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n107710009254196_2478.jpgAs Hurricane Franzen bears down on the coasts, no matter where you point the literary compass, and words are lashed to typewriters for deconstruction of the deeper meaning of the new novel Freedom, readers are feeling more pressure to perform intellectual feats of comprehension. Folks, it’s the last hours of summer, mere days are left until we reload the real world into our highly scheduled lives this Tuesday morning. So chill baby chill.

If you failed to read The Imperfectionists back in May or this summer’s de rigueur Stieg Larsson books, please come up from the root cellar and shake it off. Put down that TV remote and any Jersey Shore worship for these two books that will entertain you this weekend and that you can turn into some bon mots on the final days’ cocktail circuit.

As for those cultural ravens whose ids can’t help but peck at you for being under read in the Franzen category, here’s a line to drive them back to their perches: I only read Bildungsroman when it’s officially fall. Then ask the ravens to make you an Old Fashioned highball. They will be quiet for hours. And while they’re gone, sneak off to the glider on the porch and enjoy either of these books that were largely ignored this summer.

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