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  Elaine G. Flores
Professional/Personal Overview
  Click to edit summaryI worked my way up from delivering the mail at a newspaper to writing, editing and blogging for national publications, and starting my own businesses: Geeky Splendor and TV Recappers' Delight. By letting fun, passion and bon vivant leanings be my guide, my assignments have included standing on the red carpet, riding in star-studded parades, visiting castles and sipping afternoon tea in London.
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 10 Years
Editor 14 Years
Writer 25 Years
Entertainment 25 Years
Lifestyle 25 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
25 Years
Other Work History
Chief Editor TVRecappersDelight.com
Owner, Geeky Splendor Editorial Services
Moguldom Media Group, Senior Editor
Soap Opera Digest,Style Writer & Editor
Pixie, Contributing Editor
Personal Journey, Contributing Editor
Spirit Guide, Contributing Editor
Gannett Suburban Newspaper, Reporter
Freelancer Availability
I freelance full-time. I live near New York, NY.
Work Samples
(TV Recappers Delight, 12/12/2014)
It's only been two weeks, but I'm lounging on a deck chair aboard the SS Girlfriend. I'm sipping a fruity drink and I think I can hear the steel drums. The sudsy show has all kinds of teachable moments. Here are some of the ones I took from the most recent one I watched.
(TV Recappers Delight, 11/27/2014)
Hey there, are you late to the HTGAWM party? There's a lot of back and forth on the show, so here's how to get with the program. (See what we did there?)
(Sterling Silver Tours, 9/4/2013)
Heather Pickering attempts to teach Downton Abbey fans from across the U.S., France, Italy and Egypt how to emulate members of British society.
(High End Weekly, 2/26/2013)
Don't you just swoon over "Downton Abbey" on Sunday nights? I certainly do. In these Big Gulp, plastic days, it's wonderful to imagine a world so passionate about style and indulgence.
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 4/6/2012)
By day you'll find Rodrigo Ducati working in the lab of Dr. Vern Schramm conducting research on malaria. By night, however, you might find the postdoctoral fellow on a dance floor. Earlier this year, he and his wife, Tathyana Franco, began leading samba classes as part of the Einstein Dance Club.
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 2/1/2012)
Whether it's tutoring students in an academic achievement program, acting as a church youth leader or serving as a volunteer with the minority outreach program Mentoring in Medicine, making a difference is a recurring theme for Utibe Essien, who is in his third year at Einstein.
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 10/24/2011)
Within days of the catastrophic 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti in January 2010, Dr. Mitchell Schwaber, a major in the Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps reserves, visited the impoverished and devastated country as part of an IDF team sent to set up a field hospital to aid the disaster's victims.
(Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 9/23/2011)
Einstein's newest crop of students — the class of 2015 — recently undertook a rite of passage marking their entry into the medical profession, at the annual "On Becoming a Physician" ceremony.
(A Band of Wives, 7/14/2010)
Every great woman's tale -- be it fact or fiction -- features a heroine navigating her way around a series of obstacles and then triumphing over them again and again. If you never do that, you'll never be a great woman.
(A Band Of Wives, 6/29/2010)
I overheard a conversation between two women on a train. One of the women was going on and on and on (and on and on and on) about a list of grievances:.... This chick was like the BP of drama.
(Madame Noire, 6/29/2010)
Since we're talking about one of my favorite things -- shoes on Madame Noire today. That got me thinking about one of my other favorite things in life -- men. And it makes me wonder how come so many women are so much smarter about picking the former.
(Madame Noire, 6/26/2010)
Looking to change up your look with a little old school glamour? Here are some tips for achieving that vintage beauty. It looks like a lot of work, but retro bombshell beauty is all about a certain confident simplicity. To get this look, you have to ignore extreme and fussy styles, fads and trend
(Madame Noire, 6/25/2010)
Are you in everybody's business and are they all up in yours? Can you name three friends who you are no longer on speaking terms with because of some perceived diss? Do you have to wear waterproof mascara all year long because you just never know when you are going to burst into tears?
