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Adding More Toppings on the MB Sundae

toppings.jpg This past week the staff got together for a working lunch. I know what you’re thinking— we’ve gone all corporate already since the sale last week— the ping-pong table is gone and we’re all wearing suits. Well, we never had a ping-pong table (no idea why), and any suits are still of the leisure variety. So it’s still Kool and the Gang over here.
We bounced around some interesting ideas yesterday. Most of them centered around bringing our devoted MB community members further into the digital age with our content. While I won’t steal anyone’s thunder, I’ll be happy to share my suggestions of the day (besides the one voicing my desire to be better at card tricks).

When I look at, I see great content that could be even greater if it were adapted in different flavors. So what does that mean exactly?
Let’s use the example of vanilla ice cream. It’s a popular flavor because it serves as a great foundation to expand upon and make even greater. Some like their vanilla on a cone (sugar,waffle, whatever). Others like it in a cup. Some like it with hot fudge, caramel, or strawberry, and some can’t get enough sprinkles (or “jimmies” as we call them in Massachusetts). You still have the classic vanilla at the core, but there are seemingly countless ways to to make it more satisfying. So basically what MB wants to ask you is— what kind of toppings do you like?
One of those flavors could be podcasting. It would seem logical that a media company specializing in content delivery like ours would be knee-deep in podcasting. CNET Networks has a podcast for everything short of brushing your teeth. They podcast about products, news, trends, and everything else that encompasses consumer technology. You can really get an audible education by spending just a short time there. So, why aren’t we doing it?
When you’re a small company like we were up until a week ago, you have to concentrate the resources and talents on what works for you. And for us, what works is our stellar job board, our valuable editorial content, and our great course offerings. But now that we’ve eaten a giant bowl of Wheaties courtesy of Jupitermedia, we’re eager to explore more avenues for delivering our content. We want to take what works for us, and then spin it off into other facets of digital media, like the aforementioned. For example, how about a podcast that covered best practices for finding a job? How about hearing an interview with an HR expert? Or hearing about an exclusive job opening at a major media company? It could all be courtesy of an MB Jobs Podcast.
If you’re a big fan of our blogs, how about a podcast that expands on the best posts of the week? Did you ever want to watch an On Demand video or video Pitch Slam on your ipod? Of course you do, because every one and their mother (including mine) has an iPod or some other portable media player. It seems we’d be crazy not to offer this.
Often the best new ideas already have a foundation to support themselves on. Our goal is for you to already know how important our content offerings are. The question we really want to ask you going forward is— how would you like it served? Let us know.

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