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  Lauren Price
Professional/Personal Overview
  Excellent credentials: Real Estate, Travel, Luxury. A native New Yorker, I've also resided in Los Angeles, London and Paris.


The WSJ, NY Magazine, NY Times, MSN, Bing, NY Post, NY Observer, NY Sun, Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Agent, Downtown Express, The Villager, East Villager, Chelsea Now, World of Cruising, Porthole, Cruise Critic, Haute Living, Chicago Bride, AAA Going Places, Elliman Magazine, NY Living, Avenue, Manhattan Living, Juli B, Social Affairs, Northstar Media, Onboard Media, CMG, CityRealty.

Travels: Alaska, Africa, Bermuda, British Victoria, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Caribbean, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dubai, Egypt, Finland, France, Galapagos, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Maldives, Maylasia, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Seychelles, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Scotland, Switzerland, Taipei, Turkey, Tanzania,Thailand and Vietnam.

Work Info
Editor 17 Years
Reporter 16 Years
Lifestyle 16 Years
Real Estate 11 Years
Travel 17 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
17 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Luxury Travel Advisor (11+), New York Magazine (11+), New York Post (11+), Haute Living (11+), New York Times (11+), Onboard Media (11+), Premier Hotel & Resorts (11+), Social Affairs (11+), American Airlines (11+), Chelsea Now (11+), Downtown Express (11+), Gay City News (11+), Cruise Critic.Com (11+), World of Cruising (11+), Wall Street Journal (11+), The East Villager (11+), The Villager (11+), Travel & Leisure (11+), Bing.Com (6-10), Tennis Magazine (6-10), MSN.Com (6-10), New York Living (6-10), Luxury Hotelier (3-5), New York Sun (3-5), Ocean Home (3-5), Bon Appetit (3-5), Chicago Bride (3-5), City Scoops (3-5), AAA Going Places (3-5), Cruise Magazine (3-5), Departures (3-5), GrowingWealth Magazine (1-2), Elliman Magazine (1-2), Avenue (1-2), New York Oberserver (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Corcoran Group (11+), Custom Marketing Group/Publicitas (6-10), Intelliguide (6-10), NYC & Company (6-10), W Hotels (6-10), Women in Commercial Real Estate (3-5), DJK Residential (3-5), ArtSmart (1-2), Lewis Partners (1-2)
Other Work History
Director of Marketing: Westin Hotels & Resorts, Sofitel Los Angeles, Doral Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Foreign Language Skills
Some French
On Request
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere.
Work Samples
(NY Observer, 7/22/2015)
Biking Through Taiwan
(New York Times, 3/15/2015)
(New York Observer, 1/14/2015)
(New York Observer, 10/15/2014)
(Downtown Express, 9/25/2014)
(CityRealty/6SQFT, 9/12/2014)
(CityRealty/6SQFT, 9/8/2014)
(Downtown Express, 9/3/2014)
(New York Times, 8/8/2014)
See last entry
(6SQFT/CITY REALTY, 7/31/2014)
(CityRealty/6SQFT, 7/21/2014)
(CityRealty, 7/15/2014)
Just Dual It
(New York Post, 5/8/2014)
(New York Post, 5/8/2014)
(Downtown Express, The Villager, Chelsea Now, Gay City News, 5/7/2014)
(The Villager, Downtown Express, Chelsea Now, Gay City News, 5/7/2014)
(Downtown Express, The Villager, Chelsea Now, Gay City News, 4/16/2014)
Read online beginning with Page 16
Official Super Bowl XLVIII Fan Guide
(New York Times, 1/19/2014)
Inserted into the Sunday Times
(New York Post, 11/14/2013)
(New York Times , 10/1/2013)
Click each box....
(New York Post, 9/15/2013)
(MSN.Com, 6/10/2013)
(World of Cruising, 6/1/2013)
(MSN.Com, 5/15/2013)
(New York Times , 5/15/2013)
London, Johannesburg, Paris, San Francisco and Siem Reap "click on city tabs"
Rental Guide
(New York Post, 5/9/2013)
(New York Magazine, 4/8/2013)
(New York Magazine, 4/1/2013)
Golf & Spa Getaways
(New York Times T Magazine, 9/28/2012)
(Wall Street Journal, 9/27/2012)
Red Hot Rental Market
(Wall Street Journal, 6/17/2012)
(Wall Street Journal OWN Magazine, 6/1/2012)
Sole writer of monthly magazine inserted into the newspaper since 2010
Real Estate Showcases
(New York Magazine, 5/20/2012)
Sole writer of weekly real estate showcase (themed weekly) since 2003
New Brunswick
(New York Times T Magazine, 5/20/2012)
(Wall Street Journal OWN Magazine, 5/1/2012)
Look Out Below
(Wall Street Journal, 3/15/2012)
(Corcoran Group, 3/15/2012)
Real estate booklet inserted into the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, NY Daily News, etc.
