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Archives: September 2012

Three Tips For Better Phone Interviews

It seems kind of archaic to mention it, but when was the last time you talked on the phone with your boss? Had a phone screen by a recruiter? In case you have a phone interview scheduled on the calendar, it may be time to brush up on formal phone etiquette skills.

According to a post on WetFeet, it may seem like a minor detail but how you speak on the phone and articulate yourself are critical for your job hunt success. Read more

Four Signs It’s Time to Leave a Dead End Job

Ever feel frustrated on the job? Maybe your editor just doesn’t recognize how hard you work or maybe you’re not personally satisfied with meeting deadline after deadline.

Well, according to a piece on Forbes, there are a few factors to pay attention to as you begin to think your career is officially on a dead end path.

1. The job has run out of gas.  Headhunter Jorg Stegemann points out several phases of a job within the piece: the honeymoon, reality, learning the ropes, mastering the job, question marks, demotivation, and the inevitable burn out. He asks, “Which phase are you currently in? Do you feel energized when you think of your job or worn out? Do you fight or have you given up?” The key, it seems, is not waiting until phase six approaches. Instead, pay attention to warning signs like lethargy and sweating the small stuff. He says in the blog post it’s ideal to depart during phase four or five.

2. Your industry is in turmoil. With a variety of mergers and downsizings, not to mention the state of newspapers, it’s probably safe to say the media industry is transitioning at the moment. If you hear news that your company is tightening its belt,  pay attention to your department as well as others. How is your employer treating people? Is solid talent being let go? Or are smart role models you admire leaving by their own choice?  He adds, “Without a quick turn-around, brain drain spells the beginning of the end. It might be time to consider a career change.”

3. Company profits are down (or non-existent). Stay abreast of your company’s financial well-being as well as your own deparmtent. For instance, if you’re a copy editor in the print side of the house, maybe it’s time to move into the web division instead. Also look around to see if your company is positioned well within the marketplace. If it doesn’t measure up and seems to be disintegrating, it may be time to leave that ship before it sinks.

4. There’s nothing in it for you. Seriously. If you dread going into the office every morning and get nothing out of it other than punching the time clock and receiving that pay check, accept it for what it is: A dead end street. And start making moves to pursue a job opportunity that’s more fulfilling with a brighter tomorrow.

Baba Shetty Named CEO of Newsweek/Daily Beast

This just in — Baba Shetty has been named the new CEO of Newsweek/The Daily Beast.

As reported by The Huffington Post, he’ll start his new job in October and will replace Stephen Colvin. Shetty currently works at Hill Holliday, an advertising agency, as the chief of strategy and media.

In a statement, Tina Brown indicated: “We collaborated on our very successful Newsweek Mad Men issue together and forged a terrific creative relationship. He is extremely gifted at brand and digital strategy, is a strong leader, and is the perfect partner for the next phase of The Newsweek Daily Beast Company and our expanding live events business.”

New Survey Reveals Hiring Obstacles for Job Hoppers

Ever wonder if stints on your resume adding up to less than 12 months each look bad in the eyes of a recruiter? Wonder no more.

According to a new Bullhorn survey of 1,500 hiring managers and recruiters, 39 percent of recruiters indicate job hopping is indeed a problem to landing a new gig.

They say “the single biggest obstacle for an unemployed candidate in regaining employment is having a history of ‘hopping jobs,’ or leaving a company before one year of tenure.” Read more

From ‘Botox Leave’ to ‘Eternity Leave’ — Eight Unique Employee Benefits Around the Globe

If you think 15 or 20 days of personal time is par for the course here in America, well, you’re right. But what about benefits that include home electricity generators, time off for cosmetic procedures, and even an “eternity leave?”

Mercer’s 2012 Worldwide Benefits & Employment Guidelines round up some unique employee benefits across the pond.

1. Home electricity generators. In Nigeria, employees are offered home electricity generators. In fact, maintenance costs as well are offered as employee benefits. Read more

We Suddenly Want To Drop Everything To Work At This Berlin Startup

Because has the greatest recruiting page we have seen in a long time.

Wooga makes Facebook games like Diamond Dash, but the company is gearing up to release more.

The top of the page for a job listing for a story writer for a new game features a message from one of the game’s characters. “Dear Future Colleague, My name is Vincent and I am an anthropologist in a new Wooga game.” Awesome. The list of qualifications: blessedly short. The “why should you work here” pitch: long on content. An ATS system that you have to apply through, but a photo and name of a real human to contact if you have any questions. The page itself is colorful and gives a sense of the company culture, without being too wacky (though opinions may vary on the weird Einstein-looking octopus).

Seriously, sign us up.

Media Ethics & the Kate Middleton Photos

As news surfaced late last week about Closer, the French magazine that published topless photos of Kate Middleton, one can only wonder about the ethics of the editor and for that matter, the photographer as well.

According to Fox News/The Associated Press, attorneys for the royal family are going to make a criminal complaint against the photographer and they’ve already launched a civil suit against Closer.

This begs the question: If you were the editor-in-chief, would you have published them anyway? Would the consequences of a fall-out even occur? Would you consider the “public road” from which the photographer took the photos as a legitimate reason to not only snap the photos but publish them as well?

Moreover, what if you were a bystander? If you were a staffer, another photographer, a  copy editor — if you weren’t directly involved with the publishing but knew it was going to happen, what would you do? In this slow economy perhaps the first inclination would be to remain silent but at what price?

Of course, the photos of the Duchess of Cambridge is under the global spotlight but what if something of less magnitude occurred at the office? Would you speak up? Look the other way? Alert someone else, perhaps your immediate editor to inform him or her of what was going on so you did your part? Just some food for thought.

7 Tips for Hiring the Best Candidate

One benefit of today’s down economy is that those with the resources for new hires have even more talent to choose from.  Yet, as a manager, you have to know how to dig a little deeper to find the person who’s really the best fit for the position.

For starters, use the interview to glean info that isn’t on the resume. And an easy way to do this to ask about what happened between jobs. ”Find out why the person changed roles or employers. If a transition doesn’t make sense, then probe more deeply,” said Caroline McClure, principal at recruiting consultant ScoutRock. That information is sure to be more useful than a canned response about previous job duties.

Get six more tips for maximizing an interview in 7 Job Interview Tips for Employers. [subscription required]

Freelancers: A Happy, Well-Paid Bunch

Some optimistic news from Ed “The Wealthy Freelancer” Gandia’s 2012 Freelance Industry Report. Freelancers say they’re happier than they were before going independent; they say they’re making decent money, and they were relatively unscathed from the recession.

Here’s a great infographic that sums up some of the key findings:

One interesting caveat: The freelancers who set out to be freelancers made more money and reported being happier than those forced into freelancing by layoffs. This makes sense, as it takes a certain type of personality to thrive as an indie.

Overall, women freelancers outnumbered men nearly 3 to 1. Respondents came in all age groups, and most respondents had been doing this for over a decade. Nearly half are the primary income earner in their households.

For more fascinating stats, download the full report.

Three Ways to Expand Your Business

As media folks immersed in social media and technology, our skills are always being invited to be honed.

And for freelancers looking to expand their reach into other areas such as blogging into vlogging or designing sites into managing social media accounts, we’re accustomed to thinking outside the cubicle. The combination may sometimes lead to a one-two fist punch to bigger endeavors!

Well, according to a piece in today’s New York Post, there are a few ways to expand one’s business while keeping a few key pointers in mind. Read more