There’s no better vocabulary-building exercise than reading, and entrepreneurs Gennady Pritsker and Ilya Lyashevsky have found a way to unite fiction with technology to help students ace the SAT’s and writers use their words.

Storied is an educational and literary application created in New York by Pritsker and Lyashevsky’s company,  Good to Know.  mbStartups recently caught up with the founders to find out how the app  works and how the company is using Kickstarter to take the project to the next level, as well as what’s in it for short fiction writers.

Pritsker and Lyashevsky have taken the 750 words most commonly used in the vocabulary portion of the SAT’s and put them into several short stories that use the words in context. Each story is followed by a quiz that lets the readers know which words they need to see again before the big test.  The words appear in several stories throughout the application to present the material more than once without resorting to flash cards.

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