Author Timothy Cohorst was the first children’s book author to crack our Self-Published Bestsellers List this year. Since its publication last year, His Jocomo book has always hovered near the top of the Smashwords charts.

We caught up with Cohorst to find out more about his self-publishing career, getting some indie writing advice at the same time. Here’s more from the author:

The first step is to not be fearful of the process. Just prepare your text and artwork as best you can, make sure it is edited for grammar, usage and punctuation, and utilize a professional formatter to prepare your book to meet Smashwords standards. Smashwords provides a list of formatters who will do the work for a nominal fee [email list [at] smashwords [dot] com to request the list]. I would say a good price for your book would be commensurate to the length and/or complexity of the artwork and text. The more effort or cost to render the book, the greater the price. Smashwords payment percentage is maximal at a price of $2.99 or more.

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