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Archives: March 2014

Tips for the Chronically Tardy

timerIf you’ve ever been late to the office occasionally, that’s no big deal. As for chronic tardiness? Um, big deal.

Here’s the situation as per a piece in The New York Post. An employee has been written up a few times about being late to work. Sure, there’s a long commute involved and timing can vary up to 45 minutes each time. Although someone else on staff is often late, she hasn’t been reprimanded. What gives? Read more

Mediabistro Course

Mediabistro Job Fair

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Four Tips to Ace a Phone Interview

retro phoneAh, the phone interview. It’s quite a blessing, isn’t it? You don’t have to get completely dolled up for an interview and you certainly don’t need to call out sick from your current job to make it happen.

Although there are some perks to the phoner, there are some drawbacks that all job seekers should be prepared to encounter in order to thrive. Here are a few pointers per our friends at BrazenCareerist.

Of course, you should prepare questions to ask like you would a normal interview and do your homework on the job description but there are additional key ways to make that phone interview work for you. Read more

Labor Department Says Jobless Claims Fall to Four-Month Low

ImproveJobProspectsThere’s cause for a mini celebration as we close out the week.

As per Reuters, the number of Americans filing new unemployment benefits has fallen. Not only that but it’s dropped to the lowest level in almost four months.


Yesterday the Labor Department indicated the key number was 311,000 — the lowest number of claims for state unemployment benefits since November. Read more

The Inside Scoop on Successful People Versus Unsuccessful People

visionHave you ever wondered what makes a winner stand out from the pack? According to a post on LinkedIn, there are several differences between successful people and unsuccessful people at work.

The post was written by Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Local, and his idea was generated from a postcard by Andy Bailey that pointed out the differences.

Embrace change vs. fear change. Yes, change is inevitable but the question boils down to how you’ll react to it. The piece suggests we need to embrace change especially considering technology accelerates faster and faster. Embrace rather than “fear it, deny it or hide from it.” Read more

Want to Play Guitar at Work? Join The ‘League of Rock’

guitarSure, we know Deloitte isn’t exactly a media company but what they’re doing is quite intriguing.

Per a piece on Forbes, in Toronto their professionals are practicing guitar solos for performances in front of thousands of fellow CPAs!  Think of it like a sports league except replace bowling balls and softball bats with instruments. Read more

How to Have a Happier Commute

FordHave you ever cringed at the thought of your commute as you’re stuck in traffic? City dwellers feel the same way as flesh is pressed upon flesh in a crowded subway but as per a panel we attended yesterday, the focus was about boosting one’s happiness in the car.

Ford assembled a panel consisting of E! News anchor Catt Sadler, Ford’s Amy Marentic, Flywheel co-founder Ruth Zukerman and NY Times bestselling author/Bad Boy Steve Santagati.

Considering most Americans spend over 30 minutes getting to and from work, that ends up being a significant chunk of the day on the road related to the good ol’ job. And according to statistics provided by Ford, approximately two-thirds of commuters reported car traffic occasionally during their commute which left them feeling frustrated and stressed out.

Read more

Three Ways to Negotiate a Better Salary

moneyYou feel it, right? You know when it’s coming. You aced a few interview and ta-da! You finally get that coveted call from the recruiter with an offer.

Here comes the fun part. Negotiations!

According to a piece in Harvard Business Review, there are a few negotiating to keep in mind. Read more

New Survey Shows Educational Requirements on the Rise for Hiring

graduation capJust when you were getting concerned our country is dumbing down a la the new changes to the SAT, educational requirements for employment is putting faith back in America again.

Okay, kinda.

Per a new survey on CareerBuilder, an associate or bachelor’s degree is becoming the new high school diploma. Read more

Show Me the Money! Here are the Top Five States for Women’s Salaries

PayingWe Can Do It homage to women’s history month as it comes to a close within the next week, we need to talk about earnings.

Per new data from personal finance site NerdWallet, there are a states where the wage gap is closing in. The bad news? Beware of Wyoming, Louisiana, West Virginia and Utah. That’s because women earn less than 72 cents for every dollar men earn. This statistic is based on median salaries.

Technically, the national average indicates full-time male employees earn more than 23.6 percent than woman. Add up a few hundred dollars every week and multiply that by months and years and you have a significant disconnect. Read more

How to Remember a Colleague’s Name

nametagHave you ever gotten a case of the I-just-met-you-and-I-have-no-idea-what-your-name-is blues? No worries there, it’s impacted us, too.

You’ve just been introduced to someone and less than three minutes later, his or her name escapes you.

Well, according to today’s New York Post there are a few ways to cure this common ailment. Read more