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About MBToolBox

Written by the staff, mbToolbox addresses all things media, as interpreted by those inside the ‘bistro. With insights on everything from careers and continuing education to editorial opportunities and new media, we use our wide-ranging expertise to keep you informed of the latest and greatest in the media marketplace.

Q&A: The Most Prolific Design Writer Alive

heller_thumb.gifSteven Heller isn’t just The New York Times’ art director. He’s also written about 105 books, tons of articles, directs a school program and even has “a life” outside of work. Here’s how he gets it all done, the secrets of his interviewing technique, and a peak at his thoughts on President Bush.

  • So What Do You Do, Steven Heller?

  • How to Sell an Awful Film

    A PR expert reveals the tricks of marketing movies so bad they can’t even make the remainder bin. D-List celebrities and fake film festivals are only the beginning.

  • How to Sell an Awful Film in 12 Easy Steps (Image:
  • How to Be Like Ken Auletta

    auletta_thumb.gifIn this interview, Ken Auletta gives the nitty gritty details of how he gets all those juicy details in the media profiles he writes for The New Yorker. Plus, why he’s well-dressed, his favorite TV shows, his fondness for pasta, and what his wife really thinks.
    So What Do You Do, Ken Auletta?

    Breaking Into ‘Mobile Journalism’

    myron_thumb.jpgThink you could write and edit from behind the wheel and never sit at a desk? Reporter Chuck Myron does. Here’s Chuck’s personal essay on how a “mobile journalist” gets his work done.
    Journalism From Inside a Car

    An Oral History of Lunch at Michael’s

    clinton_williams.gifHow did Michael’s become the place where the media elite came to eat? We asked owner Michael McCarty — who launched his New York hot spot after success in Santa Monica at a tender young age — and many of the other regulars who made the restaurant what it is and are helping keep it that way. (Later today, you can read our regular Lunch at Michael’s column.)

  • An Oral History of Lunch at Michael’s
  • Karen Grigsby Bates Dishes

    bates_cropped.gifNPR correspondent and guest host Karen Grigsby Bates tells her guilty pleasures, favorite TV shows, cooking hobbies, and how she got started as a nationally recognized radio personality. For her, it wasn’t that hard

  • So What Do You Do, Karen Grigsby Bates?