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Archives: October 2011

Laid-Off Gannett Reporter Occupies Lansing

Barbara Weiland was laid off from her reporting job at the Lansing State Journal in June, along with 700 other Gannett employees.

Now she’s marching with the crew of Occupy Lansing.

The American Independent reports that after Weiland’s severance ran out, she began to struggle to pay her mortgage and credit card bills. She stopped by the protest HQ to drop off hand-knitted hats and scarves and ended up joining the march.

She told TAI her experiences of covering poverty in the Lansing area were nothing in comparison to living in poverty. “It’s like America hates its own people,” she told TAI.

But what stings the most: Former CEO Craig Dubow’s retirement package of $37.1 million in retirement and disability. Dubow resigned in October, citing medical problems. His disability retirement package is significantly more than if he had retired under normal circumstances.

“If you divide that [$37 million] by 700 people, you get about $50,000 — that was my annual salary,” Weiland said.

Newspaper Snack Machines Find Their Own Tumblr

It appeared mysteriously earlier this month.

It comes with no description, other than this:

“I work at a famous American newspaper. In September 2011, the snack machine went from “bland but respectable” to “where flavors go to die.” Here, I will depict the fall of print journalism through the plummeting quality of newspaper snack machine offerings.”

One such depiction:

The caption reads: “When you’re exhausted enough to pop open one of these babies, an inflatable college-aged blogger springs forth and relieves you of your duties.”

The anonymous author is taking submissions. Meanwhile, anonymous author, if you want to conduct a mysterious interview under cover of darkness, you know how to reach us.

P.S.: A respectable blog reader may feel compelled to question: Is this news? To which we reply with a question of our own: Is it Friday?

Media Moves | Hanley Wood Hangs In There | More Yesterday’s News

Hang in there, kitty, and hang in there, Hanley Wood, publisher of many construction-related trade mags…since the construction business hasn’t been so great lately, so goes the magazines, but the publisher says they’re not “throwing in the towel” yet…..this and more stories below…

Help Your PR Career Take Off Abroad

Increase your pay, get a promotion, and do it in an exotic location? How do we get started?

For Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, writing at, the choice was simple. Three years in Hong Kong as a vice president at Burson-Marsteller got her a big promotion (to global account managing director) within one year of her return.

Working in another country will broaden your horizons, both personally and professionally, she says. “Doors will open for you, because companies need more people who can apply international experience to local business challenges. Knowledge and understanding of foreign cultures, regulations, economies, consumers and work habits are now crucial for corporate survival—and they can be your ticket to the fast track.”

Plus, if you’re working for a small foreign branch of a big PR company, you’ll have more face time with high-up execs if and when they drop in for a visit, and “it is not uncommon for a mid-level manager to counsel and escort traveling political leaders, members of the C-suite, and even client CEOs when they are on an international tour. You can’t beat that exposure,” Berdan says.

So how do you get that transfer? Start by doing your current job flawlessly, she says. “Most professionals who’ve worked overseas admit that it was one of the most difficult things they have ever done.” If you make your international desires known, brush up on the language and culture, and get a mentor or boss to bat for you, you’ll be overseas before you can say Yo trabajo en relaciones públicas.

Analyst: NYT Paywall Won’t Overcome Print Losses

A Citigroup analyst downgraded the New York Times’ stock from “Buy” to “Neutral,” saying that the loss in print advertising will be greater than any revenue made up from digital subscriptions, the AP reports.

When the New York Times company revealed in its third quarter earnings report that it had 324,000 digital subscribers, that number was hailed as a positive sign (it was, after all, 40,000 more subscribers than it had at the end of the second quarter).

But Citigroup analyst Leo Kulp looked to the future. Right now, another 100,000 people are getting free subscriptions to through a sponsorship deal with Lincoln that ends at the end of the year. He figures that when the deal ends, some of those sponsored readers will switch to paid subscriptions.

