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  Jenny Jedeikin
Professional/Personal Overview
  Currently writing lifestyle & industry pieces for magazines and corporate clients–LinkedIn and U of Phoenix–and handling social media for a non-profit, I revel in spinning complex ideas about education, climate, careers and tech into engaging stories. From penning an original pop-quiz to writing an infographic celebrating our nation's parks, I deliver out-of-the-box, thought provoking content that you won’t find elsewhere. Experienced in SEO best practices, incl. keywords, metatags, titletags, and the like, two of my pieces won Marcom gold awards in 2013, and I received a Platinum Hermes Creative Award in 2014. I am writing video scripts for McGuire real estate and managing an environmental app. I can pull stories out of anyone with a mouth, and have interviewed celebrities like Chris Rock for Rolling Stone, but can also write a stunning profile of your CEO. I’m comfortable researching news topic & will happily deliver concise inspired prose way ahead of deadline. Try me.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 16 Years
Reporter 25 Years
Writer 25 Years
Education 20 Years
Environment & Nature 18 Years
Lifestyle 24 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
26 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Phoenix Forward Online Magazine (11+), Air America Radio - Ecotalk (11+), San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Magazine (6-10), Phoenix Focus Magazine (3-5), American Airlines In-flight magazine (3-5), Current TV (3-5), Kiwi Magazine (3-5), North Bay Bohemian (3-5), Oh Comely Magazine (1-2), Parent Guide (1-2), Narrative.ly (1-2), Dot429 (1-2), Geez Magazine (1-2), Sustainable Industries Journal (1-2), The Advocate (1-2), Whole LIfe Times (1-2), The Bold Italic (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
A Hundred Monkeys (11+), Act Now Productions (11+), Cool The Earth (11+), Linked In Talent Solutions (11+), McGuire Real Estate (11+), Medallion Media (11+), iCohere Technology (11+), Prosight Specialty Insurance (11+), Saatchi & Saatchi S (11+), Salesforce.com Blog (11+), The Apollo Group (11+), Today's Home Magazine (11+), Walmart World (6-10), Coldwell Banker (3-5), Parent Guide (1-2)
Other Work History
Currently I am freelancing for Salesforce.com as a contracted brand journalist, as well as writing for University of Phoenix marketing publications. In the past I worked on the editorial staff at Rolling Stone magazine; I was also a segment producer on MTV's Jon Stewart Show, his first talk show on television..
Computer Skills
word, twitter, HTML, Facebook, salesforce, excel, wordpress
Technical Skills
wordpress blogging
laptop, audio recorder, transcriber, phone audio recorder, digital camera and video.
Carleen Cullen, Executive Director, Cool the Earth
Louis Venezia, Creative Director, The Group
Abby Wasserman, President, O'Hanlon Center for the Arts
Debbie Friedman, Producer, Ecotalk, Air America Radio
Betsy Rosenberg, Host, KCBS and Air America's Ecotalk
Danny Altman, Creative Director, A Hundred Monkeys
Platinum Award from Hermes for content writing, 2014
Gold Award for Magazine Writing from Marketing Communications, 2013

I have an English Degree with honors from U.C. Berkeley. I have appeared on comedy central performing original comedy material. I am very prompt and always deliver ahead of my deadline. I have a wealth of experience writing everything under the sun including press releases and federal grants.
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near San Francisco, CA. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Phoenix Focus, 6/8/2015)
A quiz that measures whether the reader has the required grit to succeed.
(LinkedIn's Talent Solutions Blog, 5/4/2015)
When Josiah Humphrey, co-founder and co-CEO of Appster, started growing his Australian-based app development startup, he and co-founder Mark McDonald began by trusting their gut. But those instincts didn't work out so well, he confesses.
(The Bold Italic - Gannet, 4/18/2014)
Personal essay about my freelance position blogging for Salesforce.com.
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 6/3/2013)
Feature article which covers the entire process from invention to market for the budding inventor.
Social Media and Technology  
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 5/1/2014)
You don't need to master every platform in order to excel at social media. Here's an essential guide to what you really need to know in order to gain a successful following for your small business, your career or in your community.
(Salesforce.com Blog, 6/13/2013)
The CEO of Cake Boss talks about using social media to drive his business.
(Salesforce.com Blog, 6/3/2013)
At the unveiling of the social media command center at Salesforce headquarters in San Francisco I spoke to four executives about social media listening and how it has changed the nature of their business.
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 4/15/2011)
Cover story on the new frontier of renewable energy; from solar to wind to hyrdo power.
(Cool the Earth, 11/1/2008)
I wrote the majority of the web copy for this environmental school-based non-profit, which includes "climate change 101" a primer about global warming, a complete history of the company as well as many other details about this global warming awareness program running in over 150 schools and youth gr
(HGTV.com, 3/1/2007)
A 1,500 word piece which offers essential information for decorating and furnishing your home in an environmentally sustainable manner.
(San Francisco Chronicle, 5/1/2006)
This is a scientifically researched op-ed about the Politics of Lyme Disease.
(The Cable Guide)
Halle Berry talks about her role portraying actress Dorothy Dandridge in the HBO biopic.
(The Cable Guide)
Text accompanying PDF of "Just for Laffs" article.
(The Cable Guide)
Profile of former member of the "Band" to coincide with Television documentary.
(In Style)
Profile of actress Melissa Joan Hart
(The Cable Guide)
Humor Piece about O.J. Simpson
(The Pacific Sun, 12/6/2005)
(The Pacific Sun, 12/1/2005)
A guide to Children's Books to buy for the holiday season.
Personal Essays  
(Dot429 Magazine, 10/12/2014)
Personal essay about the death of my girlfriend's ex.
(Whole Life Magazine, 2/1/2013)
This is a personal essay I wrote for Whole Life Magazine, featuring a bit of back story about my ancestry and present circumstances.
(Curve Magazine, 1/18/2010)
Personal Essay in Curve Magazine about how I broke up with my ex during a period in which she was becoming attached to a miniature bull terrier.
(The Advocate, 10/23/2007)
A personal essay about my ex-partner and how our google search histories linked together.
(SF Chronicle Magazine, 5/6/2007)
(North Bay Bohemian, 8/16/2006)
A personal essay about my Mother's morphine overdose and subsequent recovery while living with ALS.
(San Francisco Chronicle, 1/18/2005)
A Mother's Unconventional Life Inspires those around her.
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 4/15/2012)
Take this quiz and find out what "Motivation type" you are. By discovering what motivates you and makes you work harder, you can realize your greatest potential. Who knows what amazing things you can achieve?
Press Releases  
(Cool the Earth, 4/15/2011)
(Cool the Earth and The Clmate Project, 4/23/2009)
The Climate Project, an international non-profit founded by Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore, is announcing its partnership in an educational outreach venture with Cool The Earth, an organization that inspires children grades K-8 and their families to take simple actions at home to l
(Rolling Stone)
This is a sample of the column I wrote for Rolling Stone.
General Interest  
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 4/27/2012)
This is an article that celebrates the enduring american spirit: If you are American, chances are the mythology of our country is deeply etched in your soul. From the stories of our forefathers who abandoned England, seeking religious freedom, to the creation of the free world, offering democracy an
(Phoenix Focus Magazine, 9/11/2011)
Three University of Phoenix Alumni recall how September 11, changed their lives.
Contact Info
  Jenny Jedeikin
San Francisco, CA 94904

Tel: 415 572-1633  
E-Mail: jennyjedeikin@hotmail.com
Website: http://jennyjedeikin.com/