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Highlighting The How To Pitches

chewbacca-pitching.jpgI spend a lot of time working on our How To Pitch section. Not to brag, but I’m probably the world’s foremost expert on them. If there was a How To Pitch-related disaster, the CDC would almost certainly call me.
Still, as with any series of articles, some How To Pitches are better than others. So, without further ado, here are my top seven favorite HTPs, in no particular order:

  • How To Pitch: Best Life — Good memories from our first Video Pitch Slam. Also, EIC Stephen Perrine is a helluva nice guy.
  • How To Pitch: City — Managing editor Alex Garinger provided so much information about what to pitch, I feel like the article is almost written for you.
  • How To Pitch: Diverse — Of all the How To Pitches, this one was the most helpful to me when I was freelancing.
  • How To Pitch: Draft — Wait, there’s a magazine that’s going to pay me to write about beer?!?!?
  • How To Pitch: mental_floss — I have a soft spot for mental_floss because my dad once wrote an article for them. Also, I always feel like Mensa material after reading it.
  • How To Pitch: Paper — The thought of interviewing Mr. Mickey for this article makes me laugh every time.
  • How To Pitch: Penthouse — The first How To Pitch I wrote. Awwww.
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