Print only (in Business section), not online. PDF available upon request.
("News & Views" (NYU's Langone Medical School), 11/1/2009)
Q & A with two psychiatrists who serve the NYU Medical School community
(Rodale, 9/1/2009)
I wrote the "green offices" chapter in this book, and also created supporting blog materials for online use at the launch of the print book.
(Continental Magazine, 9/1/2009)
Rethinking heart care: new, exciting trends in cardiology, reported in this CONTINENTAL Magazine special section
(ProjectManagerPlanet.com, 8/20/2009)
(Continental Magazine, 8/1/2009)
August cover story in the inflight, a look at Belfast, food, gee-gaw, and politics
(Continental Magazine, 8/1/2009)
New trends reshape executive education
(CIOUpdate.com, 7/31/2009)
Outsourced work heads to new locales, from Vietnam to Colombia
75th Anniversary History: Continental Airlines
(Continental Magazine, 7/1/2009)
Not online. Ask me for a PDF
(Continental Magazine, 7/1/2009)
(CIOUpdate.com, 6/17/2009)
(Corporate Secretary Magazine, 6/1/2009)
A look at the reasons behind the drop in securities lawsuits
(Continental Magazine, 6/1/2009)
Profile of Shell Oil's leader on climate change/global warming
(Continental Magazine, 5/1/2009)
Profile of Tony-award winning director Des McAnuff (Guys & Dolls, Jersey Boys, others)
(Continental Magazine, 5/1/2009)
May cover story, about HP's cloud computing initiative
(American Express Executive Travel, 5/1/2009)
(CIOUpdate.com, 4/24/2009)
(New York Times, 4/6/2009)
A four-page advertorial on cooperatives (member owned business associations), in the A section.
(Continental Magazine, 4/1/2009)
The April cover story, on Berlin, with a sidebar on Weimar
(Continental Magazine, 4/1/2009)
A special section on real estate
(New York Times Magazine, 3/15/2009)
A special advertising section on global real estate trends. Not online. A PDF is available on request.
(Continental Magazine, 3/1/2009)
More Manhattan restaurant recommendations
(Continental Magazine, 3/1/2009)
(Continental Magazine, 3/1/2009)
Profile of the technical chair of the May Offshore Technology Conference in Houston
(Maximum Fitness, 3/1/2009)
13 steps for saving money while maintaining a fitness program
(CIOUpdate.com, 2/2/2009)
(Continental Magazine, 2/1/2009)
Co-authored the cover story on frugal NYC
(Continental Magazine, 2/1/2009)
Special section on executive education
(New York Times, 1/26/2009)
A special advertising section; in business section.
(Destination Vacation, 1/1/2009)
(Continental Magazine, 1/1/2009)
A look at Delectus, a family winery in Napa.
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/30/2008)
(American Express' Executive Travel Magazine, 12/1/2008)
(Continental Magazine, 11/1/2008)
(CIOUpdate.com, 10/15/2008)
Corporate IT and the iPhone
(CIOUpdate.com, 10/8/2008)
Data portability and cloud computing
(Continental Magazine, 10/1/2008)
Profile of the chief innovation officer at insurer AXA
(American Express Executive Travel, 10/1/2008)
(CIOUpdate.com, 8/28/2008)
(CIOUpdate.com, 8/13/2008)
(Corporate Secretary Magazine, 7/1/2008)
(CioUpdate.com, 6/30/2008)
How IT is coping with the emergence of procurement
(CIOUpdate.com, 6/13/2008)
(Destination Vacation, 6/1/2008)
A travel story about Ireland.
(Continental Magazine, 6/1/2008)
A look of WalMart's push to be green
(CIOUpdate.com, 5/15/2008)
Advice for CIOs on persuading senior management/boards of directors
(CIOUpdate.com, 5/2/2008)
(Selling Power Magazine, 5/1/2008)
(Corporate Secretary Magazine, 5/1/2008)
Analysis of Motorola v Icahn and what this proxy fight bodes for public companies.
(Continental Magazine, 5/1/2008)
A look at the future of offshore petroleum production
(CIOUpdate.com, 4/15/2008)
(Vital Care Magazine, 4/1/2008)
A profile of Mt. Everest physician Dr. Luanne Freer in Vital Care, a custom publication for the American College of Emergency Physicians.
(Project Manager Planet, 3/11/2008)
(CioUpdate.com, 3/4/2008)
A look at the shift of data/apps from the desktop to the cloud.
(Continental Airlines Magazine, 3/1/2008)
A profile of Don Vardeman, chair of the Offshore Technology Conference.
(Celebrated Living Magazine, 3/1/2008)
For American Airlines' first-class cabin pub, a look at the wellness movement that is sweeping American business.
(Crain's New York Business, 2/11/2008)
An advertorial sponsored by accounting firm Eisner
(Crain's New York Business, 2/4/2008)
An advertorial created for accounting firm Eisner LLP. This segment offers tax tips for high-income individuals.
(Destination Vacation Magazine, 2/1/2008)
A look at new New Orleans cookery (John Besh, Cochon, et. al.)
