Comic book artist and writer Dave Elliott shared some advice for aspiring comic book creators in a long interview at deviantART.

Elliott created Weirding Willows, a fantasy comic book that blended scores of heroes and creatures from classic books. Here’s an excerpt from his interview:

Marvel and DC look towards IDW, Boomstudios, Dark Horse and Image Comics for their talent. They do that because there is no hiding when a creator can’t keep their deadlines or has an emotional meltdown … If you want to draw something in particular, you’re going to have to do some samples of that character. You can always get more eyeballs on your pages by doing mash-ups where characters meet who couldn’t in their own books.  Have Batman meet the new Sherlock. Draw how you would imagine the Justice League would look in J. R. Tolkien’s world. Have Blade and Buffy team up against the Twilight characters.

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