Taiwan Adventures
(New York Times T Magazine, 9/25/2011)
Golf & Spa Vacations
(New York Times T Magazine, 9/25/2011)
(MSN.Com, 9/15/2011)
(MSN, 8/26/2011)
(MSN, 4/11/2011)
Follow Your Heart
(New York Times T Magazine, 3/20/2011)
Virginia tourism
(MSN, 3/18/2011)
Parks & Recreation
(OWN Magazine/Wall Street Journal, 3/17/2011)
(World of Cruising, 1/1/2011)
Sea Life
(Ocean Home, 11/1/2010)
(World of Cruising, 10/1/2010)
Review: Azamara Quest
Golf & Spa Getaways
(New York Times T Magazine, 9/26/2010)
Lasting Impressions
(OWN Magazine/Wall Street Journal, 5/22/2010)
110 Ways to Experience New Brunswick, Canada
(New York Times Sunday Magazine, 5/9/2010)
View Points
(OWN Magazine/Wall Street Journal, 4/20/2010)
Spa Retreats
(New York Times T Magazine, 3/28/2010)
Travel Issue
Looking Up
(OWN Magazine/Wall Street Journal, 2/15/2010)
Sole Writer for New Monthly Real Estate Magazine through 2010
PlayGround to the Stars
(Explore!, 1/15/2010)
In-Cabin Magazine for Royal Caribbean Cruises
Real Estate Showcase
(New York Magazine, 1/1/2010)
Writier Since Weekly Inception in 2004
Playground to the Stars
(Destination, 1/1/2010)
In-Cabin Magazine for Celebrity Cruises
Tomb's Day
(World of Cruising, 1/1/2010)
Visiting ancient ruins in Turkey, Egypt and Italy
Asia Major
(New York TImes T Magazine e, 11/22/2009)
Down Mexico Way
(New York TImes T Magazine e, 9/27/2009)
PDF coming soon.
(World of Cruising, 6/1/2009)
Page 17
(Wall Street Journal, 4/4/2009)
Caribbean Travel
(Wall Street Journal, 4/1/2009)
(The Corcoran Group, 2/15/2009)
(The Corcoran Group, 2/1/2009)
(New York Observer, 1/14/2009)
Real Estate Showcase
(New York Magazine, 12/15/2008)
Appears weekly. Author of 36 of 46 issues each year since 2004
(Luxury Hotelier, 11/20/2008)
Destination Asia
(New York Times T Magazine, 11/16/2008)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 11/15/2008)
Page 16
Women in the Workplace
(New York Times-Business Section, 10/28/2008)
Women in Commercial Real Estate
(New York Times-Business Section, 10/17/2008)
(New York Times T Magazine, 9/21/2008)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 9/15/2008)
(City Scoops, 8/15/2008)
Brooklyn Lifestyles
(New York Sun, 6/26/2008)
(Travel Agent Magazine, 5/31/2008)
Living & Working in Jersey City
(New York Sun, 5/15/2008)
(Luxury Hotelier, 4/15/2008)
Cover story on Dubai's CEO Chris O'Donnell-Nakheel
(Travel Agent Magazine, 4/1/2008)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 4/1/2008)
(Travel Agent Magazine, 3/31/2008)
(Travel Agent Magazine, 3/31/2008)
Page 140 [Issue also includes my features on three other hotels: Hotel Gansevort, Hotel London and the Park Hyatt Washington.]
