The Free University of NYC will host free classes in Madison Square Park this week, including a number of courses for writers.

You can read the complete class schedule at this link. The school was founded on May Day 2012, offering “free and open” education in city parks. This week, you can study comic writing, songwriting and personal writing in the park–we’ve collected the literary classes below…

Here’s more about the organization: “The Free University has subsequently organized numerous days of free and open education in parks and public spaces in New York City. Our project is born out of a recognition that the current system of higher education is as unequal as it is unsustainable. With increasing tuition at public and private institutions, the increasing use of precarious adjunct labor, and the larger and larger amounts of debt that students are expected to take on, a university education is systematically becoming a rarefied commodity only available to the few.”

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