Kathryn Quigley
Professional/Personal Overview
  Newspaper reporter turned freelancer/journalism prof. Editor and writer. Write humor columns and about women's issues. Experience covering courts, crime, education, health and entertainment. Solid knowledge of family and children's issues, such as child abuse and foster care. Profiles are my specialty. I once conducted an interview in the middle of a hog farm!
Contact Info
  Kathryn Quigley
Philadelphia, PA 

E-Mail: ksqwrite@aol.com
Website: http://www.mediabistro.com/kathrynquigley
mediabistro.com Questions

What do you wish you'd learned sooner?
That chocolate is not a food group.

Describe your dream assignment
An interview with George Clooney.

What book is on your nightstand right now?
The New Yorker and Vanity Fair magazines

What's the hardest work project you've ever tackled?
An investigation of hog farms in rural North Carolina. Ever been to a hog lagoon? Trust me. You don't want to go there.

In all seriousness, it was the child abuse death of 6-year-old Kayla McKean in Clermont, FL. Her father reported her missing on Thanksgiving Day, 1998. It turns out he had beaten her to death and buried her body in the woods. The story started out sad and just got sadder.

What's the best job you've ever had?
The one I have right now as a journalism professor.

What's your idea of a perfect Saturday night?
Going to a movie premiere with George Clooney as my date.

What's your idea of a perfect Monday morning?
George Clooney cooking me breakfast before he goes off to the movie set.

In ten years, I want to be:
Looking at the "Kathryn Quigley" section of published books in Barnes & Noble.

Work Samples
Child Welfare  
(The Orlando Sentinel, 4/15/1999)
A pediatrician who examined Kayla McKean said the 6- year-old was bruised and battered all over her body, including black eyes, scratches on her face and bruises on her chest, abdomen and backside.
(The Orlando Sentinel, 11/30/1998)
Kayla McKean, a 6-year-old Florida girl, disappears from father's apartment on Thanksgiving Day.
(The Orlando Sentinel, 11/28/1998)
CLERMONT - The timid little blonde playing by herself on the worn- out playground caught the eye of Clermont Police Officer Norris Fails many times. Now, Fails is out to find her. Six-year-old Kayla McKean disappeared Thanksgiving Day outside the apartments at 804 Grand Highway where she lives wi
2000 Election  
(American Journalism Review, 1/1/2001)
A first-person account of my experience as a reporter in the maelstrom known as the 2000 Presidential Election.
(The Palm Beach Post, 11/23/2000)
One of the many, many, many stories I wrote during the 2000 Presidential Election dispute.
Lawsuits and Divorces of the Rich  
(The Palm Beach Post, 6/13/2002)
Matchmaker Helena Amram charged her clients as much as $10,000 and promised them "quality dates." But that is far from what they got, clients claimed.
(The Palm Beach Post, 5/5/2002)
All she wanted was a new dishwasher...
(The Palm Beach Post, 4/3/2002)
Kathie Lee Gifford and the National Examiner settle a lawsuit over a story about Gifford's son, Cody, and whether or not he is a brat.
(The Palm Beach Post, 3/16/2002)
I scored a nationwide scoop with the divorce filing of NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon's wife, Brooke. I got the scoop while I was a courts reporter at The Palm Beach Post.
(The Palm Beach Post, 1/22/2002)
Donald Trump tells his chef, "You're fired!"
Criminal courts  
(The Palm Beach Post, 11/26/2001)
This is a very "CSI" story.
(The Palm Beach Post, 4/27/2001)
I was one of several courts reporters for The Palm Beach Post who covered the murder trial of 13-year-old Nathaniel Brazill, who shot and killed his favorite teacher in 2000. Before the trial started, the judge grilled the teen, his parents and his lawyer to make sure they were passing up a plea dea
(American Journalism Review, 4/1/2005)
It's like getting ready for a blind date. Journalists searching for a newspaper job need to learn how to romance the recruiters. Who are they? What are they like? What do they want?
(The Palm Beach Post, 8/21/2001)
Do you have a Same Name? I do. This is a story about how a wrong number can lead to a remarkable friendship. Mine is with an 80-something friend who has my same name - just spelled a little differently.
(The Orlando Sentinel, 5/17/1998)
Senior citizen Ed Brennan likes guns and likes to sue people. He rarely wins his case, but that hasn't stopped him. Oh and his guns are still in Canada.
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/24/2008)
Tired single mom on an ex-governor, a Clooney fantasy, cable TV and sex
(Camden Courier Post, 11/18/2007)
A personal column about the adoption of my foster son.
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/4/2007)
As a new foster parent, I had the best Christmas ever because there was a child with me to open presents. You, too, can touch a life.
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 6/28/2004)
The horror of bathing suit shopping
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 5/12/2004)
A young woman's gift to her mother helps ease the pain of a death.
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/26/2004)
A letter from my grandfather to my grandmother, written in 1913, inspired me to connect and share with my relatives.
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/14/2003)
Let me tell you a fairy tale, children. It is about a simpler time when children had to entertain themselves during long holiday car rides, without technology. Long, long ago, about 25 years or so, there were no minivans. There were no DVDs. There were no DVDs in minivans...
(The Philadelphia Inquirer, 10/14/2003)
My friend Tim fell ill with Devic's syndrome, a rare autoimmune disease which affects the brain. This is a story about how his family and friends coped while he lay in the hospital.
My resume
Work Info
Fact-Checker 1 Year
Editor 10 Years
Reporter 15 Years
Family, Children & Teenagers 5 Years
Crime 5 Years
Humor 15 Years
Total Media Industry Experience
15 Years
Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
The Philadelphia Inquirer (11+), American Journalism Review (1-2), Camden Courier-Post (1-2), Modern Bride (1-2)
Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)
000 (1-2), 000 (1-2), 000 (1-2)
Other Work History
Staff writer: The Palm Beach Post 2000-2002. Graduate Fellow: The University of Maryland 1999-2000<br>Staff writer: The Orlando Sentinel 1997-1999<br>Staff writer: Daytona Beach News-Journal 1996-1997<br>Staff writer: The Fayetteville Observer 1993-1995. Correspondent: The Philadelphia Inquirer 1990-1993
Computer Skills
Microsoft Office, Mac, Lotus Notes
Laptop, cell phone
Dr. Carl Hausman. hausman@rowan.edu
Antigone Barton. antigonebarton@gmail.com
Numerous state and national journalism awards for team coverage by the Palm Beach Post of the Presidential Election/Recount of 2000.
Investigative Reporters and Editors, College Media Advisors, Association of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication
Fellowship in Children and Families Journalism, courts and crime reporter, humor columnist
Freelancer Availability
I occasionally freelance. I live near Philadelphia, PA. I am willing to travel regionally. I have a driver's license. I have access to a car.