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Why You Didn’t Get the Job: Discuss

resumeela.jpgPlenty of people had feedback on Taffy’s article on what’s wrong with your resume. So if you have comments, questions, complaints or just want to read them, check out the topic here on the mb bulletin board.

On The Main Page Today

child22.jpgTaffy Brodesser-Akner continues her series on why you didn’t get the last job you applied for: this one taking a look at resumes. This is a great post to bookmark for future reference, with tips on formatting and examples of great resumes.
Also up today: a How-to-Pitch on Child magazine.

On the Main Site

bosto2n.jpgRachel Kramer Bussel speaks with Katie McHugh, an editor at Marlowe & Co.:

Can you give me an overview of what kinds of books Marlowe & Co. publishes, and then within those areas, what kinds of books you cover?
If it’s smart, relevant, and helpful practical nonfiction, it could be a Marlowe book. Marlowe & Company is an imprint of the independently owned Avalon Publishing Group, and we publish pretty broadly within health and fitness, healthy food, nutrition and cooking, psychology and personal growth, sex, pregnancy and parenting, religion and spirituality, current affairs/pop culture, animals and nature, and new age/mythology, among others. Some of our best-known books are The New York Times bestselling The New Glucose Revolution series, which are dietary guides to the glycemic index.

You can read more here. Also up today: A How-to-Pitch on Boston magazine.


turkeyhandprint.jpgThe Toolbox will be closed until Monday for the Thanksgiving holiday. We (I mean I–why do I keep pretending I’m more than one person?) hope you have a wonderful and safe one.

Pitching a Publication, Pitching an Agent

pastecover2.jpgHow to Pitch: Paste! “A left-of-center idea will get your story Pasted onto the pages of this eclectic music mag.” Groan.
Also on the main site, Rachel Kramer Bussel chats with Renee Zuckerbrot at Literary Agency LLCZ, where she’s looking for “for ‘quirky first-person narratives’ across a range of subjects”.

Writing and Selling First-Person Pieces and More!

memoirs.jpgCheck out mb’s transcript from the Writing and Selling First-Person Pieces panel, which included speakers Ruth Andrew Ellison, editor of The Modern Jewish Girl’s Guide to Guilt; Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up and Five Men Who Broke My Heart; Betsy Amster, literary agent and Rick Wartzman, editor of West.
You veggie writers out there can check out the updated How to Pitch on Vegetarian Times.
Finally, check out what classes are going on this week (and beyond!)

Today on MB

horsey.jpgHow To Pitch: Eating Well: “Stories on healthy ‘food with a conscience’ are what this ‘well’-paying bimonthly is hungry for”. Groan.
Also, check out SalesRants XX: The Acne Horse, wherein the Secret Sales Guy dips into his past and discovers a despicable colleague who could still sell horse feed to a cattle rancher.

And on the Main Site…

cookinglight2.jpgmb presents part II in Rebecca Fox’s moving feature on Adrian Nicole LeBlanc, on how she and her producer distilled 40 hours of tape into 12 minutes memorializing her father in a grueling editorial process. It was grueling listening to a portion of this story on NPR-I can’t imagine what it was like working on it–and living it.
And, on a lighter note–pun intended–a How to Pitch on Cooking Light.

Today on the Main Site

cottageliving.jpgFirst, a touching story relayed by Rebecca L. Fox about MacArthur Award winner Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s emotions of capturing her father’s dying days. I heard part of this story told on NPR yesterday and I was actually kind of pissed at them for airing this story during work hours, because I was nearly bawling at the office.
To cleanse the palate, the How to Pitch on Cottage Living.

What’s New at mb Today

smartmoney2.jpgSome of the features on the main page:
SalesRants XIX: Luke, I Am Your Sales Guru: Steeped in in the dark art of media sales, Secret Sales Guy details how to trade low wages for entry into sales’ dark side
How to Pitch: Time Inc. Content Solutions: To land a prime gig, wow editors with your in-depth knowledge of any niches you’re versed in — plus any research skills you’ve developed
From the Editors: Show That Proposed Book ‘Isn’t Already Out There’, Rob Kirkpatrick of Lyons Press tells Rachel Kramer Bussel.
How to Pitch: Smart Money: Though its target audience includes those rolling in it, this monthly takes sharp financial coverage from the not-so-flush, too