The editors of GalleyCat couldn’t attend the 25th Annual Gothenburg (Göteborg) Book Fair, but author and GalleyCat correspondent Scott Andrew Selby is filing dispatches from the four-day book fair.

Today, he saw four crime writers speak. Selby writes: “British crime writer Simon Kernick spoke about getting published, hanging out with criminals, and being selected by the Richard & Judy Book Club. Kernick (pictured) pointed out that ‘in the UK we have festivals for the trade or the public, here there are both. It’s amazing to see so many readers in one place.’

“When he sent out the first three chapters of his first book, Kernick said ‘every last publisher/agent’ in England rejected him. So he wrote another novel and ‘the exact same thing happened. It had one good chapter out of 500 pages.’ Taking that one chapter that he felt good about, Kernick came up with the basis of a third book. He sent one chapter and the first person asked to see the whole book. He then spent the ‘next three months sending in parts, when I sent in the last bit, I got a letter saying he was not interested. I tided it up and got a deal. The moral of the story is you have to be patient if you want to write.’”

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