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‘Hydroponic Lifestyle’ Magazine ‘Open To’ Paying $1 A Word For Freelancers

TomatoRosebud, the ‘men’s hydroponic lifestyle’ magazine that launched last year, posted an ad on LinkedIn saying it was seeking freelance journalists.

We had to check this out, because we found the concept so alien. Their base pay starts at 50 cents a word for print, which in this economy isn’t anything to sneeze at; associate publisher Alex Leon said that the mag would be “open to” paying $1 a word for the right writer or the right story. For a relatively new magazine, that alone is worth a double-take, but the magazine is real.

If you can write about pop culture, sports, technology, travel, and/or men’s fashion & accessories, check out the ad. Just be aware that though the magazine never mentions the “m” word, the title certainly doesn’t refer to tomatoes.

Want to get a feel for the rag? Here’s a profile the Bay Citizen did last year.

‘Please Respond With ‘Macho Man Randy Savage’ In The Subject Line’

We’re sorry to Sanborn Media Factory for giving away this job ad’s gimmick but we really can’t help it—in this economy, where hundreds of applicants will snatch at a job no matter what it is, good job descriptions are rare.

Sanborn Media Factory, a 30-person interactive agency in Manhattan, is hiring an “interactive producer/daring truth seeker.” According to the ad that’s a “hybrid project manager and account manager” to work on campaigns for magazines, startups, and a few nonprofits (like the Girl Scouts—mm, cookies).

The ad describes the requirements and then goes on to explain the culture:

If you’ve spent some time at a workplace where getting on the elevator in the morning requires a deep breath and a silent prayer to the gods of Holy-Shit-I-Can’t-Believe-I’m-Going-Back-Up-There because there is no soul, no camaraderie, no meaning and no sign of friendly human beings getting shit done and having fun doing it…welcome sir or madam….for here there lives no bullshit, no assholes, no shitheads, no drama.

And THEN…the application instructions:

If you are interested in applying, please send a resume and write a note that does its best to convey who you are underneath the layers of standard issue HR bubble wrap. If we’re going to spend 8 -10 hours a day sitting 61 inches across Ikea’s finest GALANT desk product…you gotta talk to me like a human being … So have at it….but know that I am really just looking for good, smart people who are looking for the kind of special sauce we make here. Oh…and over 1,000 people applied to the last job I posted and I read every single word of every single application so keep that in mind…you will hear back from me if you write to me and I will read everything you say…for what it’s worth. I’m all soft on the inside…I can’t help it.

PS – Please respond with MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE in the subject line of your response so I know you read this whole posting and are not someone who is not thorough, is a nefarious machine, is a recruiter or a well-intentioned company that is unwilling to understand I want a human being sitting in my office to do this work.

How much do we love this? More than Savage loved Slim Jims:

How To Get A Job: ‘You MUST Be Enthusiastic!!!’

Jobseekers get a lot of flack for being totally ridiculous (flip-flops to an interview?) or doing things that, in retrospect, weren’t such a great idea, but as readers of MediaJobsDaily hopefully know, sometimes the person sitting on the other side of the desk is worse.

Here’s two blog posts from Kristin, a NYC-twenty-something who was emailed by a recruiter she’d never heard of about a position. Sounds good, right? Sadly, it started to spiral downhill almost immediately….

Part one: Recruiter is patronizing, comes up with silly requirements (like “ask her to write a two paragraph bio about herself in third person, explaining why she is right for this job. Right now, please. (It’s 4:30 pm)”) and forwards correspondence from the hiring manager directly to Kristin, when the hiring manager clearly thought she was just talking to the recruiter (which seems like it should be a big nono).

Part two: Recruiter sends this amazing email (go read the whole thing; neither we nor Kristin added this formatting, though):

Despite that, the writer says she went to the interview anyway and that the people at that company were nothing like this recruiter.

The happy ending: According to a later post on this blog, Kristin accepted a job offer. No telling whether it was this one.

Penny Arcade and PvP Creators Team Up To Create Webcomic About Work

Okay, so technically, it’s a webcomic about the “tribulations of software testing.” So we imagine that when the comic gets off the ground, most of the jokes are going to go over our head. (Software testing? There are enough jokes about that to make a webcomic????) But as “The Trenches” starts up it appears to be a fairly funny look at any job search.

It’s a collaboration between Scott Kurtz of PvP and Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, better known as Gabe and Tycho, of Penny Arcade.

The site also includes “tales from the trenches”—actual software testers with shitty jobs talking about them. The site is currently featuring one about a guy who spent a week in a barn, because there was no real office (or bathroom).

Here are a couple panels from one of the early comics:

Find A Job And A Date In One (Or Just Get $10k)

If you’re an engineer and join dating startup Zoosk by Sept. 30, you can go on an expenses-paid date with one of the stars of Zoosk’s latest commercials*. Don’t worry, there’s a guy and a girl.

If you’re not an engineer but know one, refer him/her and get $10,000 in a separate contest.

If neither of these statements apply to you, Zoosk is still hiring for a few marketing positions. But apparently marketers are less hard to find, because you don’t get a date if you get hired as one.

