The great science fiction writer and editor Frederik Pohl has passed away. Over the course of his prolific career, Pohl won three Nebula Awards and six Hugo Awards for his visionary work.

At Wikipedia, you can see a long list of the science fiction books and stories that he wrote. A brief post about his passing noted that “Fred left a thick file of things he wanted to tell you,” promising to include more material on his blog. Here’s more about his life and work:

Apart from the field of science fiction, he is a noted lecturer and teacher in the area of future studies, and is the author of, among other non-fiction works,Practical Politics, a how-to-do-it manual of the American political process; Our Angry Earth, on the world’s environmental problems, written in collaboration with the late Isaac Asimov, which Sir Arthur C. Clarke calls “perhaps the most important book either of its authors has produced”; and, most recently,Chasing Science, on the uses of science as a spectator sport. He is also the Encyclopedia Britannica‘s authority on the First Century A.D. Roman emperor, Tiberius.

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