Down By The Riverside
(New York Sun, 3/27/2008)
Living in Long Island City
(Travel Agent Magazine, 3/21/2008)
Global Business Travel
(Wall Street Journal, 3/11/2008)
National Edition
New York & Florida Real Estate
(Wall Street Journal, 2/9/2008)
(Growing Wealth, 1/1/2008)
Page 58
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 1/1/2008)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 1/1/2008)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 12/2/2007)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 12/1/2007)
(Travel Agent, 11/27/2007)
(Luxury Hotelier, 11/15/2007)
(Travel Agent, 10/29/2007)
Residential Real Estate in New York City
(Wall Street Journal, 10/13/2007)
Excerpt: What are the new hot neighborhoods? Will 2008 be one for the record books? Some of REBNY's members-among the most successful brokers and developers in the city-talk about where they are setting their sights for the coming year. Considered the fastest-growing neighborhood for new deve
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 10/1/2007)
(Travel Agent, 10/1/2007)
Page 76
(Luxury Hotelier, 9/15/2007)
Lanesborough Hotel, Page 32
(City Scoops, 9/1/2007)
(Social Affairs, 8/15/2007)
Page 106
(Social Affairs, 8/15/2007)
Page 102
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 8/1/2007)
Page 24
(World of Cruising, 7/1/2007)
Page 16
(Social Affairs, 6/1/2007)
Page 118
(Social Affairs, 6/1/2007)
Page 76
(Social Affairs, 6/1/2007)
Page 48
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 4/15/2007)
Page 50: Prestigous travel trade publication
(Social Affairs, 4/1/2007)
Page 62 Cover Story: Diane Neal of Law & Order: SVU
(Social Affairs, 4/1/2007)
Page 50 Elizabeth Stribling Profile
(Social Affairs, 4/1/2007)
Page 126 Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts' Gresham Palace in Budapest and Punta Mita in Mexico
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 3/1/2007)
The most prestigous travel trade publication, worldwide.
(New York Post, 2/22/2007)
(City Scoops, 2/15/2007)
Trump Cover Story
(New York Magazine, 2/5/2007)
The Donalds
(City Scoops, 2/1/2007)
Trump Sr. & Trump Jr. on Family and Future Projects
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 12/1/2006)
Page 46
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 12/1/2006)
Page 16
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 12/1/2006)
(Going Places, 12/1/2006)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 10/15/2006)
(Haute Living, 10/15/2006)
(Haute Living, 10/15/2006)
(Haute Living, 9/15/2006)
(AAA Going Places, 9/1/2006)
(Haute Living, 7/15/2006)
Trump in Dubai
(Haute Living, 7/15/2006)
(New York Post, 6/22/2006)
(New York Post, 6/15/2006)
It's showtime Earvin "Magic" Johnson is all over the place with all kinds of projects. The former hoopster, who's one of the developers of Fort Greene's One Hanson Place (the old Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building - where The Post reported Wednesday, a penthouse condo is going for $3 million) an
(New York Post, 6/14/2006)
(Haute Living, 5/15/2006)
(Haute Living, 5/15/2006)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 5/1/2006)
(Travel Agent Magazine, 4/17/2006)
Page 16
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 4/15/2006)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 4/15/2006)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 4/15/2006)
(World of Cruising, 4/1/2006)
(New York Post, 3/25/2006)
(Haute Living, 3/15/2006)
(AAA Going Places, 3/1/2006)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 2/15/2006)
(New York Times, 1/8/2006)
(Manhattan Living, 1/1/2006)
(Cruise Magazine, 11/2/2005)
(New York Post, 10/22/2005)
(New York Post, 10/19/2005)
(New York Times, 10/16/2005)
(New York Post, 10/8/2005)
Two Page Spread, pages 37-38
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 10/1/2005)
(Manhattan Living, 10/1/2005)
"Very good. Just the right tone for the pet-hardythe piece was adorable," said Managing Editor Phyllis Stingler. "Yours is the best piece in the October issue."
(New York Times, 9/18/2005)
Designer Buildings
(Avenue, 9/1/2005)
(Manhattan Living, 9/1/2005)
New York's Hottest Architects
(Avenue, 9/1/2005)
(Cruise Magazine, 9/1/2005)
La Samanna in St. Maarten
(Cruise Magazine, 9/1/2005)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 7/1/2005)
Ruthanne Terraro, Editor-in-Chief says "Lauren, very nice job, as always, thanks"! Page 37
(New York Living, 7/1/2005)
PDF by request
(Manhattan Living, 7/1/2005)
(Premier Hotels & Resorts, 6/15/2005)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 6/15/2005)
Page 38
(New York Magazine, 6/6/2005)
(Trip Advisor/Cruise Critic, 5/1/2005)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 5/1/2005)
Lindsay Lambert, Associate Managing Editors says, "Ruthanne Terraro (Editor-in-Chief) really raves about your work. We're glad to have you!" Page 26
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 5/1/2005)
Page 28
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 5/1/2005)
Page 42
(Trip Advisr/Cruise Critic, 4/15/2005)
(Intelliguide, 4/1/2005)
Cornelia W. Barr, Senior Editor, says, "You've worked your magic once again!
