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  Chris Rodell
Professional/Personal Overview
  Offbeat humorist, author, essayist and feature writer, Chris Rodell is among the world's most widely read freelance writers and the only one who's had simultaneous articles published in Men's Health, Cooking Light, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Golf, Playboy, National Enquirer and the South China Morning Post, a combined readership in excess of 97 million earthlings.

He is the author of the self-help humor book, "Use All The Crayons! The Colorful Guide to Simple Human Happiness," with endorsing foreword by golf legend Arnold Palmer.

Pittsburgh Magazine selected his humor blog, www.EightDaysToAmish.com as one of the top five blogs of the 'burgh.

He's written for msnbc.com, Sports Illustrated, Details, People, Kingdom Magazine; travel stories and essays have appeared in major newspapers including Dallas Morning News, Miami Herald, Chicago Tribune, London Independent and more than two dozen others top prints.
Work Info
Copywriter 5 Years
Writer 25 Years
Book Author 15 Years
Humor 20 Years
Sports & Recreation 20 Years
Travel 20 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
25 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Men's Health (11+), MSNBC.com (11+), Cooking Light (3-5)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
www.arnoldpalmer.com (11+), www.kivadunes.com (1-2)
MacBook Pro, notepad, one sharp pencil
Arnold Palmer
Adj. prof., Point Park University
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near Pittsburgh, PA. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(msnbc.com, 12/9/2011)
The Jimmy Stewart Museum in Indiana, Pennsylvania, needs a George Bailey miracle. Rodell explains why.
(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/11/2011)
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published my essay about how corporate branding is a blight on the city's magnificent skyline.
(msnbc.com, 7/2/2011)
National Nude Recreation Week kicks off with a metaphorical bang on July 4. Americans are encouraged to get out out, doff the duds and enjoy what industry types call a "nakation."
(msnbc.com, 6/14/2011)
Being Miss America wasn't enough for lovely Teresa Scanlan. She won't be satisfied until she's crowned Miss Duct Tape at the annual Duct Tape Festival in Avon, Ohio.
(msnbc.com, 3/18/2011)
Psst . . . Las Vegas has a dirty little secret. It has churches. Lots of them. And every Sunday they are filled with people for whom praying over really big stakes has a vastly different meaning than a good roll of the dice.
(msnbc.com, 2/27/2011)
"You'll Love Our Sense of Yuma!" "Keep Austin Weird!" and "Where Trout Leap in the Streets!" are just a few of the great city slogans Rodell found for msnbc.com
(msnbc.com, 2/11/2011)
An offbeat look at the cities that every winter arise on ice at Mille Lacs, Minnesota
(www.EightDaysToAmish.com, 1/18/2011)
An examination of the four-century old sexual practice called palang. It involves attaching tiny little bells to what Chuck Berry used to call his "ding-a-ling."
(msnbc.com, 11/23/2010)
A humorous slant on the TSA pat-down furor where Rodell sought the opinions of people named Pat Downs.
(www.EightDaysToAmish.com, 9/22/2010)
Written in 30 minutes, this recent blog post fearlessly gives the answer to nearly every difficult question -- from the death penalty to Christine O'Donnell -- and does it with just one word each.
(Outside's Go, 7/21/2009)
In George Gruhn's Legendary Nashville Guitar Store, the celebrities have names like Fender and Gibson
(www.Redroom.com, 5/20/2009)
I don't presume to know what God's like, but we can all hope He's a lot like Bruce Springsteen
Contact Info
  Chris Rodell
874 Solomon Temple Rd.
Latrobe, PA 15650

Tel: 724 961-2558  
E-Mail: storyteller@chrisrodell.com
Website: http://www.useallthecrayons.com