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Sourcing Today’s Candidate

With such a tight market in the recruitment world, employers are having a tougher time now than ever to source qualified candidates. According to a questionnaire, Sourcing Today’s Candidate: What’s Working to Attract Top Talent, a survey was conducted among 904 job seekers, where one in four surveyed candidates stated that the main challenge in finding a great position was due to “finding a good job fit” based on the job posting. A poorly written job description may be the deciding factor as to whether or not a job seeker would apply to a great job. So what does “finding a good job fit” mean? There may be several great positions that match a talented candidate but if the job posting does not describe this well, say in a vague or uninteresting manner, it can result in a missed opportunity for recruiters.

The best job seekers include passive ones, those who aren’t necessarily seeking a job and may be content at his/her current location. If another position offers tremendous growth potential and new challenging roles, the candidate may jump on the opportunity to apply. Then what happens to the mediocre positions that do hire candidates from job postings? Based on a recruiting industry expert, the only fully-qualified people who do apply for boring jobs are those who are desperate or those who are already sold on the company. This may affect bigger corporations more, where multiple job listings are posted and new hires are recruited at a larger volume. Want to find out what’s working to attract top talent? Find out the effective methods of hiring the best candidates as well as examining surveys that were conducted from two-thirds of whom were passive candidates.
Sourcing Today’s Candidate: What’s Working to Attract Top Talent A new field report from, BNA, and Kennedy Information, Copyright 2007.
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