Eleanor Henderson had punk rock legends like Misfits and Minor Threat wailing throughout her debut novel, Ten Thousand Saints. GalleyCat reader Tim Frederick built a punk rock soundtrack for the book on Spotify.

Here’s an excerpt from the novel: “Jude was the one in Converse high-tops, the stars Magic Markered into pentagrams, and he wore his red hair in a devil lock–short in the back and long in the front, in a fin that sliced between his eyes to his chin. Unless you’d heard of the Misfits, not the Marilyn Monroe movie but the horror-rock/glam-punk band, and if you were living in Lintonburg, Vermont, in 1987, you probably hadn’t, you’d never seen anything like it.”

Follow this link to get a Spotify invite for the free service. Once you have an account, check out our Patti Smith Spotify playlist, our Geoff Dyer Spotify playlist, James Ellroy Spotify playlist and the new Eleanor Henderson Spotify playlist.

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