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How much does it cost to join the Freelance Marketplace?
Our price for one-year subscriptions is just $145 ($119 for AvantGuild members). Or, you can subscribe on a month-to-month basis for $21/month ($15 for AvantGuild members). There are no hidden costs, and no start-up fees.

I'm going on a trip and won't be available for work. How do I hide my ad?
You may hide your ad at any point. In your settings, select "Hide my ad" and submit the form. When you are ready to make your ad visible again, simply uncheck "Hide my ad" and submit the form.

If my Freelance Marketplace portfolio expires, do I have to start all over if I decide to join again?

I bought a one-year membership, but just got a full-time job and want to pull out. Can I get a refund?
Sorry, subscription fees cannot be refunded. If you anticipate a short-term subscription, you may want to opt for the month-to-month plan. (Though, obviously, the one-year option is a better value if you'll be freelancing for a while.)


How many work samples can I upload?
As many as you like, provided they don't exceed your allotted space. All Freelance Marketplace subscriber get 100MB of space for their clips. (A one-page Microsoft Word document takes up about 25K.)

What types of files can I upload?
This is practically limitless: text, graphics, audio, video! Accepted formats include jpg, gif, wav, au, jpg, gif, wav, au, jpg, gif, wav, au, jpg, gif, wav, au, and gif. To inquire about additional formats, contact us.


What is the tip jar?
The tip jar highlights those individuals with the most consistent track record, experience, clients and relevant work history. (We are NOT here to judge the merits of an individual freelancer's work.) This helps employers find appropriate freelancers (e.g. YOU) effectively.

How do I get a higher rating?
Here are a few tips: 1) Make sure your Status is set to "currently available to work"; 2) Highlight a specific area of expertise and make sure your work experience and clients reflect this; and/or 3) Keep your profile updated..


I've been in the Freelance Marketplace for several months and haven't gotten any work. What's going on?
Do a search and see where you are coming up in the results. If you are not on the first few pages, chances are 1) there are people who better fit that search's criteria, or 2) you are either being too specific or too general in what you're looking for. Also, you may not be getting good results if you have not uploaded work samples, or if it's been a long time since you last updated your profile.

How do I know if I'm coming up in Employer searches?
Perform a search from the Employers' side. See where you come up.

What kind of people search through the Freelance Marketplace?
Most likely, the same employers you see posting jobs on our Job Listings page, as well as anyone else looking to hire freelance talent.