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An Interview with Neil Gaiman

gaimann2.jpgBookslut Jessa Crispin (who apparently has a character named after her in one of his books) interviews comic god Neil Gaiman, who stands as a testament against everyone who says that successful writers need to find a genre and stick with it:

Your agents much love you, because you seem to be up for any medium, any experiment.
I am. I’m not very good at genre snobbery. If it’s anything I’m interested in, I’d obviously love to do it. And I keep bumping into people who’d much rather I did one thing or another. My movie agent would much rather I did movies forever and didn’t, for example, do TV. Whereas TV is fun, lots of people see it. It’s interesting to do TV. I like doing novels, but I’m astonishingly puzzled and grateful that I live in a universe that I have a short story collection published as a major novel. We live in a universe in which the odds of being able to turn to a publisher and say, “Would you like to publish a collection of my short stories?” is right up there with me saying, “Would you like to invest in a zeppelin business?” Doesn’t happen very often.
When eight years ago they published Smoke and Mirrors, it was with no fuss or fanfare. I said, “Shall I do an author tour for it?” and they said, “No.” It was like, why would you tour for a short story collection? Then they were incredibly puzzled when they looked around and it was still selling. I picked up a copy in the offices at HarperCollins this morning and noticed it’s now in its 17th printing in trade paperback. And maybe later than that, but the one I picked up had a little 17 on it. Smoke and Mirrors just came out and just took over. Suddenly I’m in a universe where I have a publisher who is publishing short stories of mine as a major book with quite disturbingly high numbers. If it were me, I would have done a print run of about half that and then gone back to press. With a really cool cover.

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