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Archives: August 2011

Jobs Of The Day: You Could Manage The Email List Of The Coolest (Or At Least Spiraliest) Museum In NYC

Guggenheim # 1
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum needs a digital marketing manager, which means exactly what the headline says: you could manage the email campaigns of the most spiraliest, and some might argue coolest, museum in New York CIty. You need 3+ years experience in marketing or digital advertising, you must understand and be active on social media channels, and be able to handle a monster to-do list. Good luck!

The Radiological Society of North America wants a public information and communications assistant. (Oak Brook, IL)
CondeNast is looking for an administrative assistant. (New York, NY)
Roundhouse needs an associate digital producer. (Seattle, WA)
Adelphi University is looking for a part-time copywriter/proofreader. (Garden City, NY)
The Pharos-Tribune is looking for a senior reporter. (Logansport, IN)
Interweave needs a publisher. (Loveland, CO)
Ervin & Smith is seeking a digital creative director. (Omaha, NE)
Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group wants a marketing assistant. (New York, NY)
Penguin Group is looking for a managing editorial assistant. (New York, NY)
The Wall Street Journal is hiring a reporter. (New York, NY)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1482 jobs on our board.

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Photo Editor Told To Lay Off Half His Staff, Resigns Instead

The Dayton Daily News’s photo editor, a two-time Pulitzer winner, was told he needed to cut two to four positions, or half his photography staff.

So Larry Price resigned instead, the Dayton Business Journal says.

“I do not believe the layoffs are fair to you as individuals or that they are in the best interest of the Dayton Daily news and our readers. If these cuts are enacted, it will be impossible to meet the Cox initiatives for covering breaking news, sharing content with our media partners and growing our online presence,” he said in a letter to his staff.

This might have been a long time coming, anyway. In a separate Dayton Business Journal article Price explained to reporter Ginger Christ how he felt his employer’s approach to photography change over the years:

Price saw the DDN’s approach to photography continue to change; photographs became less of a focus and graphics were used in their place whenever possible.
The seminal moment for him occurred earlier this year after he had to defend a photograph of a girl with tears in her eyes at a candlelight vigil in west Dayton. The photo, he was told, was too emotional.
“The new prerogative, as it was explained to me, was to dumb down the photo report, to pull back and show crowd photographs,” Price said.
At that point, Price said he realized there was a mandate to stop producing sophisticated visual content.

What now?

“I’m going to take pictures. I’m going to take fine photographs. I’m in a position, I’m not in mid-career, I’m not trying to start out. I’m luckier than some,” Price told Christ.

A Referral Is Up To 8x Better Than A Job Board

If you want a job, get a contact on the inside.

This shouldn’t be news, but we have to keep throwing it out there.

We spoke to Shanil Kaderali, manager of talent programs at WellPoint and HR/recruiting thought leader to get more details. First, here’s what he said on StartWire (our emphasis):

On average, one of out every 33 candidates is going to get hired from an online source — such as a job board or a career site. If you are referred, your odds go up to one in four. Those are better odds.

And here’s what he said to us:

The stats I have are for experience internally with large companies.There is of course, a variance depending on the roles – this should have been clarified in that interview — so, for a position in customer service, there’ll be more applications than say in IT or specific management roles but the trend shows the odds are still better if you’re referred with any of the roles.

He went on to say that the one in four statistic is on the optimistic end of the spectrum, but his data show that in other industries or situations, an applicant with a referral might have a one in ten shot at being hired. That’s still better than the job board approach.

Finally, he said, “The goal is to get [an] individual to refer you as a candidate. You can apply or go an event, but spending a little investment time to cultivate the contacts will make a difference (I think) in the job search process.” Amen.

ADP Predicts So-So Payroll Gains In August; Others Not So Sure

Private payrolls rose 91,000 in August, according to the latest ADP National Employment Report.

If correct, that’d be slightly less than the growth from June to July, which was approximately 110,000.

Most of the job growth came from small and medium businesses (which ADP defines as up to 49 workers, and 50-499 workers, respectively), with those companies adding a total of 88,000 jobs. Services fared much better than goods, with the service sector marking its 20th consecutive month of job gains.

ADP’s monthly report covers only private employment. The federal government’s jobs report, which includes both public and private-sector employment, is due Friday. Economists polled by Bloomberg predict that that report will say the economy added just 75,000 jobs, a Reuters forecast concurs.

