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  Rose Alcorn
Professional/Personal Overview
  I bring graphic design, instructional design, production, illustration, and creative/corporate/technical writing skills, and technology savvy to your projects. As an image and text permissions researcher, I successfully secured unusual and elusive permissions and creatively sourced images.
Work Info
Researcher 7 Years
Technical Writer 6 Years
Graphic Designer 15 Years
Education 6 Years
Technology 6 Years
Business (general) 15 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
16 Years
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Cenage Learning (11+), Vantiv (11+)
Other Work History
Vantiv experience is as in-house staff.
Computer Skills
Operating Systems: Mac OS, Windows, UNIX.
Software Applications: MS Office (expert, solution-development proficiency across Excel, PowerPoint, and Word); Acrobat, Illustrator, Lectora, Brainshark, SharePoint, Photoshop, InDesign, PageMaker, Quark Xpress, FrameMaker, Freehand, FrontPage, Visio, Camtasia, most paint/draw/vector illustration tools, Web-based content management systems.
Programming: HTML code-level editing skills; JavaScript.
Methodologies: ADDIE, Carnegie Melon Maturity Model, Information Mapping, Microsoft Manual of Style, Software Development Life Cycle.
Technical Skills
Web design (incl. HTML-code level editing skills and JavaScript), photo editing (Photoshop), developer knowledge of MS Office, LMS administration, CMS content development, digital design and illustration (Adobe CS products).
Fuji megazoom/bridge digital (various), laptop, broadband cable Internet service.
Upon request.
Beckett Paper Design Contest Award, Adobe Magazine Award
American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)
BA English Literature (minor in professional writing aka journalism + PR), Eastern Illinois University; MS in Managerial Communication, Northwestern University. Other Northwestern continuing ed coursework in Instructional Video, and Social Science Research Methods. MediaBistro courses taken include Writing and Editing for the Web, and Research and Reporting.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Cincinnati, OH. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
Internal/Employee Communications  
Internal campaign to increase employee awareness and engagement in one of the company's products. PDF contains email blast, intranet posting, and two posters. This is an example of my design, layout, writing and photography skills.
I've used a similar idea in employee newsletters elsewhere, but this profile format is more focused on the role and responsibilities vs. the individual's personal data. Inspired by the mediabistro.com feature of the same name.
Corporate Communications organized monthly lunch gatherings for Spanish-speaking employees. File here contains integrated materials created to support these events, and are writing and design examples.
Communications overview document for Black History Month employee communications program. I wrote this overview; it also contains examples of my design and technology usage.
This includes materials used to announce to & educate employees about a referral program. I developed these materials (incl. instructor classroom script and refining the rules) while streamlining differing perspectives of the program's objectives and approach. Click on yellow talk bubbles for notes.
This national event has become a hugely successful employee engagement opportunity at this company. This sample includes project profile write-up, and multi-platform communication (writing and design) examples.
This shows examples of slides published to digital display (flat panel TV) screens featured in employee public areas. Click on yellow talk bubbles for Acrobat Comments specific to the slides.
Education/Training & Technical Documentation  
This interactive PowerPoint version of this file (static PDF is shown here) was set up at an organization's information booth at a local history/civic education event, Patriot Fair. Participants selected a category and number at the first slide, which directed them to a question.
Poster created for Camp Dennison Civil War Museum. Followed style (type, borders) of existing displays and adopted content from primary source materials. Worked with primary sources to obtain photos. Actual produced size: 20" x 30".
Instructions I developed for recording a PowerPoint presentation in Camtasia. This was somewhat of an alternative to creating PPT audio narration in Brainshark, especially if we wanted to distribute the end product via our LMS instead.
As team leader for our creative department, I played a key role in hiring new staff to this area, incl. writing job descriptions, interviewing, training new hires, & providing annual review feedback. I created this assessment & test to help evaluate candidates along relevant & specific criteria.
This document is a feedback form regarding IT managers' experience with procurement and asset management training and documentation. I also worked with the IT financial management SMEs on the actual training and documentation materials.
This document is a proposed interface design for a e-learning product, including elements, information structure and functionality.
See p.1 of the PDF file for description. NOTE: PDF contains PowerPoint Notes View & animation prompts for the purposes of showing audio script for use in Brainshark. Working version is available upon interview.
This example includes sample courseware screens, followed by project brief (objectives, content outline, storyboard).
See p.1 of PDF for description. [Note to ST: I have a more recent v. of this.]
See p.1 of PDF for description.
Outlook Quick Reference Guide
This guide took verbatim information from the Microsoft Web site and reformatted it consistent with other documentation following the company identity.
I worked with the telecommunications team to edit this content/formatting for consistency, ease of understanding and brand. This was rolled out to the general employee population and especially useful for remote employees who rely heavily on the system's more involved features.
The Softphone is an additional option employees can select in using the company's VOIP system. I worked with the telecommunications team to develop this content and produce it in a brand-standard format.
I developed this document to help support those participating in training and/or communications activities by directing them to our new and consistent corporate standard conferencing tool.
Marketing/External Communications  
(Cengage Learning, 12/20/2012)
I have been designing covers for Cengage Learning since 2000. See page 1 of the attached PDF for more detail.
This company holds several signature client events annually. I did the design and layout for this book and the related communications (emails, event directional and sponsor posters). Note: This document was re-created from another PDF as I don't have the original working file.
Created for company's IPO. Shows brand application, copyediting, photography (header), infographic (Value Chain), photoediting (back) and production skills.
To create this poster, I adopted the identity and elements from the course materials publisher. The poster was created so that local groups could readily customize with their own meeting information. The original and editable files were sent to and adopted by the publisher for wider distribution.