Cablevision, owner of the Long Island newspaper Newsday, has offered a new union contract that provides for an increase in every Newsday employee’s pension fund after the contract ends in 2013.

The 1,100 members of the Local 406 of the Graphic Communications Council of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters will vote on the proposal Sunday, reports Keith Kelly for the New York Post.
The pact offered by Cablevision contains the same 5-to-10 percent salary cuts that the union voted against by a 2-to-1 margin on June 6, 2010. But the new proposal provides for a pension contribution of 1 percent of a worker’s salary after the contract ends in 2013. After the union voted against the first contract, Newsday publisher Terry Jimenez wrote the union to say it was the “last, best and final offer.”

The union has until July 5 to accept the contract. If they fail to vote in favor of the proposal by July 5, then Newsday will begin to make cuts without a contract in place, according to Kelly’s report.