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Sarah Sudar Starts Fashion Blog for Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sarah Sudar was approached by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette to start a style blog after creating a fashion blog as a Mediabistro assignment.

She says, “One of the best things about the course was having it taught by a professional who was in the fashion industry. She provided insight that we weren’t going to find in any textbook. Having a blog with a major newspaper was definitely a dream I discovered during this class and it is unbelievable that it has finally come true! The new blog is called “Clutch: Get a Hold of Style.”

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Kimberly Palmer’s Personal Finance Book Bests Suze Orman Titles on Amazon

Kimberly Palmer recently published a personal finance book, Generation Earn, that beat Suze Orman’s titles on Amazon.

Kimberly took a few Mediabistro writing classes.  She says, “Mediabistro gave me the inspiration and community I needed to make it through all the ups and downs to a finished product. The teachers were encouraging and made me see the possibility of success through lots of early rejection.”

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Writing Course Leads Colleen Mescall to Find Her Passion for Blogging

A new career and a newfound passion for blogging has helped Colleen Mescall make a name for herself.

After taking our magazine writing class, Colleen says she realized, “I was at a job that wasn’t the right fit for me and I needed some inspiration.”

Within a few months, she created Boston-based blog

“Now I’m invited to blogging events and I even landed a new job through my blog,” Colleen says. “It all started with my Mediabistro course — thanks for the inspiration and motivation!”

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– Lisa Fraser

Gwendolyn Heasley Working on Second YA Novel in Two Book Deal

After publishing and promoting her first book, Where I Belong, Gwendolyn Heasley is on to editing her second of her two book deal. Gwendolyn got her jumpstart after taking a young adult novel writing class.

Gwendolyn says, “My Mediabistro class was absolutely the reason I got a book deal. As I say in my book acknowledgments, it was my spark. My class and teacher supported and guided me. Without them, the book would have remained an idea. I’m very grateful.”

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–Lisa Fraser

Kara Richardson Whitley Publishes Mountain-Climbing Memoir

After taking personal essay and nonfiction book proposal courses, Kara Richardson Whitely has published her first book, Fat Woman on the Mountain: How I Lost Half Myself and Gained Happiness.

Kara is now training to climb Mount Killimanjaro for a third time on a celebrity trek for an upcoming television series being produced by Emmy-award winning producer, Denise Cramsey (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition).

Kara says, “Mediabistro classes gave me a deadline to accomplish my dreams and the incredible instructors gave me guidance to make them a reality.”

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–Lisa Fraser

Erin Arvedlund Publishes Paperback Version of Madoff Book

The paperback version of Mediabistro graduate Erin Arvedlund‘s book Too Good to be True: The Rise and Fall of Bernie Madoff was published this summer. Erin took a nonfiction book writing course.

Erin says, “Mediabistro is an excellent way to get disciplined about your writing. As a major-league procrastinator I found the weekly courses a perfect motivator to get the pages done and bring them for review. Colleagues in classes are helpful, not snarky, and everyone gets their turn. I highly recommend Mediabistro’s courses.”

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–Lisa Fraser

Vicki Salemi Publishes Second Book Big Career in the Big City

Vicki Salemi.jpgVicki Salemi published her second Big Career in the Big City and was published in The New York Post, iVillage, ForbesWoman, and CNBC after taking several Mediabistro classes.
Vicki says, “You never know when a nugget of info you learned in a class can be applied. When I landed a book deal I had to instantly reprioritize my workload and assess my clients by asking myself specific questions which were raised in the classes.”

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Susan Comninos Won Tablet Magazine’s Yehuda Halevi Poetry Competition

susan.jpgSince her last entry on the MBToolBox Susan Comninos has won Tablet Magazine’s Yehuda Halevi Poetry Competition.

–Hussain Rahim

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Jonathan Woods Publishes Noir Crime Book, Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness

Jonathan Woods.jpgJonathan Woods published a book of noir crime stories, Bad Juju & Other Tales of Madness and Mayhem, after taking several Mediabistro courses. The editors of New York magazine rated the book “Highbrow Brilliant” in their weekly Approval Matrix, calling it “Hallucinatory, hilarious, imaginative noir.”
Jonathan says, “The most surprising thing about the two courses I took was how easy and productive it was to work long distance with weekly on-line chat room sessions. A Mediabistro success story!”

–Hussain Rahim

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Courtney Clarkson Promoted to Copywriter

Courtney Clarkson.jpgCourtney Clarkson was promoted to copywriter at Mr Youth, one of Fast Company‘s Top 10 Most Innovative Advertising/Marketing Agencies of 2010, after taking Copywriting: Mastering Ad Writing.
Courtney says, “What surprised me the most about my class was the diversity of the group. Some people were trying to land their first job, others were seasoned pros. I was able to learn something from each of them. I was really surprised by how practical the classes I’ve taken with Mediabistro are. They’re real-world and hands-on. You have the potential to complete a project by the end of each one.”

–Hussain Rahim

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