Shortly After Magazine Closures, Penton Acquires Nine Lives Media

Penton shuttered two magazines last week but the company isn’t curling into the fetal position: it just acquired Nine Lives Media, a collection of IT related blogs and web platforms, including MSPmentor, The VAR Guy, and Talkin’ Cloud.

Nine Lives will be integrated into Penton’s Technology Group, Folio says, but the fifteen staff will all keep their jobs and remain where they are in their remote locations across the country.

On the acquisition, Penton’s technology division market leader Peg Miller said: “We’re seeing a strong appetite in the IT channel for the marketing services we developed earlier this year, and it felt like the right time to team these companies to have a strong front-end play in the technology ecosystem.”

Financial Times Pulls Out Of iTunes | Media Moves | More Yesterday’s News

Thanks to Apple’s new and some might say onerous rules for publishers, you won’t be able to find the Financial Times in the App Store…look for the paper’s HTML5 “app” instead….media moves….and more tidbits from yesterday….

Freelance Forecast Employers Say Recession Has Affected Their Freelance Budgets

More from the Boomvang Creative Freelance Forecast survey, this time from the employer perspective….

All that social media you’re investing in as a freelancer, trying to get clients’ attention, might be misdirected energy.

According to the employer survey (again, not a scientific poll), 95 percent of respondents who hire freelancers said word of mouth was “the best” way to find freelancers, or else that it “usually works.” More than six in 10 said that professional associations were fertile sources of freelancers; only 37 percent cited traditional networking groups, and about a third said social media “usually works.”

If true, consider ponying up the few bucks to join a few associations. We have a big list, mostly for journalists, in our archives. There are plenty no matter what your flavor of media is.

At any rate, other highlights from the Boomvang survey for employers include:

  • The type of freelancer being hired is super diverse, one in five employers uses writers, but one in six use editors or graphic designers; still more hire photographers, videographers, and illustrators. No one category took a clear lead.
  • More than a third (37 percent) said that the recession had “slightly” or “significantly” decreased the number of freelancers their company hires. Only 19 percent said they’ve been hiring more since the recession.

    The good news, though: half of respondents said they’d be handing out the same amount of freelance work this year, and 40 percent said they’d assign more work.

    Get cracking!

Advertising & PR Industries Less Hated Than Airlines, Real Estate

According to an annual Gallup poll about which industries Americans love and hate most, advertising and PR are the tenth least-liked industry in America, though that means that flacks are more popular than drug companies, airlines, banks, healthcare, real estate agents, and the federal government.

The television and radio industry fared little better: TV folks were more well-liked than utility companies, but less-liked than accountants, farmers, or anyone in the sports industry.

Publishing was the 9th most-liked industry, but was also the media industry that slipped the farthest since 2001, when Gallup began the survey. Publishing lost 9 percentage points of “positive sentiment” over the past decade.

Well, it could be worse–we could all work for the government. But if you’re a public relations person for a government figure, is your negative score cumulative?

Video: 5 Things You Need to Know This Week

In this week’s episode of “5 Things You Need to Know This Week,” we give a lesson on human reproduction, talk about the U.S. Open, sit down with Julian Assange, and, oh yeah, cover that Irene thing everyone’s been talking about.

For more videos, check out, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

What’s Adman Turned Filmmaker Erik Proulx Up To?

After making Lemonade, the acclaimed documentary about 16 advertising professionals who reinvented their lives, Erik Proulx set out to make a movie about an entire city reinventing itself.

Lemonade: Detroit will “sensationalize hope” through the stories of Detroit residents who realize their city “can no longer rely on a single industry for its livelihood” and are changing the city for the better.

But Proulx needs some funding. The short is done, but the full movie is still TBA. To get the movie done, Proulx is inviting people to “buy a frame“–literally. For a dollar, you will be credited on IMDB as a producer and you will have helped one frame get made. Want a full second of the film? Pony up $24.

Proulx has raised over $50,000 so far, which is pretty awesome. He says he’s contacted Guinness about a possible world record for the most number of producers (nearly 2,000 already).

We dig this innovative funding method and wish him the best of luck.

Below, watch a video of Proulx explaining his concept as well as see a short trailer.

PSFK Conference NYC 2011: Eric Proulx from Piers Fawkes on Vimeo.