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Useful Links

Reference Shelf 10.17.06

LogMeIn.jpgAre you burned up that you didn’t publish the hard-hitting articles on “man dates” and “girl crushes” and “wingmen”? Check BuzzWhack for the latest stupid temporarily culturally relevant buzzwords.
Dreaming of a new job? Too lazy to actually apply? Or are you really into employment as a topic in general? What Would Dad Say, a blog via jobdig, with some interesting interviews and articles about, well, jobs.
The Complete Nobody’s Guide to Query Letters. Quick and dirty, not touchy-feely.
Via Sreetips: Google just for educators. Who says teachers get no respect? They get their own Google!
Do you have a spouse or friend who you turn to for computer advice and you both get mad at each other for your failure to comprehend his or her instructions? Go to LogMeIn, so you can actually see what you’re doing wrong. (via Lifehacker)
And finally, just for fun, classy insults. Perfect for when you want to zing someone and they won’t even realize it until days later.

ProfNet 3.0 Updates

ProfNet has made some changes and updates, and to keep you abreast of them, ProfNet President Dan Forbush has been keeping a blog of the developments here, where presumably you can also post questions and comments.

Reference Shelf 10.10.06

This writing sample analyzer can’t tell you if your writing is any good, but it might be helpful for those of you trying to get an idea of the consistency (or variety) of your syntax.
From Lifehacker: “Make free international phone calls sans Skype with Futurephone, a company that’s just got to be bleeding money.”
Also from Lifehacker, some useful Microsoft Word shortcuts.
Need to convert some files? Do it here for free (via Sree.)
Feel like the job application sites you use don’t keep you organized enough? Isabont lets you see the status of your resumes and other relevant documents as you look for new jobs.
Interesting search tool with Kosmix, which takes what you’re searching for and organizes it into various categories.

Reference Shelf 10.5.06

handshake.jpgIt’s not a fun topic but the Journalist’s Toolbox has references on school violence. A little bit more on this topic at the Buzzmachine.
Got a job interview coming up? Don’t give the dead fish handshake. (Lifehacker)
Via Sree: Want to clutter spiff up your webpage? Google toys to add.
Me no good at math. You? Meet Dr. Calculator.
Looking for podcasts on writing, editing, publishing, blogging? Search for them via Pluggd.

Reference Shelf 9.21.06

Helpful, timely, and sometimes silly links to help the writer or editor:
Freeware & Online Tools for Writers, courtesy of the Paperback Writer.
Journalist’s Toolbox has a whole bunch of links related to Food Safety for those of you covering tainted spinach and its ilk.
Sent to me by Susan Kirkland: “want to find out who sent you those irritating slabs of SPAM? This is a nifty tool that will track them down no matter what the header says is the last server to dish it up.”
5 Simple Ways to Open Your Blog Post With a Bang at Copyblogger.
How to explain RSS the Oprah way at the Back in Skinny Jeans blog. I cannot endorse skinny jeans but anything that makes Real Simple Syndication simpler is good by me.

Reference Shelf 9.12.06

Looking for more sources on where to find agents? Check the Writers Guild lists (and here for the East Coast version.)
If you freelance full time, then you’re a small businessperson (no matter how tall you are.) You might find some good stuff at Small Biz Resource (via Sree.)
How to prepare an annotated bibliography. Party!
On Writing for Comics,” a tutorial to help ease the transition from the pure prose of science fiction to the largely visual world of comics.
What’s slowing down your computer? Find out (via Lifehacker.)

Resources for Agent-Hunters

How do you find the right agent? The bloggers behind At Last! Writer Beware Blogs! recommend that first, you find who NOT to trust–and also provide a few useful links on finding the right agent for you. (Don’t forget mb’s own Pitching an Agent, while you’re at it.)

Reference Shelf 9.7.06

A few resourceful links for you on the Thursday of this gloriously short week:
Are you writing about the 5-year anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001? Find plenty of sources on airport security, Muslims, Islam, terrorism and other related topics here at the Journalist’s Toolbox.
Yah! Will Google never cease! Via Lifehacker: “Google’s new News Archive Search tool allows users to search newspaper articles from the last 200 years. News Archive search results come in both free and for-a-fee versions, but if you’re looking to keep things on the free side, the advanced search options allow you to specify that results remain free. You can sort through search results by date and publication, or, if you choose to ‘Show Timeline,’ the results are given in an as-they-happened thread (which is a really cool way to watch a story develop).”

101 Resources for Self Published Writers
, at the Self Publishing Blog.
All text in Word is formatted using styles, whether you chose the style or not. So you might as well make the most of them.
Making Money with Your Blog from A to Z. I can’t speak for all the resources but I have made the occasional odd buck (and not much more than that) from Amazon Associates.

Reference Shelf 9.5.06

References, tools, clicky-type things…
I am not totally clear on how up to date or accurate this site is but it’s entertaining regardless of the contact info and mastheads are incorrect: Everyone Who’s Anyone: A Writer’s Guide to The All-Pervasive Propaganda Network
Kit Whitfield’s The Lexicon: A phrasebook of terms for issues that occur repeatedly in fiction (with many British-isms.)
Not sure where to pitch your short story? The Top 10 Literary Magazines, according to About: these “have been included in prize anthologies such as “Best American Short Fiction,” “Pushcart,” and “O. Henry,” and have a large circulation, as far as literary magazines go.”
Back to school? Some tips on cheap textbooks from Lifehacker.
Via Sree, “here‘s a new business, thanks to the terror alerts. Order travel-size toiletries online and have them delivered to your hotel. They start taking orders Sept. 5 and are offering $15 off the first 70,000 orders.”

Reference Shelf 8.29.06

postagescale.jpgThe Renegade Writer recommends the hottest accessory of the season…the postage scale. Whee!
Ten Things That Pull Extra Duty: Freeware recommendations over at Paperback Writer.
Writing about hurricanes, Ernesto or others? Track them here and find some other weather resources here at the Journalist’s Toolbox.
I got alerted to Bookhitch via a promotional email so this is just an FYI, not an endorsement, of a site that aids book marketing (but does not handle your books). If you’ve used it and have thoughts on it, let me know what your experience was like.
Don’t let your info get stolen as you work in a Hotspot! Make sure it’s legit (via Lifehacker).