*The fine print, hilariously, says you could get a date with “the lead actress from Zoosk’s recent “Office Romance’ TV commercial or the lead actor from Zoosk’s recent “Athlete” TV commercial (or such other persons as Zoosk may determine in its sole discretion).”

Here’s the athlete. Come on ladies, he’s all yours.

The Worst Boss In America Is….

The one whose employee was in an ambulance, possibly having a heart attack, yet kept calling and threatening to fire her.

We mentioned this contest from Working America earlier this summer—people who wrote up short stories about terrible bosses would win a vacation, courtesy of the AFL-CIO.

The “boss with no heart” won the People’s Choice award, but two other storytellers are also getting vacations:

There was the woman whose doctor boss would leave her undies and medicated cream all over the place, which won the contest for Most Shared (though except for the granny panties, this sounds like the plot to Horrible Bosses).

The Staff Pick winner was the salesperson whose boss decided the team wasn’t meeting quota, so he took away everyone’s chairs.

They’ll all get vacations, and the runners-up will get cash or prizes.

Er, congrats to the winners. You all have had horrible workplace experiences, YAY!!!!

Read Min’s Straight-Faced Review Of Cosmo For Guys

Writing about boobs and sex noises is probably not part of the job description for writers at Min, that publication that provides breaking news for people in the publishing business—Min contains lots of serious articles about which ad sales reps have changed jobs and how to monetize content.

But that has changed—at least for today, when Minonline digital editor Steve Smith reviewed Hearst’s new Cosmo For Guys iPad magazine.

The gist: While Smith concedes that building an interactive iPad app is not cheap, it’s so much less expensive than launching a new magazine that Hearst could afford to put lots of interactive gizmos in.

He writes, playing it straight:

The best thing about CFG is that it presses against the confines of magazine convention. Because they are not tasked with starting an “enhanced” version of a print entity, the creators have freed themselves to engage more interactive and real-time features than most mag apps we have seen. … The features on women’s bedroom moans and the large collection of women recounting best sexual experiences are immeasurably more effective because you can tap audio samples and hear the narrative.

And like fantasy football, this app is filled with stats, almost all of them calculated in real time as users interact with the app. The best of these features in the CFG Sex Map, which monitors how women across the country are answering a set of burning questions like “Nipple biting: hot or not?” The page pulls in the current percentages as women enter their responses but also maps the binary responses on a map so you can see how the answers are running in your vicinity. This is fun and cool.

Smith goes on to compare and contrast other features (the 3D sex position models are “fun but less informative”; the quizzes are useless without a 3G connection) and ultimately gives the app a B+.

But we would have killed to be inside the newsroom when this story was being written.

Unemployed Man’s ‘Publicity Stunt’ Is An Offer To Let You Hunt Him Down And Kill Him

All we can say about Mork Encino’s attempt at “spread[ing] the word about [his] predicament” (i.e. unemployment) is OH COME ON NOW.

Encino’s entirely-a-joke website,, says that for $10,000 USD you can spend 24 hours trying to hunt Encino. If you find him, you kill him and get a “PRIZE HUMAN MOUNT for your wall and ALL INCOME from any organ harvest.”

“If you dont think this here is real than you havent seen the numbers or know anyone desperate for a GODDAMN paycheck,” he said in another post.

And yes, Encino’s “offer” made it into a Taiwanese animation news clip. That’s how you know he’s hit the big time.

The Guardian spoke with Encino about his site, saying that Encino was really just trying to get publicity for being out of work for more than a year.

“After losing his construction job 13 months ago, Encino, 28, has been unemployed, despite sending out more than 200 job applications. ‘I haven’t got a single response.’”

Again, all we can say is really?? This tactic might get Encino a gig as a funnyman, but as a construction worker?

‘More People…Have Jobs That Require Them To Confront The Risk Of Appearing Stupid On A Regular Basis’


Hey dummy!

According to a few smart people, the new workplace is about taking risks, rather than keeping your head down and working steadily but unimaginatively.

Seth Godin said as much earlier this week.

Bob Corlett, founder of The Staffing Advisor, a search firm in DC, says that being unafraid to appear stupid is a trait that shares a lot with what people call “luck.”

Some people—the ones that “have all the luck”—are typically humble, curious, and optimistic.

Some people, he says, are “engaging and fun to work with – moving from success to success – while similarly qualified people seem overwhelmed with problems, and are always seem to be teetering on the edge of defeat…”

And while you probably can’t trot out these qualities in an interview—we don’t recommend telling your interviewer that you’re “lucky and stupid”—but it wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate your curiosity, optimism, and/or humility.

And then

That’s A Business Card We’d Like To See

KFC has relaunched its grilled chicken product and promoted Aaron Person to act as a spokesperson for KFC’s cook certification program.

His title? Chief Chicken Officer.

As CCO, Person will star in internal videos that will re-teach KFC’s cooks how to make chicken. He may also star in ads, AdAge says.

Person was previously a cook at KFC—for 25 years. Last year, he was the only participant in a company challenge to earn a perfect score on chicken-cooking.

At least it’s a C-suite title….

(h/t PRNewser)