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Noah Davis

The Best Of The Rest:

The sheer number of venues where writers can publish their work never ceases to amaze me. I find walking into a magazine store inspiring because there are so many options. Furthermore, the growth of the Internet has exponentially increased this number. Some of the outlets are covered in our excellent How To Pitch archives. (Self-promoting? Yes. Absolutely true? Certainly.) Others, for any number of reasons, are not. To rectify this situation, I’ll use this space to highlight venues for freelancers that might not otherwise see the light of day. It will be fun, I promise.
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Beyond Bussing

busboy.jpgAlmost exactly a year ago (June 1, to be exact), published my first article on the site. My tagline read, “Noah Davis is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. In his spare time, he’s also a damn good busboy, if he does say so himself.”
Emphasis on the busboy.
At the time, I was struggling to launch a writing career, happy to score any assignment whether it paid or not and make my money waiting tables and clearing glasses. Over the next few months, I continued to write for mb and serve as a guinea pig. In October, I started doing freelance editorial work, first one, then two, then three days a week. Now, a mere 12 months after Penthouse, I’m happily employed as an assistant editor. It’s not the meteoric rise of some, but I’ll take it. I’d like to think that hard work has a place in the “who you know” New York media world.
I miss the nights I’d get off at 4am and wander through the relative quiet of Times Square, but a normal sleep-cycle has its perks as well. The moral: I’m still damn good at carrying plates (if I do say so myself), but I’m glad I no longer have to. And to think, it all started with a silly little “How To Pitch.”

Running To Success?

JOGGING.jpgAny editor will tell you meetings are the bane of his or her existence. They take up time better spent working with writers, planning issues, or just thinking. Yet, for the publication to continue, meetings have to occur. The problem then becomes meeting quickly, efficiently, and productively.
One aspect of freelancing I miss most is that my “meetings” occurred while I was jogging. I’d set an agenda, don my shoes, and take off. It was both head-clearing and efficient. Sure, note taking presented a problem, but I thought of more good story ideas and business strategies jogging over the Williamsburg Bridge or dodging traffic in Bushwick than I ever did sitting at my desk.
I’ve been trying to think of ways to apply this same principle to an office setting, with limited success. Anyone out there have suggestions? Shoot me an email at Noah AT mediabistro DOT com. Maybe a lunchtime jog or shoot around on the local basketball court with your boss and colleagues? If nothing else, we’d have the best six-packs of any media company around. And that has to count for something, right?

Grace Under (Headline News) Fire

nancy+grace.jpgAfter a decade at Court TV, the prosecutor turned talking head goes on the record about why she decided to give up her day job, dishes about hanging out with Star Jones, and explains why she never listens to her critics.
So What Do You Do, So What Do You Do, Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News?
So What Do You Do, Merrill Brown, News21 Editorial Director?

How To Pitch: Diverse — Higher Education’s New Test

diverse_thumb.jpgNew-driven features detailing minority issues in higher education pass editor’s test with flying colors.
AvantGuildHow to Pitch: Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
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How To Pitch: American BabyParents Lil’ Sis Grows Up

american_baby.jpgIf your story helps parents of young children, editors will birth it.
AvantGuildHow to Pitch: American Baby
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Pitches That Worked: The Economist

theeconomist_thumb.jpgThis writer didn’t let an editor’s spam filter dissuade him, as he eventually made contact and landed multiple assignments from esteemed pub.
AvantGuildPitches That Worked: The Economist
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Go Digital To Expand Freelance Opportunity

digivideo_thumb.jpgA digital camera (or even a cell phone), a crash-course in editing, and a can-do attitude is all you need to expand into the video world.
AvantGuildReady, Aim, Shoot: How to Join the Digital Video Revolution
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How To Pitch: The L Magazine — Looking For Love, Listings, Lust In New York

a9653_thumb.jpgPart TONY, part Village Voice, hipster pub seeks hip stories.
AvantGuildHow to Pitch: The L Magazine
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Opine With The Masters

opinion_thumb.jpgOp-ed writing isn’t hard. Our opinionated writer explains you only need emotion, passion, a vicious pen, and a timely topic.
AvantGuildA Matter Of Opinion Writing
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