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Bartenders Start Tweeting While New York Times Magazine Finds its New Editor, Plus Other News of the Day

- Well it’s over, and it only seems like yesterday when we first began talking about the potential suitors for Newsweek. Actually, scratch that. Finally, the transition is over! The Washington Post Co. officially handed Sidney Harman the keys to Newsweek today. But the company didn’t announce how much it received for the magazine. Now we will start to see the real changes as rumors of a Daily Beast partnership continue to circle the troubled weekly.

- New York Times magazine finally got its next top editor. But it’s not who most people expected. They brought on Bloomberg Businessweek‘s executive editor Hugo Lindgren, who has spent time at the Times Magazine, as well as New York magazine. But check out this internal memo from NYT executive editor Bill Keller. He actually uses a non-attributed quote to say why they hired Lindgren. “‘He’s very smart, wildly creative and charismatic,’” says one editor who has worked closely with him. ‘People like him and want to do their best work for him. He just has a great magazine head.’” What? They couldn’t get anyone on record?

- All right, enough already, National Journal. We get it, you want to hire top talent, but does it have to be everyday? Now they brought on Newsweek senior editor Adam Kushner to take over as deputy magazine editor. “Adam will inject rigor and discipline to our analyses, ensuring that our reporters seize the heart of every story and not its capillaries,” said National Journal Group Editor-in-Chief Ron Fournier in a press release. “Under his guidance, National Journal readers won’t be left asking, ‘So what? Why does this matter?’ They’ll know what happened in Washington and why it’s relevant to their lives and work.” OK, are you all done already?

- It seems everyone needs to know social media these days, and if you’re in Chicago that includes bartenders. The Awl found this job listing for a bartender in Chicago that is an “established networker both in person and through social media.” Really, they need a bartender with a thousand Twitter followers? I’m not sure I want my bartender tweeting, but I guess that could just be me.

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NYT’s Jill Abramson To Temporarily Focus On Digital

Talk about trial by fire: the New York Times’ managing editor Jill Abramson is putting aside her normal work for six months to do a “total immersion” in the paper’s digital side.

“We really want this to be one newsroom, and it is part of the way there, not all of the way there,” executive editor Bill Keller told the Times’ Media Decoder blog. “Jill came up with the idea that one of us — i.e., her — should do a full immersion.”

Dean Baquet
, an assistant managing editor and Washington bureau chief, Susan Chira, the foreign editor, and Larry Ingrassia, the business editor, will fill in for Abramson, each taking two-month stints, and the deputy editors in those slots will be watched to see how well they do as top editors in their positions.

So while one person gets a ton of training, unheard of at most organizations—in digital, no less!—, another three get to try their chops at what could be the logical next step in a few years, and even more get the same opportunity one stop down the totem pole.

Applause all around.

Becomed Organizes Your Job Search

Becomed, created by an unemployed guy sick of not organizing his own job search, helps you stay on top of the many, many resumes you’re probably sending out if you’re looking for work.
The service has been around for a year but we’ve only recently been tipped off to it, and from what we’ve seen, we like it.

Freelance writers will find the system pretty familiar; it’s a lot like query tracking software in that you can enter in every action you’ve taken with an employer, make a note to yourself to follow up on certain applications, and so forth.

Others have compared Becomed to CRM software, which we don’t know a thing about. But maybe you do.

It’s in the cloud, so you can update Becomed from anywhere, and it’s free.

Here you can check out our dummy account and see how it works (click to enlarge): see, we’ve applied to work at the New York Times*. Hope they like us!


*Not really. Sorry Bill Keller, you’ll have to go without our brilliance for now.

Breaking: NYT To Eliminate 100 Jobs

The New York Times will cut 100 newsroom jobs by year’s end, or about 8 percent of the total, by offering buyouts—and resorting to layoffs if not enough employees sign up for the offer, Richard Perez-Pena of the Times’ Media Decoder blog reports.

The paper will then have about 1,250 journalists in the newsroom; no other American paper has more than about 750, Perez-Pena notes.

If the paper needs to lay off any journalists to reach its 100-employee-reduction goal, it will only be the second time in memory that that has happened; the first time being in the spring of 2008 when about 15-20 journalists lost their jobs.

The paper has also imposed a 5 percent pay cut on employees and cut freelance budgets.

The memo from editor Bill Keller reads, in part:

In recent years, we’ve managed to avoid the disabling cutbacks that have hit other newsrooms. The Company has chosen to protect the journalism by cutting production and other business-side costs, and the newsroom itself has managed its resources frugally. These latest cuts will still leave us with the largest, strongest and most ambitious editorial staff of any newsroom in the country, if not the world.

I won’t pretend that these staff cuts will not add to the burdens of journalists whose responsibilities have grown faster than their compensation. But we’ve been looking hard at ways to minimize the impact — in part, by re-engineering some of our copy flow. I won’t promise this will be easy or painless, but I believe we can weather these cuts without seriously compromising our commitment to coverage of the region, the country and the world.

The full memo appears at the New York Observer.

All Other Papers May Die, But The Times Will Stand

The Politico has an interesting article today covering the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new building that will house Stanford’s student newspaper The Stanford Daily. Presiding over the event was New York Times‘ illustrious executive editor Bill Keller. After acknowledging in his opening statements that presiding over this ribbon cutting ceremony was a lot like honoring the opening of a new Pontiac dealership, he went on to make some striking, some harrowing and some down right bombastic statements about the newspaper industry and NYT‘s place within it.

Below are a few choice highlights from the event:

“The Internet still isn’t a source for much ‘indigenous’ reporting.” He did proceed to note a few publications&#151including Politico and the Smoking Gun&#151have earned the respect of journalists. Wow, I bet Michael Calderone is wiping some sweat from his brow. Clearly his work is all about gaining the respect of the NYT.

“Saving the New York Times now ranks with saving Darfur as a high-minded cause.” Bono might disagree, but we digress.

“The Times will be ‘left standing after the deluge.’” Really? The Times in its current incarnation? Some news pundits have doubts. Though he did go on to qualify the statement, contending that readers offered to donate money to keep the Times alive and suggested that GM probably isn’t getting similar offers. That is true, unless you consider the fact that the government, and there by the people, are currently paying for GM’s bailout.

All in all some interesting comments were made. Check out the full report here.