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Five Physical Signs You’re Getting Stressed Out

stressIf you just looked at the calendar and freaked out the holidays are literally here and there’s not enough time to get everything done, you’re not alone.

It’s definitely a worst case scenario to feel run down and get sick more easily than other times of the year.

This piece on U.S. News & World Report caught our attention to be wary of physical signs you are getting stressed out. Since self-care is the best type of care, it’s all the more reason to slow down this time of year and pay attention to your body before you’ve reached an all-time high stressed out mode. Read more

Exclusive Interview With Maureen Sullivan, President of & Lifestyle Brands

AOL LOGOAt a recent NYWICI event, we caught up with Maureen Sullivan, president of and lifestyle brands, for an exclusive interview.

The executive was honored with a WiCi Award celebrating career achievements of rising stars in communications.

MediaJobsDaily: Let’s talk about leadership roles and tackling new responsibilites.

Maureen Sullivan: If you have a great advocate and boss and someone who really believes in you and thinks you’re ready for the next challenge, in every phase of your career you don’t necessarily have that person…I’m really lucky for Tim [Armstrong, AOL's CEO & Chairman].

He created awesome opportunities for me and said, “Do you want to try this? Do you want to go for it?” I don’t know if I was naïve enough or brave enough or didn’t know better enough to say, “Yeah, sure. I’ll take that on.” I think the more you do, then you have to go for it. Things do fall into place. Read more

The UN Makes Workplace Suggestions For International Day of Persons With Disabilities

globeToday is the International Day of Persons With Disabilities and as such, the UN has outlined areas for improvement like creating enabling work environments.

The numbers tell all: Globally one billion people live with a disability. Approximately 80 percent of this population lives in developing countries so technology access is key to the “full and equal participation of persons with disabilities.” Read more

Survey Shows Top Culprits of Cyber Monday at Work: Upper Management

online shoppingIf you trolled some sites yesterday during office hours looking for bargains, you’re not alone.

In fact, as per a new CareerBuilder survey, senior level employees are the biggest shoppers of Cyber Monday deals at work.

They’re more likely to use work hours to shop online than entry level or professional staff members by seven percentage points. That equates to 53 percent compared to 46 percent, respectively. Get this — within upper management, 10 percent actually admitted they planned to spend more than three hours or more of work time yesterday shopping for bargains. Read more

Three Career Tips From TV Personality Lauren Lake

gavelIf you’ve seen Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court, then you’ve seen Lake presiding overly highly emotional cases.

Well, when it comes to career advice, she’s equally as passionate. We recently caught up with Lake for an exclusive interview.

1. Stop yearning for Fridays. “Get away from a place where you’re living for Friday and dreading Monday,” she advises. “Find what you love most in life and create a life around that. It’s possible.”

For instance, Lake loves to be artistic and also loves intellectual things like practicing law and helping people. “I found a way to combine all of those things…we can each do this in our own lives. It just takes doing the work.” Read more

How to Handle an Unethical Boss With Bogus Expenses

power poseWith the spirit of last week’s post about horrible bosses pegged to the sequel, let’s continue the conversation, okay?

According to a piece in today’s New York Post, a reader’s concerned about her boss’s excessive usage with a company-issued credit card. In essence, she takes her husband out to dinner and expenses the meals as if he’s a client. And you guessed it — she takes taxis to get her hair done and expenses cab fares as well. Apparently she convinced herself the hair appointment is a work-related “meeting.” Read more

Workers Sign Petition Against Working for Retailers on Thanksgiving

presentsIf you work in retail on the side from your media gig, chances are you may be fuming about having to work tomorrow. Or you may be completely excited to earn time-and-a-half.

In any event, according to The New York Post, disgruntled workers at various stores like Target, Macy’s and Kmart have organized petitions garnering thousands of signatures. For instance, as of yesterday afternoon, a Target employee got more than 100,000 signatures to indicate they were against Target’s plans to open on Thanksgiving. Read more

Lesson on Keeping Your Cool: Jennifer Aniston Pranks Reporter

As Jennifer Aniston promoted her new movie, Horrible Bosses 2, a BBC Radio 1 journalist experienced one of his worst interviews ever thanks to a prank. She was asked to give him a difficult time and kindly obliged to the request.

From a career perspective, he did what everyone should do as they’re internally sweating bullets. Keep. Your. Cool.

Survey Shows Nearly 20 Percent of Workers Will Spend Thanksgiving With Colleagues

Turkey Day2Sure, you’ve probably heard about the expression “work family” and with Thanksgiving almost here, it couldn’t be closer to the truth.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, almost one in five workers plan to celebrate the holiday with colleagues.  Read more

Three Ways to Deal With a Horrible Boss

hangoverAs Horrible Bosses 2 gets released in theaters tomorrow, it’s a blatant reminder of bad bosses.

If you’re working for one now, you have a few options.

1. Leave. If your boss makes your life miserable and consistently digs into your self-esteem, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Get the heck out and get out now.

Here’s the thing about being upset at work — typically that unhappiness leaks into your personal life so before you know it, every aspect of life feels heavy and dark. Step into the light and get yourself out of the situation.

Whether you pursue a new job internally or externally (and honestly, we recommend doing both), the key is removing yourself from a toxic environment as soon as possible. Read more