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Corresponding Passion by P.J. Heri & illustrated by Monsieur G. Michel: “Mirielle was a blossoming college student in Brooklyn New York, who is concentrating more on finishing school then falling in love. The last thing that Mirielle wanted was a man from another country to disturb her life. Mirielle liked Roch, but she was one of those people who did not believe that people could create a lasting relationship while being apart.” (September 2012)

Into Daylight or Introducing a Victorian Gentleman into the 21st Century by Elli Rose, Sara Wolcott & Marina Mitchell: “It is 1865 and Lincoln conspirator Lewis Thornton Powell is about to be hanged on the gallows when a failed experiment in the future transports him to the year 2012, right into graduate student Natty’s home. Now it is up to Natty to help Lewis get back to his time and deal with the many cultural clashes that arise – a process that turns out more complicated than she could ever imagine.” (November 2012)

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