(Cruise Critic, 3/15/2005)
(Luxury Travel Advisor, 3/10/2005)
(Intelligude, 3/1/2005)
(Chicago Bride, 1/15/2005)
(New York Magazine, 11/29/2004)
(Chicago Bride, 9/15/2004)
(World of Cruising, 9/1/2004)
(JuliB.com, 8/31/2004)
(JuliB.Com, 8/19/2004)
(Intelliguide/North Star Electronic Media, 8/15/2004)
Cornelia W. Barr, Senior Editor, says, "You have done a great job with it--I think you've really tuned into our style, my dear. Did just what we needed..."
(American Eagle/ Latitudes, 8/2/2004)
(Chicago Bride, 6/15/2004)
(Chicago Bride, 6/1/2004)
(JuliB.Com, 5/15/2004)
(Trip Advisor/Cruise Critic, 5/12/2004)
Carolyn Brown, Editor says, "Reading it now, loving it"!
Mother's Day
(New York Magazine, 5/3/2004)
Special Advertising Section
(American Eagle/Latitudes, 5/1/2004)
(Trip Advisor/Cruise Critic, 3/1/2004)
Carolyn Brown, Editor, says, "Hi, Lauren. Just have to say -- have finally had a quiet minute to read through Athens -- and I've been there -- and you did an awesome job. Just awesome"...
(Juli B.Com, 2/27/2004)
(Intelliguide/Northstar Travel Media, 2/1/2004)
Cornelia Wright Barr, Senior Editor, says..."What a great job! Your access of new information was great, your bead on the neighborhoods and new trends terrific, and your tone pulled this report out of the triteness quagmire that so many of them can sink into. I am overwhelmed by the amount of work y
Hot Hotels 2004
(New York Magazine, 12/22/2003)
Special Advertising Section
(Trip Advisor/Cruise Critic, 11/17/2003)
Carolyn Brown, Editor, says" ...Loved it. Fantastic, thanks. As always! Really great job, though. Just made me smile"...
(Trip Advisor/Cruise Critic, 10/6/2003)
Carolyn Brown, Editor says, "I LOVE IT. Some wonderful observations, tips, etc. and I love your "voice". You did a great job with the details..."
City Weddings & Honeymoons
(New York Magazine, 9/28/2003)
Special Advertising Section
(juli b. com, 9/4/2003)
Rodney Strong Wines
(Bon Appetit, 9/1/2003)
Special Advertising Section
(juli b.com, 8/28/2003)
Juli B, Publisher says, "Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much" ...
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guide
(New York Magazine, 6/23/2003)
Lana Bortolot, Editor, say: Baldwin Formals says it's the best we've ever written about him..."
(Tennis Magazine, 6/1/2003)
Grill Seekers
(Travel + Leisure, 6/1/2003)
Special Advertising Section
Spring Getaways/Get A Room
(New York Magazine, 4/7/2003)
Lana Bortolot, Editor, says, "Great job! I want to write for all my travel sections"...
Restaurants and Bars Guide
(New York Magazine, 3/31/2003)
(US Airways/Attache, 1/1/2003)
Erich Berger says, "Great job.
(American Eagle/Latitudes, 11/1/2002)
(American Eagle/Latitudes, 11/1/2002)
(American Eagle/Latitudes, 5/1/2002)
Sara Munoz, Editor, says "Excellent. Love it!'
(American Eagle/Latitudes, 5/1/2002)
"Great job," said Editor Sarah Munoz.
Ina Pinkney: Chicago's Reigning Queen of Breakfast
(Sun Country Airlines/Soleil, 4/1/2002)
Jenny Bronson, Editor, says, "Just wonderful. I love it"...
Selected Shorts/Symphony Space
(Ladies Home Journal, 3/1/2002)
New York
(Departures, 10/1/2001)
Special Section
London: Eschew the Ordinary
(Departures, 4/1/2001)
Special Advertising Section
(New York Times Sunday Magazine, 3/1/2001)
Special Advertising Section
(New York Magazine, 3/1/2000)
Celebrating the Millennium, British-Style
(New Yorker, 3/29/1999)
Special Advertising Section
Women in the Workplace
(New York Times-Business Section, 10/28/1998)
New York Select
(Travel + Leisure, 3/1/1998)
Special Advertising Section
New York Select
(Travel + Leisure, 3/1/1997)
Special Section
Biking Through Taiwan
(New York Times, 3/15/1915)