(Project Manager Planet, 2/1/2008)
(CioUpdate.com, 2/1/2008)
Mobile data and the enterprise
(CIOupdate.com, 12/11/2007)
(CIOUpdate.com, 12/3/2007)
(ProjectManagerPlanet.com, 11/6/2007)
The new traits leaders need today
(CIOUpdate.com, 11/5/2007)
(New York Times, 10/29/2007)
The write-up of the annual NY Times Small Business Summit. Most of the stories were written by me. (Note: I did the 2006 Summit story package too.)
(CioUpdate.com, 10/4/2007)
A look at the rising costs of enterprise data storage
(Continental Magazine, 10/1/2007)
Cover story, about the emergence of Mumbai, India as a global business city.
(American Express Executive Travel, 10/1/2007)
A look at new thinking around innovation in the enterprise.
(CioUpdate.com, 9/28/2007)
Advice for CIOs on handling inquiries from the board of directors
(American Express Executive Travel Magazine, 9/1/2007)
A look at small businesses outsourcing to Asia
(American Way, 6/15/2007)
A look at Broadway's insiders, from Des McAnuff to Margo Lion.
(Continental Magazine, 5/1/2007)
Big oil explores new frontiers in the hunt for petroleum reserves
(Rutgers Philosophy Department, 4/1/2007)
A newsletter created to launch the Friends of Rutgers Philosophy, a networking and support group for the department (one of the world's top rated). Done on a pro bono basis.
(New York Times, 3/1/2007)
Advertorial text.
(American Express' Executive Travel, 3/1/2007)
An interview with Maria Bartiromo, about the Fed, celebrity, and the Ramones.
(Selling Power Magazine, 11/1/2006)
The how-to of selling technically complex services and goods.
(American Way, 11/1/2006)
Voice recognition comes of age
(New York Times, 10/23/2006)
An advertorial in the NY Times, re Outsourcing.
(Executive Travel, 10/1/2006)
How American businesses are faring in Australia
(New York Times, 9/18/2006)
An eight-page advertorial pull-out in the print edition of the NY Times complimented by a website (with out-takes not included in the print version).
(Continental Magazine, 5/1/2006)
The high tech, high cost, high risk world of oil and gas exploration
(American Way, 5/1/2006)
A look at the micromanaging epidemic -- causes and cures.
(Lowes, 1/1/2006)
Many dozens of how-to blogs aimed at small businesses (that is, contractors and small landlords), posted over a several year period
(Continental Magazine, 12/1/2005)
Profile of Phil Aiken, president of BHP Billton's energy group.
(American Way, 9/1/2005)
The how-to of getting hired today
(Fortune Magazine, 8/1/2005)
An advertorial that ran in FORTUNE Magazine.
(Selling Power, 4/1/2005)
What's in on the corporate speaking circuit
(Entrepreneur Press, 3/1/2005)
I co-authored this look at succeeding in ecommerce.
(Harvard Business Review, 11/1/2004)
An advertorial for HBR
(American Way, 9/15/2004)
Assembling the 21st century corporate leader
(American Way, 4/15/2004)
Business futurists tell their secrets.
(American Way, 3/1/2004)
A q & a qith Franz Humer, CEO of Roche, the Swiss pharma giant.
(American Way, 2/14/2004)
A q & a with the founder of the brokerage -- one of many CEO interviews conducted by me for several leading publications. Others available upon request.
(American Way, 12/15/2003)
Q & A with Subway co-founder Fred Deluca.
(American Way, 10/15/2003)
Profile of the ChevronTexaco CEO, for the American Airlines inflight.
(American Way, 7/14/2003)
A q & a with Larry Bossidy.
(Travelers Tales: Ireland, 5/1/2003)
A travel story that first ran in ISLANDS Magazine, about events on a small island off Ireland's southern coast
(Men's Fitness, 3/1/2003)
Quick, easy yoga moves for an office environment.
(Harvard Business Review, 3/1/2003)
Benchmark Hospitality's conference centers written up in HBR advertorial.
(Rutgers Magazine, 1/1/2003)
The story behind the rise of the Rutgers philosophy department into national prominence.
(Selling Power Magazine, 1/1/2003)
Dealing with disasters in selling
(American Way, 12/15/2002)
Batali, Flay, Cora and more.
(American Way, 10/15/2002)
An interview with the prolific business guru.
(Computer User Magazine, 7/1/2002)
Distance training in the corporation
(DestinationKM, 2/1/2002)
(Electronic Business, 2/1/2002)
Smart staffing strategies for high-tech companies
(Technology Review Magazine, 1/1/2001)
(Travelers Tales Ireland, 1/1/2001)
A chapter in the travel guide.
(Entrepreneur Press, 11/1/2000)
A how-to primer for would-be ecommerce mavens
(Upside, 3/1/2000)
A look at Northern Ireland's nascent technology sector.
(Upside Magazine, 2/1/2000)
About contract manufacturers
(Love-Track.com, 1/1/2000)
Hiking Austria's Alps
(Entrepreneur Magazine, 10/1/1999)
About online learning
(Upside, 3/1/1999)
A look at Ireland's economic renaissance
(Westways Magazine, 3/1/1998)
Travels in Northern Ireland
(Avenues Magazine, 1/1/1998)
Learning at cooking schools in Asia.
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