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Archives: December 2011

Jobs Of The Day: Observer Media Group Seeks Designer To Work On Luxury Publication

HAT & SCARFThe Observer Media Group seeks a freelance graphic designer to work on an unnamed luxury publication.

This is the company that is turning a profit this year (yay!) and whose CEO doesn’t take any guff. According to the NY Post, when an anonymous rival expressed doubt that the company is actually going to be profitable (and said he’d “eat his hat in front of Macy’s” if he was wrong), CEO Jared Kushner told the rival he was welcome to have a look at the company’s books under an NDA.

The rival turned him down, so the hat is safe. For now.

Mindset Digital seeks a social media manager/trainer. (Columbus, OH)
NewBay Media is looking for a senior editor. (Alexandria, VA)
MacKay & Sposito seeks a communications coordinator. (Vancouver, WA)
Crain Communications Inc is seeking a reporter. (Chicago, IL)
Marketplace is looking for a senior wealth and poverty reporter. (Los Angeles, CA)
The Economic Policy Institute seeks a graphic designer. (Washington, DC)
Meetings Focus is hiring a brand marketing specialist. (Cedar Rapids, IA)
AmazonCrossing wants a senior acquisitions editor. (Seattle, WA)
Spokeo needs a chief editor. (Pasadena, CA) seeks a managing editor. (New York, NY)

Every day we scour major job boards, including, but not limited to’s listings, to find the best media jobs out there. We screen out duplicates and scams so you know you’re only receiving the top choices.

As of the time of this posting, there were 1097 jobs on our board.

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Travel Writers Advised To Avoid Newspapers

“Years ago almost every major newspaper in the country had its own travel section, which was a rich source of sales for full-time travel writers. But in recent years a lot of the big newspapers have gone out of business. There just aren’t as many travel sections available as there used to be.”

The year this was written: 1991.

Things don’t change fast, do they?

Image is from Writer’s Digest, May 1991. Thanks to a friend of MJD for the scan.

Minimum Wage Has Not Kept Pace With Inflation

In a chart that should not surprise anyone who has read this blog (or read anything in the media in the past six months, for that matter), a new chart from Bloomberg shows that minimum-wage workers are worse off now than they were in the 60s, even as the minimum wage has risen by more than 400 percent.

That’s because inflation has outpaced minimum wage increases so now it’s like minimum-wage workers are making 20 percent less than they were in 1967.

Thanks to increases over the past four years, that figure is better than it would have been: in 2007, before federally mandated wage increases took effect, minimum-wage workers were making 41 percent less, adjusted for inflation.

Of course, as Bloomberg points out, with so many people willing to take any job due to the poor economy, employers now have little incentive to increase wages.

Eight states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington — will increase their minimum wage by between 28 cents and 37 cents an hour effective Jan. 1. Workers in Washington State will then receive the highest minimum wage, of $9.04 per hour.

Google Recruiter Shares Biggest Applicant Red Flag

You and your recruiter are not besties, as much as you wish you were.

According to Google recruiter Michael Junge, that’s one of the biggest mistakes job applicants make.

“A lot of people see us as a necessary evil; others see us as a powerful ally. It’s interesting how that plays out in people’s attitudes and behaviors and the way they interact with us,” he tells PEHub. “The reality is that we’re trying to make sure we’re hiring the best people, including people who have the best attitude as well as skill set. Any time someone tells me, ‘I would never say this to a hiring manager, but…’ whatever comes after the ‘but’ does not advance their cause.”

Other problems: being late for phone calls or people “who get wrapped up in little details” make poor hires, Junge says. “You can also learn a lot, usually later in the process, by how someone handles the negotiation around their salary. I’ve seen people become very emotional when we start talking about money. I’ve also seen them make commitments and then back out. One specific red flag is not being willing to share salary history, or misrepresenting salary history…if a candidate blatantly exaggerates his pay, if someone making $80,000 says they are making $110,000 in order to get a better offer, that can be [a conversation ender].”

Highest-Paid Media CEOs | ‘Occupy’ Journalist Arrests | More News You Need To Know

Curious who the 25 highest-paid CEOs in New York are? Many work for Wall Street but Murdoch’s on there, as is AOL’s Tim Armstrong and the CEO of Viacom, who is not just the highest-paid media CEO in New York, but the highest-paid CEO in any industry anywhere in the U.S. Yup.

Halifax Has Offered Employment To At Least Some NYT Regional Staffers

As promised, Halifax Media Holdings has decided which staffers at the New York Times Regional Media Group it is going to keep on as it acquires those 16 papers.

