Social Media 101

Get up and running on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ in this online event and workshop for beginners who need a crash course in social media. Over 5 weeks, you'll discover how to create meaningful content, master techniques for time management, and engage audiences across networks. More Info »

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp

Create, measure, and monitor a comprehensive social strategy with the biggest names in social media in this innovative online event and workshop. Over 8 weeks, you'll participate in live video webcasts featuring our speakers, engage in ongoing discussions with peers, and gain valuable feedback on strategic assignments from advisors. Speakers include Guy Duncan (Coca-Cola), Kristina Libby (Microsoft), and Kate Gold (The Food Network). More Info »

Copy Editing 101

Learn copy editing skills, master a copy test, and find out how to land freelance work with the industry's best. In this 4-week online event and conference, you'll learn how to spot errors, navigate the style guides, and position yourself as a grammar authority to book, magazine, and Web editors. Speakers include Erin Carlson (The Hollywood Reporter) and Jack Murnighan (Babble). More Info »

Self-publishing Finishing School

Discover how to transform your manuscript into a published eBook in this step-by-step interactive online event. Over 6 weeks, you'll participate in live weekly video webcasts with industry specialists, put a strategic plan in place for your eBook, and get constructive feedback from advisors and peers. Speakers include author Guy Kawasaki and Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords. More Info »