But even if “a substantial number” of those readers pay up, Kulp estimates that the Times is going to lose more in a decline in print advertising. He estimates that the Times will bring in an extra $70 million a year from all paywall payer-uppers, but that it could lose $80 million in the next year in advertising.

However, Kulp thinks the Times’ stock could hit $8, up from $7.33 Wednesday, within the next year. There you go, Leo – thanks for showing some love.

Case Study: Hire More People, See Magazine Grow

This is a great, happy counterpoint to the “nobody is hiring” gloom of yesterday: Northshore magazine, a regional publication for Essex County, Mass., is worth eight times more than it was in 2005.

Folio: reports that the magazine has expanded its frequency from six to eight issues annually, has met its advertising, circulation and production targets over the past three years, and just had its best issue ever in terms of ad revenue.

How’d they do it?

President and publisher Rick Sedler told Folio: “We didn’t cut our budget, or any staff, during the economic recession, but rather expanded our team to pick up key players available in a tough economy. The move to increase budget was a risky and bold one, but clearly this strategy has paid off.”

Elevator Pitch: One-on-One with OnSwipe CEO

In the latest episode of “Elevator Pitch,” host Alan Meckler gets pitched by OnSwipe CEO Jason Baptiste, who says his company’s tablet publishing platform is “insanely easy.”

For more videos, check out, and be sure to follow us on Twitter: @mediabistroTV

Motley Fool Gears Up For Blog Network Launch, Paid Bloggers Requested

Investing advice site The Motley Fool is seeking bloggers for a soon-to-launch blog network about investing and business.

This blog network will have an interesting pay structure, we’ve learned: bloggers can post as much or as little as they’d like. But, according to blog network president Roger Friedman, there are some catches:

Tier 1: if you write a post that’s not about business or investing and doesn’t mention a publicly traded company, you won’t get paid, but it will be published on our network and could be promoted on Tier 2: if you write a high-quality post about investing that mentions publicly traded companies, you’ll be paid competitively for that post and will have it syndicated to our distribution partners such as Yahoo! Finance, AOL, and MSN. Tier 3: if you consistently write high-quality blogs that add value to our investing community, you’ll have blanket permission to publish and have that content syndicated to our partners, and you’ll get paid even more handsomely.

Friedman added: “We expect our compensation to be very competitive — our goal is to reward bloggers so that writing for The Motley Fool is worth their time. We’re a company known for producing outstanding content, so we’re more than happy to pay people who produce insightful and compelling material.”

This might be why The Motley Fool is consistently on local Best Places To Work lists.

Interested in applying? Check out the details at Talking Biz News.

Interns Feeling Exploited | WSJ Names Staff | Layoffs And More Yesterday’s News

Our compatriots across the pond have realized that unpaid internships can be a tad exploitative, while the Wall Street Journal has decided on staffing for its online product CFO Journal, and more news from yesterday…
(Apologies for the late posting–database issues held us up from accessing the site’s backend. We should be fixed now!)

Jobs Of The Day: Progressive Visionaries Sought At is hiring a communications director. You can work out of either New York or Washington, DC, and you’ll have an impact on the progressive organization’s campaigns leading into the 2012 elections. Political and/or adrenaline junkies preferred, we assume.

EAM Worldwide seeks a marketing manager. (Miami, FL)
C-SPAN is hiring a master control operator. (Washington, DC)
Grubhub has an open position: a social media manager. (Chicago, IL)
Summit Business Media is seeking a portal editor. (Hoboken, NJ)
Hachette Book Group has an open position: an associate copyeditor. (Boston, MA)
FXCM has an open position: a web designer. (New York, NY)
SNL Financial is seeking a copy editor. (Charlottesville, VA)
Shape magazine wants a beauty director. (New York, NY)
Parham Santana seeks an art director. (New York, NY)
Syracuse University is hiring a professor of magazine writing and editing. (Syracuse, NY)

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