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  Lara Kristin Herndon
Professional/Personal Overview
  My byline has appeared in O, the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Wired, Metropolis, and other national magazines. From front-of-book shorts to interviews and features, I've mastered many formats and have reported on topics ranging from boxing to baby bottles to battle cries.
Work Info
Copy Editor 10 Years
Reporter 10 Years
Writer 18 Years
Entrepreneurship 3 Years
Lifestyle 5 Years
Arts & Humanities 18 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
18 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Metropolis (3-5), O, the Oprah Magazine (3-5), Entrepreneur (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Acura Style (1-2), Think Magazine (1-2)
Other Work History
Grant Writer for various non-profit organizations, both as a full-time staffer and as a freelancer
Computer Skills
All Microsoft Office applications, Windows and Mac Operating Systems (OSX, Windows XP), HTML.
MacBook Pro 15" laptop; iPhone; Sony digital camera; digital audio recorder; Canon Pixma Pro Printer, Canon ScanPro Scanner
Foreign Language Skills
Speak and read French. Read basic Italian.
Available upon request.
Panelist, "Pan-Regionalism: Building the Infrastructure for Contemporary Art Criticism from Coast to Coast," College Art Association Annual Conference, February 2005
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Metropolis Magazine, 6/1/2013)
The chair that reframed the conversation about sustainable furniture design gets a reboot for its tenth birthday.
(O, the Oprah Magazine, 6/1/2013)
When life gave me lemons... I made margaritas!
(Metropolis Magazine, 5/7/2013)
A guide to New York Design Week.
(Entrepreneur, 5/1/2013)
How color forecasting, trend reports, and expert advice can help you make the right color decisions for your business.
(Metropolis Magazine, 4/9/2013)
Eight projects that leverage smart systems and materials to create compound efficiencies and lower environmental impact.
(Metropolis Magazine, 3/7/2013)
Jeffrey Bernett talks about the Landscape Chair.
(Metropolis Magazine, 1/10/2013)
Jamie Gray, curator and mastermind behind the New York design shop Matter, talks about his aesthetic and what it's like to be a design patron.
(Entrepreneur, 11/20/2012)
A look at three entrepreneurs who had to change their product packaging when their brands took off, and tips from the experts about how to avoid the pitfalls of a redesign.
(Metropolis Magazine, 9/12/2012)
Lasvit is a Czech-based company that brings the romance of Bohemian glass up to date with dazzling bespoke installations of glass, crystal and lighting.
(Metropolis Magazine, 7/20/2012)
A round-up of design school projects with real-world potential.
(Metropolis Magazine, 6/18/2012)
A Kansas City-based design firm makes a specialty of re-uniting communities that highways have put asunder.
(Metropolis Magazine, 5/11/2012)
A quick and dirty guide to help you navigate Design Week madness.
(O, the Oprah Magazine, 5/1/2012)
A profile of Deborah Flanagan, who left a demanding career fundraising for non-profits to become a Reiki Master and holistic healer.
(Metropolis Magazine, 1/25/2012)
Rob Kalin is an advocate for the makers of this world.
(Metropolis Magazine, 1/25/2012)
Ruth Finkelstein advocates for a better urban experience for seniors.
(Metropolis Magazine, 11/1/2011)
Luxe dressing rooms, pop-up shops and secret stores are just some of the trends I researched for Metropolis's retail trend round-up.
(Metropolis Magazine, 11/1/2011)
At The Leonardo in Salt Lake City, a new permanent installation showcases the limitless possibilities of parametric design.
(Metropolis Magazine, 10/20/2010)
SunRun and other companies that offer consumers the option to lease solar panels.
(Metropolis Magazine, 11/18/2009)
After acquiring the iconic Edward Fields carpet brand, Tai Ping does justice to its legacy.
(Wired Magazine, 7/21/2008)
The ten best battle cries from history, fiction, and the virtual world.
(Art Papers, 3/1/2008)
An interview with the artist Robert Walden.
(Metropolis Magazine, 3/1/2008)
Profile of Mira Nakashima-Yarnall, daughter of legendary craftsman George Nakashima, keeper of his legacy, and a talented designer and craftswoman in her own right.
(Metropolis Magazine, 2/1/2008)
St. Philip's Academy in downtown Newark, NJ uses green design to turn a converted chocolate factory into a beacon of hope for inner-city kids.
(Metropolis Magazine, 12/1/2007)
Dan Harden of Whipsaw, Inc. talks about the new baby bottle he designed for Adiri.
(Metropolis Magazine, 10/1/2006)
An interview with legendary art director George Lois about his new book, "Ali Rap," and his longtime friendship with boxing great Muhammad Ali.
(Metropolis Magazine, 5/16/2006)
German engineer and visionary sailor Stephan Wrage hopes to change the face of overseas shipping with his kite-based wind propulsion system.
(Metropolis Magazine, 12/1/2005)
Modular housing from Sweden enters the English-speaking world.
(Metropolis Magazine, 5/16/2005)
Janet Echelman's public sculpture revitalizes an urban waterfront.
(Metropolis Magazine, 2/15/2005)
Members of the band Double Dagger are graphic designers by day, poets of the profession by night.
Book Reviews  
(Stop Smiling Online, 9/4/2008)
A review of Paula Uruburu's account of Evelyn Nesbit's fame, affair with Stanford White, and involvement with White's murderer, Harry K. Thaw.
(Stop Smiling Online, 6/23/2008)
A review of Jhumpa Lahiri's "Unaccustomed Earth."
(Stop Smiling, 1/18/2007)
Review of Pamela Jill Kachurin's book about Soviet Textiles.
(Stop Smiling, 10/12/2006)
Review of Samantha King's "Pink Ribbons, Inc."
(Stop Smiling, 9/6/2006)
Review of "Conversations with Mr. Prain," by Joan Taylor.
(Stop Smiling, 7/13/2006)
Review of "The Space Between Us," by Thrity Umrigar.
(Stop Smiling, 5/10/2006)
Review of Jed Perl's "New Art City: Manhattan at Mid-Century."
(Stop Smiling, 3/30/2006)
Review of "The Pagoda in the Garden" by Wendy Lesser.
(Stop Smiling, 3/9/2006)
Review of "DeKooning's Bicycle: Artists and Writers in the Hamptons" by Robert Long
(Stop Smiling, 2/16/2006)
A double review of "Alexander the Great: Journey to the End of the Earth," by Norman F. Cantor, and "Caravaggio: Painter of Miracles," by Francine Prose
(Stop Smiling, 12/22/2005)
Review of Charles Burns's graphic novel "Black Hole."
(Stop Smiling, 12/1/2005)
Review of a novel by Marlon James
(Stop Smiling, 9/22/2005)
Review of David Plotz's "The Genius Factory: The Curious History of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank."
(Stop Smiling, 8/25/2005)
Review of Steven Biel's "American Gothic: A Life of America's Most Famous Painting."
(Stop Smiling, 10/25/2004)
Double review of two equally ridiculous marital-advice books: Dr. Laura's "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands" and Regena Thomashauer's "Mama Gena's Marriage Manual."
(Stop Smiling, 9/27/2004)
Review of Roger Kimball's "The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art."
Contact Info
  Lara Kristin Herndon
New York, NY 10024

Tel: 917-518-1136  
E-Mail: kris_herndon@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.mediabistro.com/larakristinlentini