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  Philip Swain Scheps
Professional/Personal Overview
  Here I was thinking I was the only writer who had a 'special flair' and who was willing to 'dig deeper' and 'keep the reader coming back for more' - but it turns out all 800 writers listed here have those same talents.

I have experience in a variety of media and formats: I wrote a technology book that I'm 60-70% certain my mother purchased, although she changes the subject whenever I ask. I've done travel writing, ghost writing, newspaper articles; and I've written and illustrated enough corporate white papers, one-pagers, marketing slicks, success stories, and technical documentation to clog even the best shredder.

I gravitate toward the following topics: technology, business, travel, history, military affairs, and gambling. (My ideal assignment would therefore be about a craps-playing general from the Napoleon's Grande Armee' who just invested in an Internet startup headquartered in an exotic foreign locale.)
Work Info
Content Editor (online) 9 Years
Technical Writer 13 Years
Writer 13 Years
Travel 6 Years
Business (general) 13 Years
Technology 13 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
13 Years
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
Please contact me for details (11+)
Other Work History
I'm actually a fulltime IT project manager with a part-time freelance writing habit. I'm obsessive about good writing and editing and I take my assignments very seriously. I am always looking for a new juicy assignment. (And by 'juicy', I mean, the checks don't bounce.)
Computer Skills
MS Office applications
Desktop Publishing: Adobe Acrobat, Framemaker, Pagemaker, MS Publisher
Graphics Software Packages: Paintshop Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Web Content Tools: MS Frontpage, Adobe GoLive, DreamWeaver
Programming Languages: Visual Basic , VB.NET, ANSI C/ Visual C++, C#, ASP.NET
Project planning & visualization software: MS Project, Sharepoint, Visio
Database/Reporting: MS SQL Server 7.0, MS Access, Crystal Reports 10, Brio,
Oracle PL/SQL
UML, Use Case and Work Flow Analysis
Project Management Methodologies: RUP, Agile (Feature Driven)
Enterprise Networking Design
Technical Skills
Web Design
Technical Project Management
Business Process Modelling
BA, Economics
MBA, Finance & Information Systems
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. I am willing to travel anywhere. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.
Work Samples
(Random House, 1/1/2009)
Wrote/Edited/Updated the following chapters in the annual Fodor's Las Vegas travel guidebook: The LV Experience (2008, 2009 editions); How To Gamble (2007, 2008, 2009); Side Trips (2008); Bachelor Party Planning - Anchor Piece (2007, 2008)
(Random House, 6/1/2008)
I wrote the chapter on Southern Nevada for the first edition of this book, whose full title is actually "Fodor's Essential USA: Spectacular Cities, Natural Wonders, and Great American Road Trips"....whew!
(Wiley & Sons, 1/1/2008)
I spent the better part of 2007 writing this technology book; it came out in early 2008. 'Business Intelligence' is a term-of-art in the IT field that roughly translates to the insights companies can glean from their transactional data. Fascinating stuff.
(Wiley & Sons / Kevin Blackwood, 6/1/2006)
I contributed the chapter on Horse Racing for this book, written by my friend and mentor Kevin Blackwood. I did a 'funny edit' on seven or eight other chapters as well in an attempt to add some of the typical For-Dummies groan-inducing humor to the prose. The only bummer? My name is mis-spelled in t
(Strategy & Tactics Magazine, 1/1/2005)
This is an article I wrote for a military history magazine.