At least one office is sticking around. According to a tipster who wrote in to The Atlantic Wire, the Times company sent out this email earlier today:

Dear Regional Media Group Colleague,
On Tuesday, Dec. 27, you received an announcement from Michael that the Regional Media Group is being sold to Halifax Media Holdings LLC. We are pleased to inform you that Halifax has informed us that they will be offering you employment.
We are alerting you via e-mail as many people are out of the office due to the holidays and we wanted to be certain that you received this information quickly.
Should you have any questions, please speak with your publisher.

According to the tipster, “Everyone in my office has gotten one confirming their continued employment. In the 20 minutes or so since I received the email, I have not heard of anyone who hasn’t received one in the business or news side of the paper.”

All other information (salary, benefits, what happens to those, if any, who didn’t get the email) is still TK. But hey—this is great news.

The Most Epic Out Of Office Mail Yet

We’ve featured out-of-office responses on this blog in the past but this one really takes the cake. We think it may be the most epic “I’m not here” message we have seen yet.

Please feel free to share your favorites in the comments but check this out, from exaqueo:

Dear Sender,
Thanks for your email. I am out of the office until January 3. That’s right. I work so hard and am so important to this company that I haven’t taken any vacation this year. So now it’s December 22 and I have four weeks to use. Since I work 24/7, taking the next 13 days is like taking four weeks.
You clearly don’t work as hard as I do since you’re sending me this email today. Procrastinator. But because you took that two weeks with your family in Orlando earlier this year, and then another week at the beach you’re stuck with only a few vacation days left. Sucks to be you.
While you were sending me this email, I was using my hard earned vacation. I had about 5 months of drycleaning stacked up so that took all of this morning to take in. And now I am probably looking for my gym membership card that’s somewhere in my house since I haven’t been since June.
Then, I’ll probably decide not to go, and sit on the couch to watch some daytime TV. Did you know there aren’t many soap operas on anymore? I had no idea so many people were home during the day, but they are. And they’re calling QVC and ordering things from something called the Quacker Factory.
But don’t despair! While watching my tenth episode in a row of House Hunters, I’ll pick up my smartphone and see your email because I can’t ever concentrate on just one thing. And I’ll probably reply, because I love love love love checking my email. Then I’ll decide that the reply is too long to type out on my phone. So I’ll boot up that awesome company-issued Lenovo PC and write you a long thoughtful response…which you won’t read until January 3 because you’re too busy sipping egg nog and spending actual time with your family.
I can’t tell you who to contact in my absence because no one’s available. Meaning, no one will admit they’re available. But most of them, like me, are pretending to be on vacation, so you can email them too and they’ll probably write you back while watching reruns of Battlestar Gallactica or Say Yes to the Dress.
So Happy Holidays, and I look forward to collaborating successfully with you in 2012.
Warmest regards,
The person you just emailed.

Flint Anchor Bill Harris Departs WJRT

Bill Harris, who worked at Flint, Mich.’s WJRT-12 for 34 years, is done with them, he told Mlive.

After his contract was not renewed in April, he was asked to come back to the station to work on some special projects. Those projects are now over, and he confirms to Mlive that “the marriage wasn’t perfect,” so he’s done.

“My vision for what I want to do … didn’t mesh with (the work at) ABC12,” he said.

He has had ongoing conversations with rival stations WNEM-5 (CBS) and WEYI-25 (NBC) since summer, and may join one of them as soon as January.

Harris is a four-time Emmy winner and a viewer favorite if this Facebook post is anything to go by.

Jobless Claims Rise To 381,000; Labor Market ‘Healing’

Jobless claims last week rose from 366,000 to 381,000, but according to Reuters journalists, “the underlying trend continued to point to improving labor market conditions.”

According to Gennadiy Goldberg, interest-rate strategist at 4CAST in New York, this uptick is simply the market “correcting” itself from an unsustainable but totally awesome plummet to a “sustainable downtrend.”

Since claims remain below 400,000, consumer spending and consumer confidence should both show improvements in December.

Meanwhile, the number of people receiving continuing benefits from their state rose 34,000 to 3.60 million in the week ended December 10, the most recent week data is available. Economists had forecast a smaller rise, from 3.55 million to 3.56 million.

The number of people receiving emergency extended benefits (those who had exhausted their state benefits) fell 15,000 in the same week to 2.9 million.

Outgoing Journo George Vecsey To Aspiring Sports Journos: ‘Do Something Else’ | And More News You Need To Know

George Vecsey just took a buyout for the New York Times, and when asked what young kids should do who want to do what he did, he responded: “Seriously? Minor in something else.” Yikes….