(Madame Noire, 6/24/2010)
Ah, to be reclining on a beach chair right now with steel drums playing in the background and well-oiled cabana boys fetching us drinks.
(Madame Noire, 6/22/2010)
Gourmet food, fine wine and an elegant atmosphere Madames are made for dining out. But if you're on a tight budget, you might think you have to abandon little luxuries like an outing to a chichi restaurant. Not so.
(Madame Noire, 6/22/2010)
I'm going to say something: I'm really over the whole "My man is my best friend" thing. I bring this up because I was vexed on Saturday when I went in to get my nails did and had to wait around for some whipped husband who was hogging up the pedicure chair....
(Madame Noire, 5/24/2010)
Any city known for fashion, food and flirting is for Sisters, right? But what if we've got big dreams and a (Quelle Horreur!) small bank account? Even pricey Paris can be enjoyed on a budget.
(Bossip, 4/29/2010)
Oprah Winfrey got Naomi Campbell to agree to sign a "No Phone Throwing Zone" pledge. We notice there is all kinds of wiggle room in that agreement. Naomi said she wouldn't throw the phone, that is not to say she won't take her CrackBerry, grab you by the hair and beat you bloody with it. Be prepare
(ABCDLady, 2/1/2010)
Could there be a link between a blemish on your face and your earning power? Manisha Thakor, a personal finance expert, says that may be the case, and she's on a mission to help women build confidence on both fronts.
(FoxNews.com, 3/9/2009)
Recession Chic: 10 Amazing Under-$30 Spring Fashion Finds You could slap down a couple Benjamins and get all 10 items in our Top 10 Spring Recessionista Fashion List, and still have enough money left for a skim latte.
(Soap Opera Digest, 5/28/2008)
It's so uncomfortable watching that Sofie snivel and grovel and beg the man who just told her to get lost to "make love to me one more time." I mean, who does that?
(Soap Opera Digest, 2/5/2008)
When I look at Debbi, I just see a lovely, natural-looking face, which hasn't been sliced, diced, folded, spindled and mutilated into something frightening. I don't think you can get what she has from a doctor's office. (That said, if you can, sign me up!)
(Soap Opera Digest, 1/11/2008)
Harley's panic attacks are being "treated" by former thief Cyrus, whose therapy could have gotten her killed by a snake, which he wrongly assumed was a just hallucination a couple of weeks ago
(ABCDLady, 1/7/2008)
One of Hollywood's rising stars is Kal Penn, the 30-year-old New Jersey native who has captured attention for the hit stoner comedy, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
(ABCDLady.com, 12/3/2007)
If you have only a few minutes to interview a lightning bolt like director/writer/producer Mira Nair, where do you start? I thought the best place would be to ask the press junket question she never wants to answer again.
(Soap Opera Digest, 10/11/2007)
I love it when soaps take the time to get to know their subjects. Y&R's Heather and Colleen discovered they are both former New Yorkers and bonded over Big Apple culinary delights, citing Gray's Papaya as the best hot dog. (And it sure is, especially after a long night on the town.)
(St. Louis American, 7/6/2005)
Niecy Nash was born in L.A., but it was in St. Louis where she decided on a showbiz career. Nash moved here as a baby.
(ABCDLady, 6/6/2005)
For thousands of New Yorkers, Bhairavi Desai is a reluctant star In more than a decade of journalism, never have I found an interview as hard to get as this one. I
(iVillage, 4/25/2005)
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy star Zooey Deschanel contemplates moving into a new sphere.
(ABCDLady, 2/7/2005)
Bride & Prejudice Movie Review Things get thorny for the protagonist when East meets West in director Gurinder Chadha's Bride & Prejudice. The same can be said for the film itself.
(Soap Opera Digest, 12/28/2004)
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Contact Info
  Elaine G. Flores
N.Y.C., NY 

Tel: (347) 974-2865  
E-Mail: ElaineGFlores@AvantGuild.com
Website: www.TVRecappersDelight.com