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  Katrina Brown Hunt
Professional/Personal Overview
  I pride myself on work that's equal parts solid, fun and deadline-oriented. Once an editor for NYC-based magazines, I write about travel, business, personal finance and style for a variety of major web sites and magazines. I still think like an editor, though, focusing my pieces on important service while also making them fresh, funny and colorful. I also edit, either by the hour or by the project, helping to reshape and energize pieces as necessary. My online pieces are regularly picked up by Yahoo, CNN, FoxNews.com and MSNBC.com.
Work Info
Social Media 4 Years
Editor 15 Years
Writer 16 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers 7 Years
Personal Finance 9 Years
Travel 14 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
18 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Alaska.org (11+), InStyle.com (11+), MinTime.com (11+), Travel+Leisure.com (11+), WebMD (6-10), Executive Travel magazine (6-10), MSNBC.com (6-10), Brides (3-5), Diversity Woman (3-5)
Other Work History
I was a Senior Editor at SmartMoney magazine (Dow Jones/Hearst) from Mar. 2000 to July 2003, and a contributing editor there after that. Before SmartMoney, I was a Senior Associate Editor, and then Senior Editor, at Travel Holiday magazine (last owned by Hachette, but now defunct). My first job was at The Cable Guide and Total TV magazines, now defunct but once owned by TVSM, Inc.
Computer Skills
Word, Mac OS X, Excel, Power Point
laptop, digital camera
yes, upon request
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near San Diego, CA. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(TravelandLeisure.com, 11/1/2013)
(Travel+Leisure's Carry On Blog, 10/9/2013)
(Travel+Leisure's wes bit, 10/1/2013)
(DIversity Woman, 6/1/2013)
(Mintime.com and FoxNews.com, 4/23/2013)
(MSNBC.com, 7/21/2009)
(TravelandLeisure.com, 7/15/2009)
A fun piece that was picked up by CNN.com and featured as a top story
(MSNBC.com, 5/21/2009)
(msnbc.com, 5/5/2009)
A look at different proposals currently floating to help prevent another 401(k) catastrophe.
writing samples  
(TravelandLeisure.com, 2/21/2008)
Mementos from around the world that deftly walk the line between wacky and wonderful
(TravelandLeisure.com, 1/31/2008)
I wrote about both destinations and travel strategies that will help minimize the impact of the weak dollar on today's overseas travelers.
(TravelandLeisure.com, 1/1/2008)
A round-up of destinations that could help inspire New-Year's-Resolution fulfillment ...
(SmartMoney magazine, 7/18/2005)
Another column I wrote for this running section, this time helping readers choose good (and avoid bad) eye doctors.
(SmartMoney magazine, 10/1/2004)
A running column from SmartMoney magazine, which I used to edit while on staff there, and I wrote a few after I had left to go freelance. This one illustrates the potential pitfalls of hiring an architect but, more important, offers tips on how to have a problem-free experience with one.
(TV Guide, 3/12/2004)
I asked real-world financial planners to help me analyze the validity of advice given on financial-advice shows, then reviewed the shows for sheer watchability.
Contact Info
  Katrina Brown Hunt
Del Mar, CA 

E-Mail: katbhunt@san.rr.com
Website: http://